Togetherness!! This word has lost its importance or existence altogether. In today’s digital world, people are more concerned about the virtual world than the real world. If you don’t update your status or profile pics in one hour that is a matter of concern, but if you don’t call your parents or your relatives, you are super busy. Do you remember the last time you had a family get together? No!! Do you remember when you last went on a vacation (without cell phones)?? No!!

I find myself lucky to have been born at the time when all the gadgets didn’t existed and we used to value the relationships. Going out on picnics, having a family get together, playing with the kids was so much fun.

I reminisce we had real fun in our childhood, climbing the trees and plucking the fruits, we were rugged and strong, playing under the sun all day long. We didn’t care about our complexion or our health and that why kids then had so much immunity. These days’ kids have become extra sensitive. Playing outside for them is low class, climbing the trees for them is like not too cool. Relationships, well! They don’t value one. In a way it is our mistake too. After all it’s the values that we inculcate that they follow and carry forward. With these gadgets and smart phones, our life has become weary. We hardly go out to meet the friends and relatives, how can we expect our kids to do that. Shopping has also become limited to smart phones. No time to go out and enjoy shopping, teach the kids how to bargain has become out fashion. It is against their status.

All said and done there is no point cribbing now after the damage has been done. Now is the time to fix the damage. How? Well I have a solution!! This year Kissanpur calls people to come and discover the joy of real togetherness, a place where you can wriggle out of the clutches of your gadgets and relive your life again with your kith and kin, and revive the joy of togetherness.

All you have to do is just visit the Kissanpur with family and friends and neighbors and discover together how your tinny tomato seeds grow into ripe, juicy tomatoes. Experience the fun of sharing, playing together, learn the tricks and tips, earn points and top 100 growers get their picture printed on a kissan bottle.

Isn’t it cool!!!So what are you waiting for, let’s discover the cool Kissanpur. Register now and start the journey of togetherness.

Finally our kids can experience the real meaning and importance of togetherness, the value of family, relationships and what is it to stay together and play together means with Kissan. We can now proudly inculcate the values our parents have inculcated on us ans let them know how life sans gadgets actually is. I am sure they will enjoy every bit of it. I have already registered. What are you waiting for? Do it now!!!


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