Getting the best for the little one

I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity at

When it comes to babies, we just don’t want to compromise on anything, whether it’s the baby lotion or the baby cream or the massage oil, for that matter, we want the best for our little ones. I remember, as soon as my little one was born, she had rashes all over her body, when asked ,the doc said they are birth rash and will evanesce soon, but we had to start her massage and I wanted the best oil which would be conducive to her. And so whoosh! Everyone came out of nowhere giving me suggestion to try coconut oil, or baby oil or some other oil. Initial days were little difficult, because whatever we applied the rashes were still there.

I wanted something which will work as a magic. The goodness of olive and almond oil is what I was looking for, as my mom told, that it works wonder on the babies skin. From eons we have been hearing about the Dabur massage oil for babies, I even remember, the ads where the babies look so healthy and active after they are applied Dabur baby oil. And I was told by many that it sure is the best oil for babies. And so when Blogadda came up with the #FirstLove activity, I immediately registered for it to get the first hand experience.

As soon as I got the product, I couldn’t wait to try on my baby. So, I am gonna try it today and then let you guys know.










Well! Finally I did try it, and as everyone said, it sure is a wonder. It has a great smell with a mixed flavor of olive and almond oil. While olive provides nourishment to the babies skin, almonds gently moisturizes the delicate skin of the babies, making it soft and supple. It’s non sticky and very easily absorbable.

All in all, my baby absolutely loved the massage with this new little gift of goodness. This oil has no artificial colors and is as pure as mother’s love and so I can vouch blindly on it to anyone. SO, I decided to share this news with my sister, whose daughter turned one recently and my co-sister whose son is 7 months, and as soon as they got to know about this they immediately accepted my gift. Finally I am sharing of the pics of the babies who will get the benefit and goodness of this oil.




Back then, we didn’t have so many options, and I feel lucky enough that we have plethora of them now. So, no compromise on the baby’s skin now, when we have the expert right under our nose.

I can’t thank enough to Blogadda and Dabur, for coming up with this contest.


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