Small steps to a healthy heart

I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with Blogadda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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We Indians have a tendency to procrastinate things which we think are unimportant. In the run for money, we usually forget to take care of our health which affects us in the long run. Having said that, staying healthy doesn’t come overnight and we have to take small steps towards achieving our goal to stay healthy and active.

The primary reason for stress and high blood pressure is unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise which affects our heart health as well. Being another lazy person that I am, I always keep health and exercise in the back foot. But in the recent past, looking at how unhealthy lifestyle we have adapted to, it’s about time we do something about the same and act soon… According to recent findings from the World Heart Federation reveal that even a small lifestyle changes like eating better, staying active and being happy can make your heart up to 50% healthier.

All said and done, I am not perfectly healthy to give anyone tips on this. I have had my share of unhealthy lifestyle or I still have, for that matter. But I am a big procrastinator. But one incident was a big eye opener for me. My husband is overweight, and he, just like me, delays things for his own good. SO the other day after dinner, he was feeling very uneasy, he was sweating profusely and had chest pain too. The first thing which came to my mind was something related to heart. We both panicked and went on an emergency. After checking all the vitals and doing an ECG, thankfully doctor said there’s nothing to worry, and it’s just gastric and taking care of simple things will help get rid of the same. But he did say that you have to keep a check on your weight. Even doing a Small work like walking to lifting weight etc. makes him feel exhausted too soon and same is the case with me. So finally, I am trying to figure out ways to stay active.

And so on the occasion of World Heart day, this is a self check list on what we should do to make our heart healthy:

  1. Staying active: The only way is to eat light, workout which includes yoga, or a small brisk walk daily, or any other form of exercise. Eating less of junkies. Coming this from me is a little weird, because I am a huge Junkie and I can hog crazy when it comes to junk food. Nevertheless, it’s never too late and I am trying to reduce eating pizzas and burgers (“reduce” to start with). Less cholesterol intake also helps in staying active and keeping the heart healthy because excess cholesterol affects the heart first. Also, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water keeps us active and hydrated.
  2. Eating better: As mentioned above, less cholesterol= healthy lifestyle. So eating healthy food is a must. In this busy world, couples are forced to eat unhealthy food when both of them are working, but this affects the heart in the long run. So eating better is a Mantra for healthy heart.
  3. Being happy: Last but not the least, the mantra for a healthy heart is to stay happy. Stress and pressure, will only weaken our heart and affect our overall health. SO try to stay happy with people around. Happiness is directly proportional to healthy heart. The more you take stress, the more it’s going to affect our heart, so stay happy and stay healthy.


To conclude, following and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come overnight and one has to continuously strive to achieve the same. So, these small steps will definitely lead to a healthy heart and a healthy you.


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