The empty Train

It was a usual day with an unusually pleasant weather outside. I rolled over my bed to kick start another lousy day. Having my morning coffee with the newspaper in hand, the first thing I did was check the zodiac sign, which was part of my daily routine, as always it wasn’t really different but somehow, I made it a point to check my zodiac for the day.  It said,” It is a special day, and you will meet an important person, and this day will be full of surprises”; I laughed internally and folded the paper to start my chores of the day. Not that I believed what it said, but it became a custom for me to check it.

Staying alone in a city like Bangalore, it was really hectic and travel was something which I hated to the core due to the traffic. So I commuted through metro which saved little time, but the crowd again was suffocating. I literally had to drag myself to the station and once in office, it would take an hour to settle down from the nausea which caused due to sweaty bodies touching or literally pressing one another, the jolts of the trains, and the intense pain due to standing continuously for an hour or more. This was my usual routine and so I used to wait desperately for the weekends to come, so I can crawl on my bed for hours together.

Twas Friday, which means just one more day for the weekend, which was the only reason I was excited, I dressed myself, and headed to the station. I was apprehensive to go to the station for some weird reason, maybe because it will be even more crowded than usual, keeping my thoughts aside, I reached at the station which was quite empty with just a handful of people. It was very unusual, but brushing my fear or thought, I waited for the metro to arrive.

The announcement for the arrival of metro was made, and I got ready with my belongings. Another 2 hours journey to my destination, thinking of which, made me just rush back home and go into a deep slumber. I felt like forever that I had a proper sleep and I really needed one. My thoughts were distracted by the arrival of the train. I see the train roll into the station and get on it. And my eyes were wide open; the train was eerily and unusually empty with not a single passenger inside.

For a second I was dead scared and thought of getting down the train, but even before I could get a chance to make a move, the train started, leaving me with no option. My heart was pounding and if I say I was scared, that would be an understatement, as I was praying for life. After scrutinizing thoroughly and holding a pepper spray in one hand, I took a seat near to the gate, just in case anything happens, I can get down fast.


After what looked like several hours, I checked my watch and it was just 10 mins and I had almost 2 hours to spend, but nevertheless the little fear that I had was gone by now and I settled comfortably. Watching outside the window, I felt at peace. The greenery, which I never noticed due to the constant juggling around, was incredible. I saw people who were poor but were smiling and having a gala time with the family, they knew they may not be getting 3-course meals daily, but they looked content. I, on the other hand, even after spending lavishly on meals, clothes, shopping etc., I still crib about unnecessary things.

Then I saw a small shop, where a little girl is sitting and studying something, her father was taking care of the customers, and her mother was feeding her. They looked happy together, they may not be running around in the metros but they looked happy. It reminded me of my childhood days, my dad used to work hard for us, but the time we used to spend together was a real family time. We may come from a middle-class family, but my parents made sure we get everything, and now when I have everything, I still can’t find happiness. That’s because happiness lies with people who are content in life.

Little further, I saw some girls playing and running around, and it felt nostalgic, I went back to the memory lane, where we used to enjoy the days to the core, I lost my childhood in the hustle bustle of the city, but it’s never too late.

As the train was moving, I saw many beautiful things which I didn’t realize ever existed in Bangalore. Watching every little thing and feeling contented with what I have, 2 hours went by just with a tick of a clock. But I never felt so happy and relaxed in my life. I don’t know the reason of the train being so empty, but I was thankful that it was because it was a realization of what we are missing in life running around for money, and why we are not satisfied in life.

That one journey in the empty train made a difference and I have been trying to enjoy and being content with whatever I have since. Running around is still the same, and so is reading the zodiac every day because sometimes it tells the truth. I did meet an important person and that’s the real me.

‘This post is a part of Write over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda.’


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