Chase the blues with music

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Music is soothing, music is divine, music is peppy, and music is loud. That one thing, without which any function is incomplete, is music. When you are happy you listen to music, when you are sad, you listen to music. So basically music has the power of healing the biggest of problem to sharing the biggest of happiness.

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For me music is everything. Whenever I am upset, I just find a cozy corner and listen to the soothing music. It can be instrumental or some good old Bollywood songs. But something which gives me solace. I remember as a kid, we had a good collection of music, and I used to just sit beside that big tape recorder and listen to the music, imagining the scene, feeling the beats, and loving the lyrics. I still do. But as they say old is gold, today’s music, doesn’t give that feeling of getting connected. It lacks lyrics, the only thing it has is the beats which is super loud, and not at all soothing. However, ‘this loud music makes its place in the hip hop parties.

Going on a long drive with some music on, just makes the trip awesome. And it’s nostalgic every time you hear them.

If you are fitness freak, and like to work out with some energetic music on, nothing like it. It keeps the energy on and the mood light. While travelling I prefer listening to nice romantic numbers. It totally depends on your choice, which artist you prefer or which Genre, or which language.

If you are stressed, music is the best stress buster. When I used to work, there was a constant soft music running on the background at my desk, and it kinda gave me the energy to work. And I still do that while at home. It keeps the mood light and working, fun.

And when you are at party, enjoying to the beats of the peppy songs, some Punjabi numbers, some English hip hop, just makes the party going.

Well Lately, I am on for romantic numbers. I love listening to them whole day and as many number of times, Again nothing new, as I prefer old songs anytime. Talking about the new songs, I happen to hear the songs of the upcoming movie, SANAM TERI KASAM, and I kinda like the music, it has a romantic feel to it. The”Gherua” song from the movie Dilwale is also one of my favourite songs.

Since we are talking about music, and all credit goes to the singers whose voice does all the justice to the lyrics and the music. My favourite singer all time is Shreya Ghoshal, I just love her voice and her songs are always in my list. Sonu Nigam being the male voice I find most romantic and touching.  They are the ones who give full justice to the song with their melodious voice.

So, you see Music runs in my veins. And I just can’t imagine my day or life without music. And the best way to chase the blues is with music of your choice. So go for it!

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