Turning One!! : Part 1

It’s going to be a year! Yay! Wondering why? Well! My little angel is going to turn one soon. It is still surreal to me. I remember, I was in a state of surprise when I first saw this tiny little angel.  Holding her tiny hands, embracing her with love and affection, that was the moment of sheer joy and the true meaning of motherhood to me.  Every moment has been joyful since. Watching her pass all the milestones, watching her speak in tits and bits, yet understanding what she wants and her cute smile just makes me so proud and ecstatic at the same time. How strange this is that even without saying a word, or just by the action, we understand, what the little one wants, A beautiful creation of God indeed, which only a mother can apprehend. In a nutshell, I am truly blessed and couldn’t supplicate more.

Having said that, as we say Time flies, I feel exactly the same. I still feel, I haven’t lived the moment to the core and as we see, she is turning one. And I can’t believe that I am already planning for her first birthday. It feels like just yesterday she came into this world. Lalithapriya, Priya being her sobriquet, is our world and we just want to give her the best life, as any parents would want to.

Coming to the main topic, birthdays are special moments, and if it’s a first birthday, it ought to be even more special, a memorable moment indeed. And so my pursuit to make this special moment memorable, begins. Well! Initially, I thought this would be an easy task and took things light. But as I dived into it, I understood how difficult it is, in the sense, getting the best of everything but still budget being a constraint.

I think I have become an expert already. And why not, calling like almost 10 people daily, noting down everything on the Excel sheet, negotiating the price and then when I reach a saturation point, my husband continues the talks.. LOL. On a serious note, it indeed is a tedious process. AT one point I thought I will give this to some planners, but that again is going to cost us a bomb, plus, the venue was the main issue. Unless I don’t decide on the venue, planners can’t do anything.

Every day, my routine was to get up search for venues, send in the enquiry, and if the reply doesn’t come, call them individually, again tell them the whole story, then the negotiations, counter negotiations and that’s it. There was no progress beyond.

Finally, I decided, I will give the negotiation part to my husband. BTW, he is the best person when it comes to negotiations and bargaining. So, he is in talks and I am relaxed, coz I know, he will definitely get the best for his little princess.

So, let’s see how it all goes, and I will keep you guys posted on this.

To be continued……


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