A promise never to break

Have you ever imagined why these wedding vows or promises are there for? The truth is that these promises are made to keep the relationship going. To remind the couple that they are in a beautiful relationship, where there are sacrifices, love, bickering, happiness, sufferings and the list goes on. SO a relationship is not always a fairy tale, it has its share of happiness and troubles at the same time, and these are the times of testing the promises or vows made during the wedding.

When it comes to making promises, well! My husband would be the last person to come forward by his own and make a promise. And if he does, which is quite rare, he does keeps up to it, even though it might take ages. Well! The other day, I was just browsing the facebook, and saw my friends and relatives enjoying their valentine’s day in some exotic destination. I go to him and ask him, when are you taking me out, and he is like, “Not again”! So, I want him to understand that it’s not to make you spend thousands of bucks for a vacation. But it’s to spend some quality time with you, which, these days, has become next to impossible. So I decided, to jot down all the promises that I want my man to keep up to this women’s day.

So my dear husband, here goes the list:

  1. Promise to spend time: This has become next to impossible in our lives. Strolling whole day in office and then coming late, the first thing he does is, switch on the television and that’s it, that’s his world. I want him to promise me to at least come to me and ask, how was my day, what did I do, play with the baby, tell me about his day in office, just chat nonsense, talk about the past, have a hearty laugh together etc. these little things and conversations are the little happiness that we look for all the time. And when later when I am not around, these small talks will remind you of how much we missed in life.
  2. Promise to compliment me: When I get ready for you, I expect you to compliment me without me asking. Because my world revolves around you post marriage and it doesn’t matter if the whole world compliments me, my ears are desperate to hear your compliments. So promise me not to get irritated if I keep asking you again and again, how I look.
  3. Promise to share the problems: My husband is the person who doesn’t really share his problems with me as it will bother me. This is something I don’t like. He feels I am too immature to handle the problems or it might bother me, and so he doesn’t tell. This is a good gesture of love, but I am totally against it. So promise me to not bear the brunt of the problems alone but share with me, so together we can sort out the biggest of problems.


The list is endless, but in the end I just want to say that these promises are just to make the relationship stronger in the coming years and keep the spark of love and marriage alive. And this is mutual, as you promise to be by my side, I promise to be a pillar of strength in your life for now and forever. And these are the promises never to break.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”


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