Tale of 2015

My tale of 2015 has been pretty good, compared to the previous years which made me apprehensive of what’s more in store for us. So many losses professionally, personally, life was in a standstill. Nothing really was there to look forward to. An arduous time, to sum up.

But 2014 brought a ray of hope with my pregnancy. And things started getting better. We booked our own house, and I was definitely looking forward to the new member of the family. And from August 2014, life took a complete U-Turn. I started looking forward to every day since. And every day has been a new experience as well as challenge.

Well! I am not a party kinda person and our first new year with my daughter was just at home watching movie and playing with the little one. The year 2015 looked beautiful, with my daughter bringing happiness in our lives. Capturing every moment, all her activities, made us a proud parents.

This year made us contemplate things which we were postponing for some time now. She made us more responsible parents. I guess every kid does that.  The other day, we were bickering about some petty issue, when my daughter comes to us and tries to make us laugh and made the situation light. When I cry, she just can’t see that, when her dad shouts, she tries to imitate him. We can’t even stay serious for a minute, with this wonderful girl around.

Just yesterday she made me mad. I was holding her and in one hand I had my mobile. With a blink of an eye, she took my phone and threw it on the floor from a good height. I was mad at her and started shouting at her. She was looking down on the floor and when I asked her to look at me; she just looked at me and started making weird faces to make me laugh. I just couldn’t control my smile or rather laugh.

So you see, everyday, she gives us new and wonderful experiences. Her jauntiness just makes the house full and our life full.

The best of the days is with my daughter. Who gives little surprises everyday with her new tantrum, or activity and who loves you more than anyone in this world? And that love is evident in her eyes and that is enough to look forward to your whole life. With a kid around, every New Year brings surprises in a box named “Kid”.

Well! There ain’t any other tales to tell, life is good and happy. And after facing so many hardships, this happiness is like a dream. And I am waiting to see what’s in store for us next year. With this, I wish all a happy New Year. Stay happy always.

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