Managing personal and family schedule wisely

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Well! I just bumped into this article on  , on reward me site, and I am totally awe inspired by it, especially because my social life has become a talk of the past. My life gyrates around family, kids, and home. And at some point I feel, I should also get some personal time meeting up with friends, going out shopping, and participating in some social activities. It makes our life worth, but not at the cost of ignoring the family and kids. At the same time, it doesn’t mean, I don’t have a personal life and my whole life just stops from where it started, family and kids. And then when I go back in time and see what I have achieved or what interesting things I did in life, it would be nothing but, changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, washing etc. And honestly, I just don’t like it. The impunity is what every woman, whether home-maker or working woman needs at some point.

With my baby turning 10 months, I have t just take care of her schedule and I hardly get time for anything else. She is too small though, but as they grow up, life becomes busier and we get more involved in family and stop taking care of self.

So, a balance between personal and family life is important. How to manage it is what the above article says. The writer has very perfectly explained the day to day problems we face about the family schedule and then accordingly striking a balance.

Having said that, I would also like to put forth my two cents on the same:

  1. Prepare a  calendar for the week: With the world going smart, it is easier to prepare a calendar for a week, with every member of the family’s schedule, like what time your baby wakes up, what time she has a meal, what time your husband goes to office and when does he come back, and planning the day accordingly. The little leisure time you get in between can be used for yourself, like spa, or pampering yourself at home, or just doing what you like in your free time. Image result for family calendar
  2. Meet your friends: Again, as and when you have little spare time, you can always socialize, meeting up your friends and gossiping. Alternatively, you can go out shopping for groceries along with family and have a quick coffee with the family itself.
  3. Managing the schedule: As already mentioned in the above mentioned article, you can use a dairy or a notebook to manage the schedule of the family members individually, making your life easier. Like a time table of what to prepare for kids, for the other family members, a time for taking the kids out for some outdoor games, like swimming, a time for helping them finish their homework, a time when husband comes home, making some snacks and tea for him, a time to prepare dinner. When everything is well planned and done as per schedule, life becomes easier and sorted out without running around the house and struggling to multi-task.
  4. Image result for plan the family schedule

In a nutshell, striking a balance between personal and family life makes your life easy and stress free giving some time for self and some time for family.


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