My dream trails to the wonderland

I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra #DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!

Who doesn’t love travelling? I guess everyone does, but there are people like me, who literally dream of places to visit. Well I have a long list of places to visit, only if I had enough money, I would definitely not be a person staying at one place for long. Some people have a passion for travel, to experience the cultural history attached to those places, while some just travel to enjoy the nature and the wildlife, others travel to experience the vast cuisines and delicacies which best describe the place.

For me it has always been nature. History is something which I have always been away from since childhood; However, I do like to explore the exotic cuisine which the place offers. But nature is something which I usually keep in mind while planning my travel.

Nature, they say, keeps you closer to your heart and soul. . That is why whenever we find time; we prefer a getaway to places close to the nature. To hear the birds chirping, and listening to the soothing music coming from the cool breeze and the sound of the Ocean humming from far behind. And it feels to take asylum here forever, away from the hush bush traffic of the city and the pollution which is the main cause of most of the diseases.

Have you ever seen a wonderland, like really, those mentioned in the fairytale? Well! I love to visit some if there are any, like the castles shown in the books. Nevertheless the secret to a happy and long life lies in the happiness you seek and I seek happiness around nature. Coming to my dream trails, well! The list is endless, but there are some which if I get a chance to visit, will be the first in the wish list:

  1. The Aurora Borealis: The northern lights or aurora Borealis has always been in my mind ever since I came to know about it, which, to be frank, is not long back. And I have always googled about when is the best time to visit places where I can experience this beauty first hand. Camping under the sky, watching the stars and then Boom! An Aurora borealis occurs. Wow! That would be a sight to view ones in a lifetime.

  1. Salar De Uyuni: As it is called the world’s largest mirrors in the world. I just happen to read about this a couple of days back in the internet (As I told you, I keep searching for places which are close to nature), and I instantly added it in my wish list. Located in southwest Bolivia, covered with salt crust and with an amazing flatness, clear skies, and when covered with water, it makes the largest mirrors in the world. It looks like a dream world, or as if you are in a real world heaven. Watching the night sky would definitely be a sight to experience.

  1. Dudhsagar falls: located in the border of the Indian states Karnataka and Goa, this sure is a place I would love to visit. Travelling by train you can actually see the falls and you can stop at the nearest station and walk for some time to reach to this place, but it’s worth every step that you walk. The sound of the waterfall in the midst of the forest, is so soothing.



As I said, the list is endless and I just can’t pen down all of them. But all I dream is to sleep under the sky, watch the night sky, and explore every bit of the nature during the day and capture the moment in the camera. I wish I could make my dream come true some day. the World is vast and so is the beauty attached to it, and I wish I could explore every bit of it and stay happy forever.


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