An odour free home

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

Did I just say odour free home? Well! I sure did. And I strongly stand for it. Have you ever imagined going to a friends or relatives place and as soon as you enter, there is this unbearable smell in the house of some stale fish or garbage or the smell of the unwashed clothes lying on the bed or couch for like ages. You try to hide your nausea behind a fake smile, but something’s happening inside your stomach, the smell is too vivid and you just feel like throwing out.

After a long day at office, home is the place where we are relaxed and feel fresh. When we come back from a long vacation, home is a place we want to get back to. So you see! Our whole life gyrates around our home and that’s why it is called home. And so keeping it squeaky clean and odour free is our prerogative.

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Having said that, one can’t deny the fact that keeping our house clean is a task in itself, Ranting about other’s house is easy, but maintaining the way it was, say 5 years back, is definitely a tedious task.  And bad odour is a common household problem. Imagine, you have some important guests coming over and you have this odd smell of wet clothes, or the smell of the garbage lying because the maid forgot to throw them, or the smell of the fish in the kitchen which smells like a stale food lying there for days in the house and at this hour, you try everything to get rid of the smell, like incense sticks or flowers or sometimes we spray our regular deodorants too, but all these last only for a few minutes and then again back to square one. And so again our pursuit to purge the unwanted odour begins from scratch.

Well! The solution to all this is Ambi pur, which completely removes the odour from your house and makes it fresh with its different flavoured smells. But all said and done, we also have to keep some points in mind to keep our house odour free and clean:

  1. Dry the sweaty clothes and socks: sweat causes smell on clothes and During the crazy monsoon season especially when we get wet sock and smelly shoes after you or your kids return from school or from the playground, a house can smell quite bad. And so as soon as you come home, dry your clothes and socks for few minutes under the fan. This will remove that stinky smell off your clothes, hence getting rid of that smell in the whole house.
  2. Keep the house clean: Keeping the house clean and dry, will make it fresh and odour free. You can’t always keep the house impeccable though, but cleaning as you go will at least not make the house stinky.
  3. Room fresheners: The room fresheners definitely make the house odour free, keeping the house fresh. So Ambi pur air fresheners make your house smell like a fresh flower getting rid of all the unnecessary smells or odours, for that matter.

So, this summer invite your guests to a party and make an impression with Ambi pur and breathe a sigh of relief.


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