My memorable luxury stay

Have you ever imagined a holiday where you just don’t have to worry about the budget for the hotel or resort and just spend some quality time in one of the best star hotels or resorts? Well! I always do! And believe me, every time bloody budget comes to haunt us. The problem with middle class families is that everything that we plan and do, we have to look at the package which suits our budget. We usually don’t think beyond a home stay or a decent hotel. As long as it has a large bed and decent facilities and accommodates a family, its good enough to stay.

But my opinion of a resort or a hotel changed altogether with my first time experience in a luxury hotel. And believe me when I say this, my expectation has raised to a notch higher. Well this was the time when we had to move to Bangalore due to the job change. And as per any company policy, they provide accommodation for 15 days till the time you arrange for your own accommodation. Usually they arrange for some serviced apartment ,but due to some festival or something all the hotels and serviced apartment within their contract was occupied, but they promised they would do something. So when we finally landed in Bangalore , we were escorted to our hotel and we really didn’t know till we arrived that they had arranged for a star hotel and none other than The Le Meridien hotel. To say that we were shocked would be an understatement, we were completely jaw dropped looking at the beautiful architecture of the grand hotel, the beautiful and grandeur chandeliers which revealed the grandiosity of the place. The marble floor, the humongous rooms which would be equivalent to a standard house of middle class family.

Anyways, we had a time of our life those 15 days. Going to the spa, enjoying the pool side dinner, breakfast serving more than 20 varieties of foods, we felt like royals. The staff were well behaving, and very prompt service. My husband used to leave for office in the morning and I would enjoy the luxurious new life to the core, going to the spa, the gym, indoor shopping, enjoying the cocktail on the poolside. And once my husband would be back, he would have his leisure time enjoying the facilities.

But I must say, one has to have this luxurious experience at least once in a lifetime. Your opinion towards life would change altogether, and you would realise you are missing on all these luxuries to save few pennies in search of a budget hotel.

“I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip“


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