Namma Bangalore: Drive, Design and connect

Every city big or small has its importance. Coming from a small town called Jabalpur, from the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, I have very fond memories attached to the place and the people. But as you grow old, you have to move around for a better career option and job, or for any personal reason. But the attachment remains. I have been staying in Bangalore for 7 years, but whenever I visit my hometown, I feel nostalgic. Every lanes and by lanes remind me of my childhood. And I feel proud to boast about my city to anyone and everyone. I guess, everyone does that about their favorite city.

Having said that, when we talk about drive, design and connect, Bangalore stands high in all these criteria and I guess that’s why thongs come to realize their dream career here. Bangalore is called the silicon valley of India, with big IT companies established here.  It is India’s third largest city and the fifth largest metropolitan area. The city is known for a blend or rationality as well as its modern outlook. The life here is happening.


One can’t deny the fact that Bangalore has the best infrastructure and design. In the recent past its popularity has grown drastically and the major reason being the growth of Information technology in the city. With the metro running every 10 minutes, life has become easy for the commuters. Though we have the buses running round the clock, but the traffic makes it difficult to reach the office on time, so the metro play a pivotal role here.


Bangalore is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country, with people migrating from other parts of the country, and with many  International companies establishing its place here, Bangalore has risen to a number of western-style malls here. And so the social life here is happening.


Coming to the drive, there are many places in and around Bangalore for a serene and fun filed getaway in the weekends. For people who don’t like to spend the weekends in the crowded malls, you can drive to nearest tourist spots by road and the roads are awesome with a beautiful scenic view. Some of the famous places are Mysore, Ooty, Coorg, Nandi hills, Kanakpura, Wonder-la Amusement park and the list is endless. And the drive is 4-6 hrs from Bangalore. So people who love long drives can definitely enjoy the roads to these places. And with the weather being pleasant round the clock, the drive is pleasant too.

images (2)


Connectivity to important places is easy. Its railways, roadways and airways services give us connectivity to many places. Even to the town like Jabalpur, they have airway, and railways service, which makes life easy. Whether domestic or international, Bangalore offers easy connectivity. And that is one reason many migrants come to this part of the country for their career, education and job.

images (3)

images (4)

images (1)

So all in all, a place where people come to live their dreams and pursue a career, to a place which experiences a happening social life and a fun filled weekend getaways to nearby places, Bangalore has it all and this is one reason why Bangalore is one of my favorite cities.


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