A sojourn to my home town: Part 1

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Well this was the most awaited and much needed trip.  Jabalpur, a place which brings back the nostalgia and the longing to go back to those days,  A place where people are so real and there is no word called fake in their dictionary. However, this trip was very special for me this time, more so because I was going after good 6 years.

I was super excited, and we started the shopping too, Thinking of visiting during the Diwali time, that way, we can meet all the friends and relatives and can celebrate Diwali with family. So I was double excited. But we didn’t have our tickets booked yet.

Going by train would take 3 days and travelling with the baby was next to impossible in train. So this idea was ruled out. Next option was to go by flight, and due to the festival season the rates were sky high, a normal middle class family can’t even afford it. We were in a dilemma. Tried all the options like going by train till Nagpur, and then by flight to Jabalpur, and it was going way beyond our budget. And so we had to drop our plan to go for Diwali. I was so upset, I cried the whole day, was helpless, so was my hubby. He didn’t know either what to do.

He came to me and said, “I promise you, we will surely go to Jabalpur”. That assurance was enough. And he was right, going during the festival would be difficult, and the excitement will still be the same, whether festival or no festival. So we decided post Diwali will plan. I would still check the prices of the flight every day.  And then finally, the rates slashed big time, and I didn’t want to lose this opportunity, so instantly we booked the flight, for November.

Now the plan was to stay for 15 days, celebrate our anniversary which was on Dec 1 and plan for a small trip nearby and so we didn’t book the return ticket. But you know when you plan everything properly, there has to be some hindrance in between. And that’s why I prefer impromptu travels, its fun.

Anyways, so just 4 days before our journey, My daughter fell sick, she had vomiting, couldn’t eat or drink anything,, was crying incessantly, and had to take her to the emergency, just when we were coming back from the hospital, news came that my mother in law fell down and had a hip bone fracture, however, later it was detected that it was a hairline crack. But this news and my daughter’s health, brought us in a dilemma, whether to go or not. After lot of discussion, we decided to cut short our trip and go to Jabalpur and then Hyderabad to see my mother in law.

Because cancelling meant we don’t get a single penny anyways. and then the leave problem in his office, which after constant nagging from my side, was taken.   As for my daughter, we decided to take a chance, as it was a matter of 2 hrs and, after consulting the doctors, we were assured that she will be fine.

You know, when gods are not in your favor, everything you do and think goes the opposite way. Well, read on to know how!!! To be continued…….


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