The cricket mania with UC browser

Cricket has always been worshiped like another religion altogether. But a religion followed by all and which has no boundaries of caste, creed and sex. It is being loved by one and all across age. Personally, I have never been a cricket freak but when it’s matches between India Pakistan, or a world cup, I just get glued to the television.

I remember my dad used to take half day leave when there would be some important match and would not just care what’s happening around in the house at that juncture, that crazy he was and still is…

Technology plays an important part in our life these days. Catching up the match when you are not in front of the television? Imagine it’s the world cup time and you take a sick leave from office and cancel all the appointments, dates, or what not just to get glued at television not to miss a single moment of the game. And then suddenly!!!!BOOM!! The power is gone… You quickly open your laptop or mobile to get the live score… But Alas! Your browser just doesn’t let you watch the match…It is so freaking frustrating, time is ticking and you are missing every second of the match. That is when you come to know that your browser is a waste.

This happened with me recently, when my parents visited Bangalore. It was during the recent world up, and the fever was high everywhere. My dad would as usual just stick to the cricket channel, and he would take a break only when the match has a break.  One fine day, there was some problem with the Tata sky and none of the channels were showing up. And that day, It was India Pakistan match, which no one can afford to miss and that too a world cup. We ought to watch it at any cost. But how? My dad was getting restless and he started venting his anger on everyone. I told him, we can still watch the match in the laptop. SO I confidently opened the browser and this was like adding fuel to the fire. The browser was so damn slow like a tortoise and it was taking ages to load the page. Time was ticking and every minute that was getting wasted, my dad’s anger was increasing.

Then something struck me, and I remembered someone telling me about UC browser. I tried to give it a try. SO quickly I downloaded the browser, and to my surprise, it was fast as a super fast train. My dad was happy and so was I.

Now talking about this browser, it is faster, easier to use with seamless transitions.  It features UC cricket, which is a space dedicated to every cricket fan, connecting them to the match wherever they are. So whether through laptop or through your mobile, you can get uninterrupted match though UC browser. One can catch up on the latest news, cricket or their favourite serial from anywhere through UC browser. SO the cricket Mania continues. Come surf it all, surf it fast!


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