Love and laughter

“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at Blogadda in association with Caratlane.”

The season of love is here and time to fall in love, all over again. Celebrating this season doesn’t mean buying the most expensive gifts; it means even if you give her/him a red rose, the intent is to express the love. Just say those three magical words all over again and feel the love, make her/him feel special with those small moments.  Having said that, I feel Laughter and love goes hand in hand, it’s easy to fall in love but difficult to maintain the relationship or keep the spark alive. And the only cement which keeps this relationship going is laughter. It is those small moments spent together laughing and spending with each other that accumulates the happiness altogether.

Married for 8 long years now and mind you, a pure arranged marriage, we still look forward to a strong relationship. It’s those funny little incidents which keep us going. My husband being the witty type that he is or rather has that funny bone that he always makes the people around laugh on the silliest of things, and I guess these are the little moments, which makes a marriage happy. When you look back, and think how your marriage has been, it has to be full of small moments, which makes the memories sweet and happy.

So, I remember some incidents, which even today when we think of makes us laugh our lungs out. Now, who doesn’t love shopping? I just love spending hours together and trying all the dresses. And poor guy, my husband, has to just bear it. But he does help me in selecting the dresses, and he too enjoys, but that is for some time and then he gets bored.

So we went to this mall in Bangalore, and as usual, I headed right into the apparel store. Super excited, I picked some 6-7 pairs and went into the trial room, instructing my hubby to keep giving me the dresses, as and when I ask for. It was a tedious task, trying everything. So he said, you keep trying I’ll just come back and he vanished from there. I guess he went to get more dresses. When he came back, He didn’t know which room I was in. And he was too shy to call my name standing near the Trial room. So he waited for me. And I waited for him, thinking hell call ones he is back. But he didn’t.

Now there was this girl or rather lady in the other trial room. She suddenly opens half door and slides just her hand as if asking for the dress. Now my husband still didn’t understand and he thought it’s me, and he handed her the dress. All of a sudden, this lady comes out wearing that dress, and my husband literally fainted petrified. The dress was so tight on her that it was on the verge of tearing and she, instead of changing it, came just like that. She was furious and asked who gave her this dress. He didn’t utter a word. He said, “I don’t know, I am waiting for my wife here.” Now hearing his voice I changed my dress and came out. He literally pulled me out from there and narrated the incident, and I was laughing my lungs out. And he was scared like hell. “Let’s get outta here”, he said. But I was laughing throughout the day. The way he narrates the incident even today, it’s hilarious. Now he stays a kilometre away from the trial rooms. And it’s too funny.

So, these little incidents, when we look back, just make us smile. And there is a feeling that these small moments binds the couple together and makes the relationship strong.



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