My wish list for Santa


Ever since I was a child, I heard the stories of Santa coming on the one horse riding sleigh and giving gifts to one and all. I so love the glee the festival brings in. And then I would go my school Christmas tree with a slip of paper every year and put it in the stockings, believing that Santa will surely make my wish come true. Don’t remember though whether it was fulfilled or not, but the wishes were fulfilled someday. And so my belief on Santa was doubled.

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And so every year I make a wish hoping if not the same day, someday it will be fulfilled. SO this year, I have a list of them. Well Well! let me recollect. I have been writing my wishes as and when I get it. So let me search for my dairy of wish lists…Wondering how big the list is? Well! Not much. Here it is:

  1. Own a car of my own: A wish doesn’t have boundaries; you can wish whatever you want. That’s why it’s called a wish. Doesn’t necessarily have to be fulfilled right away, it takes its pace. But someday I know this wish of mine is going to be fulfilled by my beloved Santa..:P
  2. Travel: This wish of mine multiplies over the years, and the destinations too have multiplied. I love travelling, and so my wish for the coming year is that I travel and enjoy my life to the fullest.
  3. Never age: Well! I am sure, every woman has this wish and so do I. I wish to stay young always. I am sure; My Santa can fulfill this dream or wish of mine. And belief me if this happens, all the woman would be lined up in front of Santa’s House or sleigh to make this wish come true.
  4. To be fit and healthy: I now that’s not in Santa’s hand, but ours. But given the lazy person that I am, I want to stay fit, without any effort and with eating all the junk food that I love and still stay fit and slim. Is it too much? Ok. #JustSaying.


The list is endless and so I am just waiting for my Santa to roll up the sleeves and start the work, so by next year, my list doesn’t increase. I am sure, it’s not too much. He can surely take care of few my wishes.

All said and done, Christmas does bring in all the sweet childhood memories of participating in the Christmas carols , waiting for the cakes and cookies from my Christian friends, and the unending stories of the Santa Clause. Oh those indeed are the sweetest of memories and those memories make me wish I was a child again. But out of all the stupid wishes I have mentioned, this wish comes straight from the heart. Sigh! But This I am sure, even Santa can’t fulfill.

This post is a part of Write over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda.

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PS: Some parts of this blog are pure humor and do not intend to hurt anyone’s belief or sentiment.


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