An insight to quality education

Education these days is a blessing incognito. There were times when we have limited options of schools and colleges and so making a career decision was difficult. Back then, we just had two choices either to be an engineer or doctor, and if we didn’t qualify for either of them, then our fate is sealed as good for nothing by the so called “Society”. The reason could be many, lack of guidance, lack of the quality of education, or lack of options. But thankfully, now there is glut of options when it comes to a college which provides quality education and which makes learning fun.

When we say quality education, there are lot of things that comes into our mind, like the faculty, the facilities, and the mode of education. With people getting technology freaks, colleges have also advanced in technology and provide e- learning to students across.

Well I remember, some 10 years back itself, studying management from top B schools was the trend in the town and people would just Google and research about the best B schools and they had options too. And now, the options have doubled or rather multiplied. With every B school promising to provide the best education and placement.

Now what does this promising B schools provide which make them stand out and stand high from the herd?

  • It is the quality of education.
  • The curriculum they provide and the placement options after completion of your education.
  • It offers vast range of courses which is a stepping stone to success. They have multiple campuses across the globe and give an opportunity to study abroad.
  • Providing real time experiences, taking for a company tour and enhancing the decision making skills and many more.


And one such promising institution is the SP Jain School of global management.  I happen to go through their website for a cousin of mine and that compelled to write this blog. This business school has campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney, each a regional capital and a great backdrop for business education. So this unique Tri city model is life changing and exclusive to SP Jain.

Another important aspect one looks for in a B school is the ranking. Where does the quality of education stand in the herd? Again SP Jain has been featured in the Forbes’ biennial rankings of the world’s top B-schools, for four years now. In 2013-14, it was ranked # 11 in the world.

Providing blended learning model, a modern and innovative form of course delivery that combines online with face- to -face and peer learning programmes, which includes simulations, group – work, real world case studies, and enabling students to relate to theoretical aspects of business to the practical challenges facing today’s global managers. It provides global exposure and offers executive learning programmes for working professionals.

So, all in all, your pursuit for the best B schools ends here. All you need to do is look for the above points which is, Ranking, quality, courses they offer or curriculum, learning model, so on and forth. And I guess more or less all the best B schools do have these. It sure keeps your vision clear, which B school to opt for once you have the above points in place.

Making learning fun makes the education fun and increases the quality with every student trying to give their 100 % in education and other activities making them future ready or making them ready to be the next big entrepreneur.


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