Unveiling the romance

Love stories always thrill me, whether watching a typical Bollywood movie or reading some romantic fictions, it’s always staggering to hear, read and see the romance unveil. When we hear the word love, the first thing that comes in our mind is the immense love of Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha or shirin-Farhad, having gone through so many hardships, they proved the world that love has no boundaries and it just connects irrespective of the limitations set by the so-called society and love has the power to fight all odds and that’s why love, they say, is divine.

Talking about love is one thing and watching one unravel is altogether different. And today I would like to share the beautiful love story of one of my friends.

Neha is my childhood friend. Right from nursery till college we were BFFs, until she got married to her childhood sweetheart, which I knew all along. But what thrills me is her story and how they got through all the hardships and finally got together. So Sunil was her childhood best friend, but due to some circumstances they had to bid farewell, they were too small to comprehend, but their families had a feud which eventually led them to leave the place. Neha was 8 at that time and Sunil was 12. So after 12 yrs, as fate had decided, they came face to face not knowing that they were childhood friends.

It was her first company. Sunil was her manager. The name did alarm her, but she brushed the , thinking that it’s a common name and he is not the one she has been looking for. Sunil too felt that Neha resembled someone but couldn’t just point out whom. But he was quite friendly and cool manager. Meeting Sunil, she had a feeling of satisfaction which all along was missing in her life, like a lost puzzle. They both felt the chemistry instantly. After few months, during a team outing, when they actually had a personal chat, they came to know that they are the lost friends and their happiness knew no bounds.

And finally Sunil proposed her one day, but the catch here was their families.

They started dating and during one of those dates, Sunil actually told about the feud that their families had. Apparently, it was due to some business dealings their families were in partnership and they faced a huge loss, due to which Sunil’s mother had a heart attack and she was bed -ridden for couple of months until she died. And they got a reason to blame Neha’s father for the same, Typical Bollywood story.

Eventually, they decided to break the news to their families about their relationship. Neha called me all nervous and she told me to stay beside her, and I promised to do the same. So we actually went to Neha’s place and after some casual talks, Neha told her mother about Sunil. Her mother was flabbergasted and was too scared that Uncle will be furious and as anticipated; he was burning red with anger. Lots of shouting and crying happened that day, I still remember it. Uncle actually told Neha that Sunil’s father sent a court notice to return all the money to him, though they were in partnership, he gave wrong evidence showing Uncle as a defaulter, and since then he is trying to pay for the loss.

Neha, the other day confronted Sunil about this and he confirmed that his Dad did this, and he is paying for his deeds, as Karma is a bitch. His dad had paralytic attack few years back and is bed-ridden since then. So finally, Neha and her family went to meet his Dad tagging me along. And as soon as Sunil introduced them, tears were flowing down his cheek, and I could actually see that he was guilty of his deeds. He couldn’t say anything but just folded his hands asking for forgiveness. Neha’s dad too felt bad for him and hugged him and forgave him for what he did.

I actually experienced a 3 hours movie that day unveiling the romance, the drama, the guilt and finally the conclusion. Finally, they are married and happy. I still talk to her not frequently though but whenever we get time, and they really are the typical love -struck couple.

This post was written for the ‘The first real love story I watched unfold’ blogging contest by http://www.bonobology.com/ and http://writersmelon.com/



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