The good old days

Festivals bring back the old memories afresh. With holi just round the corner, it takes me back to the memory lane. I reminisce; holi those days was so much fun. Buying colors and pichkaris days before, helping mom on the sweets and savouries she used to prepare and the smell of Desi Ghee, filled the whole house, and the whole atmosphere would be merry and the revelry of the festival would be grand.

March was the time of final exams, and we would literally hope that either our exams should get over before holi or we should have enough days to prepare post holi, coz we can’t miss the celebration at any cost. Exams or no exams our excitement would be the same. And people would judge our holi by the number of days the colour remained on our skin, “Lagta hai bahut Holi kheli rang abhi tak Gaya nahi” and we would proudly smile back.

On the day, we would usually be up early which was very unlikely on other days, and we would wear our favourite old dress, keep our colors ready, a bucket full of water, fill our pichkaris with colour water, and keep the water balloons ready. And just wait for our friends. While my dad used to get ready to go to his friends’ house and later all the uncles and their family would come to play Holi with us. And when those aunties used to colour my mom, they were icky, and I used to cry saying, “meri mummy ko kuch mat lagao”. And once they are gone, I would hold my mom and cry and she would be as normal as earlier. I would think, I will take care of those aunties next year and colour their kids like hell… But all in all the whole day would be super busy and super fun, The whole day we would just gorge on sweets savouries and the sumptuous lunch my mom used to prepare. It would be so much fun. And then end of the day we would sit on the terrace, applying oil and trying to remove all the colors. But it would take days for the colour to evanesce completely.

A festival of colours as they rightly call it, it fills our life with colors, and with love. But now the meaning of Holi has changed completely, living in north India where it is celebrated to the fullest, I have settled to South, a place where there is no fun this day. Initially, it was a culture shock for me, for I hardly see people on the roads on this day, while back home, the whole road would be full of people dancing, colouring each other, having fun.

But I don’t want my daughter to see this part of the festival, I want her to know the true meaning and have the real fun which we used to have back then. I can’t bring the good old days back, but I sure can bring the old fun back, with a little change here and there. With water scarcity everywhere, just a dry holi too would be fun. The intent is to celebrate the festival of colour and love and let the coming generation know the true meaning of this festival and the fun of celebrating a festival with friends and family…

I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advanced.”


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