This is Swarna. I have profound interest in exploring new things and importing it into my writing. I believe, if we have interest in something. we should not think about failures and just try to implement it.

  1. Asmithaaa says:

    Hi swarna, Nice to meet you here through Indiblogger!!!!!!!!!!!…. Looking for your next post 🙂


  2. Getting started to read your Blog, Swarna. Good going 🙂


  3. D D says:

    As you have added me with response to my Inditalk about contest on BA, I want to inform you that I have just submitted my post http://worldofvirtualwords.blogspot.in/2014/12/the-shaving-saga.html
    on BA in which I have tagged you.
    Now if you want to write a post on BA in response to my post then please mention my blogger ID , blog’s name with link in your post.
    Though I have tagged you it’s upto you if you want to write a post or not.
    Thanks for all your help!


  4. Give me your email Id immediately. It is required for the further processing of the melbourne contest


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