A sojourn to my home town: Part 2

Thankfully, it was an easy flight, with my daughter being the most cooperative kid. We had our fingers crossed throughout and an airbag ready just in case she throws out .But she didn’t and we were assured that the worst is over and she is fine now. They said it was a 2 hours flight, but it took the whole day, due to weather conditions flight from Bangalore to Mumbai got delayed by 30 minutes, then In Mumbai, it got delayed by another 1 hour, so we were to reach Jabalpur by 1, and we reached at 4 pm.

As we reached we were dead tired and super hungry, my daughter still didn’t had anything except some milk here and there. Now she was cranky. I made her sleep and came down. My happiness was beyond words, just hugged everyone, it was a nice feeling of coming back to your hometown, where you spent the whole childhood. Every lanes and by lanes reminded me of some or the other incidence, and made me so nostalgic and happy.

Now that night was a nightmare, my little doll, just started puking continuously and couldn’t sleep the whole night. Oh God! The sight of your daughter suffering just gives you a sever pang on the chest and I was feeling the same pain.

This continued for 3 days since our arrival, despite of giving her the medicines suggested by the doctor. Now our mood was spoilt and we were cursing our self of taking such a wrong decision. On the third day, we decided to visit the local Paediatrician. Again a new set of medicines. But that night we just prayed and prayed. Thankfully our prayers were heard and she had a sound sleep, didn’t wake up or didn’t puke. We were relaxed that this medicine is working for her. He was starting to lose weight, not taking solids at all, not taking liquids too. I was very worried. But slowly she came to form, 4th day we were all happy that she is fine now, Except for the loose motions which started. But the doctor did say that someway the bacteria have to come out, either through puke or through poo. But later it came down and she started having little solids.

Day 5, we went for some local sightseeing and did some shopping. Day 6, someone invited us for a luncheon. Next day was Dec 1, our anniversary day and we were to leave on Dec 2nd. My mom wanted us to spend some time together. But with all that we all went through all these days, we were not in a mood to do anything. But just for her sake we said will go for a family photo shoot and then to a temple.

There is this Narmada Aarti performed every evening at the Narmada River. And we have a family friend who takes care of all the activities there, so he told us to perform the Aarti on the D-day. So, morning we all went for a family photo shoot. Then came back, got ready and went to the Aarti.

The sight was Beautiful, with all the diyas embellishing the Narmada River and making it look like a bride in the diamond studded jewellery. The sholkas being chanted by the priests made the atmosphere so pure and divine.  People come from different parts to see this Aarti and there were foreigners too experiencing the Hindu culture. We felt very fortunate to be able to perform this Aarti. And it did make our day very special. And our trip ended on a divine note.

Image result for narmada aarti

Image result for narmada aarti


But it indeed was a sojourn and a jaunt in itself. So taking sweet memories and giving some sweet/bitter memories, we bade goodbye and started for Hyderabad to see my mother in law as decided. With teary eyes and guilt of not being able to spend much time in the city and the people closest to my heart, and promising to return soon, we left for our next destination.

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