Come closer to radiant skin

Having a flawless skin is every girl’s dream and she wants to look like those celebrities out there in the big screen. A girl is concerned about two main things, her skin and her weight, weight still fluctuates and it can be managed at some point, but if anything happens to the skin, her world stops altogether. And at this juncture, we try all the cosmetics in the world spending bombs on these baseless, expensive creams or make up kit, to hide those zits or those red rashes. But we just can’t be lackadaisical on these small little monsters making our face and skin their permanent home. We need a permanent solution to these problems and so we have some natural remedies to try at home in your regular pajamas, sitting in front of the TV or laptop.  No prior appointments in the parlor and not making a hole in your pocket. It is as simple as that.

During our teenage, every girl faces some skin problems due to the hormonal changes we go through in our body. I too went through that phase but thankfully I had an expert every time and even now, when I suffer from some skin allergy and that’s my grandmother (Nani). The other day, I don’t know how or what I applied, but one fine morning when I got up, I had the biggest nightmare of my life with multiple zits and rashes all over my face. I became restless and panicky. I started crying and I didn’t want to go out with this ugly rashes. But I had my classes and I can’t miss them. SO my grandma suggested some “Nuskhe” as we say in Hindi, and with just one application, I could see the difference..

Having said that, for eons, I have been watching this ad of Vicco Turmeric cream and we have been using it too. It works wonders too. Its Ayurvedic formula combined with the microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads. So there are many such ayurvedic and natural remedies which my granny and my mother gave me and I shall share it with everyone here.

You just don’t have to shell out money at all for these tips and you find the ingredients right in your kitchen all the time. So here it goes:

  1. Malai and Haldi (Cream and turmeric): Mix little cream and turmeric and apply on your face and massage it. Leave it overnight and by morning, you will find your skin clear and glowing. Turmeric helps heal the acne and cream helps keep the skin moisturized and glowing. SO a great remedy for any skin allergy.
  2. Water water everywhere: Yes, the best remedy for a clear looking skin is drinking plenty of water. It washes off all the impurities from inside and keeps you healthy and glowing from the outside. Topical treatment can only keep your skin young and glowing for some time, but water keeps your skin young and healthy.
  3. Honey: raw honey s very good for all type of skin and it moisturizes the skin still keeping the acne away and it gives you instant glow. Honey combined with lemon, or banana, or tomato is an added advantage and it helps keep the skin subtle and glowing.
  4. Olive oil: extra virgin olive oil works wonders on all skin types, just apply massage on your face before going for a bath and your skin will thank you.

SO the list is endless. But in a nutshell, without spending a bomb on costly creams or in the parlor, just taking care of your skin everyday will help you get rid of those scars and zits and will keep your skin healthy and glowing always.


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