Turning one- Part 2

Finally the hall has been booked, Hotel Royal Reve, it is and just when we have 10 days left, the shopping binge begins. As said earlier, it looks so easy from the outside, but when you dive deeper, you know the effort one puts in to give the best to your loved ones. And our effort begins.

Frankly, my husband is an epitome of laziness. He just wants to postpone things to pass it on to someone and get away. At the same time he wants everything to be perfect. So after I select everything, I had to show it to him and he wouldn’t like anything and again I had to begin my search from the scratch. You wouldn’t believe we had to go to the market some 5 times to select the birthday girl dress. And he wouldn’t like anything. Finally, I asked him to come along and see how difficult it is. Sitting at the Air-conditioned office and giving orders is a trait of a man, is what they think.

But as the day was nearing, my anxiety level was increasing. We still had lot of things to do.  We still hadn’t finalized on the birthday girl dress, then we had our part of the shopping too like our apparels, return gifts, cake selection etc.

Sitting in Bangalore and planning the event in Hyderabad was really difficult. We were totally clueless about how the hall or decoration would be like, because we selected it by checking the images online.

Anyways, for almost a month now, we have been going out shopping, though coming empty handed. And finally just 3 days before we were to leave for Hyderabad, we bought her a dress, a dress for myself and a pair of jeans and t-shirt for my hubby online.  Didn’t know one had to do so much for a small birthday party. I remember, my mom used to throw a party at home with all the delicacies prepared by her, including the cake. And now every little event is taken care of by the event managers. But both have their advantages and disadvantage, which can be discussed later.

All in all It’s been a tiring month altogether. But it is a memory in its own way. Every time we would pass through those lanes, or shops, or when we would talk about her first birthday, for that matter, the excitement will be double, a memory never to forget indeed, more so because of the new things we learned every day.

Let me explain:

Have you heard about cake smash?? Well! I was clueless about it, before I figured it out in some forum about it. It’s like putting a whole cake in front of the girl and let her smash, eat, and do whatever she wants with that. Now that’s fun, unless you are worried about her dress or washing her again after this whole thing. And it indeed was fun, with the photographers shooting every candid moment, and this little monkey enjoying the smash. This was done a day before, so that the birthday girl doesn’t get cranky with all the activities on the same day.

Oh! Well talking about photography, this again was a long story. When I started searching for photographers and contacted them, they would ask, do you want candid photography?? Now what the hell is that?? I thought. Again back to my lappy to research about that, and then I came to know, it’s like capturing the moments as it is, that means naturally. I wondered, these facilities weren’t there 6-7 years back. Thanks to my daughter, her birthday taught us new things which we were totally clueless about. But honestly, kids these days are blessed, in the sense that they have so many memories to share and cherish for life.  But believe me, finding a good photographer in our budget was a heck of a task. After endless calls, enquiries and what not, we finally finalized Indrasena photography located in Venkatgiri Jubilee hills. But the end result was satisfactory, without even telling them, they captured every moment beautifully. Whether it was the cake smash or the private photo session in the garden or a family photography or single photo session of us, everything was handled professionally.

Finally, the event was a grand success, whether it was the decoration or the menu, or the cake or the photography, everything was perfect and as planned and that’s what we wanted. Without splurging, we managed to celebrate our little princess’ birthday the best possible way, as per our budget. And sitting in Bangalore and planning everything on phone and online, the event turned out to be great success and our hard work paid off.


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