A Sachi advice can change our life

Sachi advice”, it sounds so bonafide and close to the heart. Well someone close to your heart or someone who really cares for you can only give you true advice. In every walk of life you come across many people, some become friends while some become your well wisher cum best friends. Those who, in spite of you doing several mistakes, accept you and continue giving advice to you for your benefit, is the one who deserves to be respected.

Having said that, our parents and friends play a pivotal role in shaping our life, our career, I am sure everyone agrees to it.  There comes a phase in life where taking a hard decision becomes next to impossible and you are between the devil and the deep blue sea. One such incident reminds me of how important a Sachi advice is to us at some point or the other.

This was when I just completed my degree and I was still as clueless on my path as I was before I took Commerce as my main stream. Thinking things would be clear in my mind by the time I complete my graduation and I would be able to easily choose my career path. But things were as it is. I still didn’t have a direction as such and decision making, Aargh! That was the last thing I did and I was poor in that too.

Now as I was waiting for my results, my friend and I decided to join some course in the meanwhile

And prepare for CAT… all this was just for fun and I knew I stand no chance whatsoever to even score a decent percentile in CAT. However, I joined the classes and studied hard, read lot of books, practiced maths (A subject I hated the most). And after my exams were over, I got 69 percentile, which can easily get me to some decent B-schools. And I started getting call letters.

At the same time, as I also joined a course, I got a job offer from one of my friends to learn and work at the same time. Now the actual confusion started, I had my list of B-schools which I aimed at and luckily I got a call letter from all of them, and I had a job offer which would definitely lead me to my career path. Now I was between the devil and the deep blue sea. I couldn’t take a decision.

I went to my friend, and narrated the whole story, she listened patiently and gave me an advice, “she said this job offer will ultimately lead to the same path where you want to be after completion of your MBA, the only difference is, you got your direction soon”. Well I thought, I always wanted to be in the creative field, and MBA, as I said was because of others influence, and ultimately I had to go into creative field and start my own creative company, that was my dream.

Finally, after sleepless nights and continuous discussions with my family members, I decided to follow my heart and take the advice of my friend. Her #SachiAdvice helped me get a direction in my life and follow a path which I always wanted to be part of. My family members never interfered in my decisions and they were always supportive.

And after that no looking back. I love what I do and that is what matters the most. SO Sachi advice really comes from genuine friends, relatives and family. And only when we listen to our heart and follow that advice, we come to know the importance it holds.

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”


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