The growth matters

In today’s day and age, where there is prodigious competition among children across all age group, there is an altogether different concern for the parents and that is the growth of the children. Part of which is due to the constant comparison of kids among the co-parents. But as the doctors also say, all kids act and behave different and so does their growth chart. However, it does concern the parents if the kids lag behind in height and weight. And so they try to do everything possible to catch up with other kids. I recently almost had a panic attack myself.

My daughter is almost 2 yrs old, and her food tantrums have started already. Being a pure vegetarian, I constantly have to think about giving her the necessary proteins, which she refuses to take. And finally, I literally have to give up on her because I can’t force anything on her, even if it is milk.

Ever since, I started giving her semi solids, I have never ever focused on forcing foods on her, tried different things, failed on some, she liked some initially, and then I would try something different. So it has been a roller coaster ride, always on the run to keep her healthy and feed something tasty. And she was never a fussy eater until recently though.  But again, the concern has always been there that am I giving her the right food and right quantity. But all the while, I am concerned about one thing, that she doesn’t eat daal and vegetables at all, which provides her the necessary proteins. So you would ask me what she eats. Well! That’s the issue and so I try to add the veggies in the form of stuffed paratha or pulao or khichdi.

Few days ago, she had high fever and after she recovered from that which lasted for almost a week, she lost weight and she stopped eating and drinking anything, and that’s when I started panicking. Milk was something she loved and she refused to even drink milk and she would cry with the mention of food. I was really really worried. Having said that, she was active and playing and would not demand food too which kind of surprised me. SO I tried to add some flavor in milk so that she would at least drink her regular portion of milk. And when I asked the doctor, she said as long as she is active, nothing to worry.

But I just can’t give up, she has to get some proteins and vitamins  in some form and So after consulting some co-parents and researching a lot , I decided to add Horlicks in the milk and try, initially she refused that too, but later as she got the taste, she started having it. And now she would demand for milk, which I happily oblige to give. However, her food tantrums are still the same, but I guess it’s the growth spurt and eventfully she will give in. And as long as she is having milk added with Horlicks, my major concern is on rest.

But the growth spree is ongoing and it won’t stop till the end. My mom is concerned even now about my health and would panic if I don’t eat properly, Can’t blame her though, as I am having a firsthand experience myself.



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