Paint me wild!

“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

Phew! Just finalized my 3 BHK apartment, Believe me! buying a house is a heck of a task but is intoxicating at the same time. The satisfaction one gets to stay at our own house, built from our hard earned money, is beyond comprehension. The pride one gets to boast about our house to whoever visits us, is just celestial. There is brimming happiness when we stay with our family in our “own house”. You experience love in every corner of the house, and that’s why it is called a “home”.

While such feelings were filling my heart with glee, I realized, I have a long way to go. We have just bought a house, and it’s time to convert it to “home”. How? Well decorating the house is another task ahead. Well! I have always had a dream of personally decorating and choosing the colors for each room as per my choice. Now the time has come. But the task here is to choose the best paint and the apt color which suits with the furnishings.

So my pursuit begins. But the catch here was I have to visit various shops with my plan, to search for the fabrics and the paints. That would be a task I thought. With so many brands in the market, like Berger, nerolac, Asian paints, the choices are vast and so are the options. Again the options for fabrics also differ all with a classy touch and look.

How I wish, like we have E-commerce site for everything, if we can get to select the colors and fabrics online, it would be so very cool. So while browsing through the net I came across this website

I instantly searched for my themes and color combination with my choice of fabric for my furnishings. I decided to go for Berger for the drawing cum living room. With a pinkish tint, it will get a classy look. I chose ROSE PORCELAIN 7P


With the Sofa fabric Ruby RUM BY STOA PARIS, Have a look:


Then coming to the kids’ room, I wanted something bright and happening, so I chose ASIAN Paints CAREFREE BREEZE shade, a light purplish shade, which looks bright and elegant.


The bedroom :


Like this, I had my choice of paints available online and I can also buy products like carpets, Towels, bed sheets, Pillow covers etc., as per my choice of color and fabric. Cool no!

SO now, I can paint my house Wild and convert it a “sweet home” with colors, fabrics, products and every little thing handpicked as per my choice. Awesome website! It reduces the burden of roaming around from one shop to another and still not finding the exact color.

The bed bath and more website, gives you a leeway of sitting at home and selecting the colors and brands. Really makes the work easier for people who are choosy and still get everything online. All in all A great website and a fun experience.


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