For the sweet tooth

Sweets are an integral part of we Indians. Any festival and sweet is a must, you buy a house or a car, giving sweet is considered auspicious. A celebration is incomplete without sweets. You go to any part of India you have a speciality of sweets. Plethora of options and varieties. That’s why India is known for its diversity , in food, in places, in people and in sweets.

I am not really a sweet lover though but love to make some during the festivals. But with people getting sugar concious they tend to do away with sweets. Thankfully with sugar free, sweet lovers doesn’t have to sacrifice their sweet tooth craving now.

So it was our anniversary and we planned to celebrate with my parents. My mom being a sous chef that she is, she invited some guests too. Now she decided to prepare some south Indian dishes. It’s something which people in the north love. One of the authentic south Indian desert which I am sure every south Indians prepare at their households during festivals and special occasions.

So here I am sharing my mom’s secret recipe of burullu.


Burullu recipe

An authentic south Indian desert (andhra , to be precise).

Ingredients for filling:

Chana daal 1 cup

Sugar free 15_20 tablets

Elaichi and laung powder 1 tsp

Ingredients for coating:

Urad daal 1 small cup

Rice 3 small cups


  1. Soak Urad and rice together for 2 -3 hrs

2. Grind to paste adding little water and the texture should be like dosa batter

3. Add a pinch of salt and jaggery to this paste. (Jaggery gives a slight brownish color when deep fried)


4. Soak Chana daal for 2 hrs and grind to paste .

5. Steam the paste in the cooker without whistle for 10 minutes.

6. This steamed paste has to be made like a powder you can do it with hands or just swirl once in the mixer.

7. Add sugar free  Elaichi laung powder to this and make small balls. As shown in the picture.


8. Take oil in a deep pan and heat it..Now dip the balls in the batter and deep fry in the oil.



And your authentic andhra burullu is ready to be served. A dish I would love to teach my daughter too.. because of its traditionality and authenticity..

With a mild sugar yet tasty , this is the desert I prefer eating apart from gajar ka halwa.

And believe me our guests were all praises. This was an unforgettable anniversary with variety of dishes and deserts and with the guests relishing the dishes.. my mom’s hardworking paid ..

And now even the sugar conscious ones or diabetes patients can enjoy the diversified deserts with a sugar substitute called sugar free.. isn’t it cool!! So rush to the kitchen, try this recipe and enjoy the south Indian desert at home.


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