The magic touch of a mother

They say God cannot be everywhere and so they created mother. As soon as we are born the first touch of our mother is what we feel and that touch is magical. It can make a crying infant smile, it makes the pain recede, and it gives a soothing feeling. Fortunate are we that we can feel the love and touch of a mother. There are so many orphans who never experienced the love and felt the touch of a mother. And so one should cherish each and every moment and love and respect their mother.

She goes through an immense pain and suffering to bring us into the world. She sacrifices everything to make us happy. She can never see her child sad or upset and she would do anything to bring back the smile on your face. She is a friend, a guide, a well wisher, and an advisor and someone who will espouse us always, fighting against all the odds and she acts as a shield to protect her child…

The power of a mother is inexplicable. When I was a child, I read somewhere this interesting quote which says, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool mom”. And that’s so true. She can easily make out if you are lying or trying to fool her. At the same time, she can go against everyone to protect you from the ruthless world, the evil. For her, a child’s safety is above everything in the world. She sacrifices everything to fulfil your dreams and she always strives for her child’s success and safety in life.

And today, this day, I would like to thank my mom for always being by my side in my kith and kin. When I was going through a bad phase, you stood by me and helped me get over the pang and suffering. I just can’t imagine life without you mom. Always stay by my side and help me take hard decisions in life.

You are my role model and I would like to follow you in every walk of life. Just like you have supported and protected us, I promise to do the same to my child. I am sorry if I have hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, I deeply apologize and would try to keep you happy henceforth. I know, a mother never keeps any feelings or grudges in her heart even if you break her heart into pieces and will still protect her child. For that, I salute you.

Thanks mom for everything, for being there always for me and love you loads.


The joy and the Jitters

The feeling of motherhood is inexplicable. You can’t wait to feel the kicks, the movements and listen to the heartbeat of your baby inside. You want to touch the baby and feel the love. There is little nervousness and anxiety for to- be parents. Everything they do and eat, they first want to confirm with the doctor and why not, this is your first conception and you are as novice as a small child. Right from the time you get the news of you being pregnant, you feel happy and want to break the news to the world.

Having a child is a wonderful experience, but still there is anxiety and tension continuously running in their mind. This is the time, when they get pampered from everyone and are made to feel special, but sometimes a sense of “loneliness” stays there. Some of the doubts that vacillate in your mind are:

  1. Worry and uncontrollable thoughts: Right from the time you conceive, a constant worry and tension stays intact. The fear of something bad will happen, or some past histories of the same or listening to cases and getting tensed. These thoughts are uncontrollable. SO you need to discuss this with your doctor.
  2. Lack of confidence and fear: Till the time of your delivery, there is conscious fear and your confidence levels are shaky. You want to get this done as soon as possible.
  3. Diet: A constant doubt about what is good for you and the baby and what is not, keeps running in your mind. You have a craving for something, but you have to think twice before you eat.

So, lot of other doubts come into your mind as an expecting parent which is natural. But at the same time peace of mind and body is very important for the baby as well as you. Having said that, little things which will help get you over the pregnancy jitters:

  1. Meditation: For the mental and physical peace, an expecting parent should meditate a lot. It will wash away all the doubts in mind and all the fears will vanish and you will feel relaxed and refreshed.
  2. Join a group: Every to be parents have these jitters and for them there are lot of classes conducted, where you can clear your doubts and suggest something which is useful. SO an interactive class will help you get over the jitters.
  3. Speak it out: If you have some sort of fear in your mind, best way to get over it is to speak it out with your doctor. Discuss the measures taken to rule out that fear. If required consult a counsellor who will help you come over the tensions and fear.
  4. Proper sleep: Most of the time, during this time, you have lack of sleep and that affects your body and mind. Constantly thinking about things which are irrelevant and straining your mind and body will affect your health. SO in order to get away from these thoughts, sleep a lot. Whenever, you get time, just sleep. Because when you sleep your mind and body is on rest and it gives immense peace and relaxation.


The first time parents are oblivious and taking tensions is mundane. But one has to keep in mind that it doesn’t affect your health and the baby’s health. SO just try to clear as many doubts as you can and get away with the jitters, rather than thinking and thinking about it and making the situation worse. Remember, your actions and your mental status, directly affects the baby. So watch your actions and thoughts not for you but for the baby and be happy.

Festival without relatives

This is what happens when you get busy with friends and relatives at home. There has been a hiatus in my writing. The whole of last week I had relatives and was quite busy and tied up with my daily chores and other things that I hardy had time to come back and update on or write on something.

But, I must say, when your relatives are at home, you have lot of work, Agreed! But at the same time you enjoy their company. I enjoyed so much that, now after they are gone, I am in the blues and I don’t know how much it is going to take for me to get over it.

I reminisce how, during the festive season, our house used to be full of friends and family. The whole house used to be in revelry. Laughing, chatting, Kids had their own group, women had their own and men used to be busy discussing serious topics on politics or sports etc. We used to shop around together, dine out, enjoy. Go for a picnic. Never used to realize how days used to pass and then on the day they had to leave, we used to roll on the ground and cry for them to stay back.

That’s how life was, during my childhood.

I somehow re-lived my childhood days last week. And I felt, how people these days have become so busy that they hardly have time for their family, forget the relatives. the trend of relatives visiting your house during festival or otherwise has slowly become extinct. Anyways, I would definitely want my kids to know the value of relatives and how to treat them when they visit your house. This was a culture which was taught to us and has been followed by us since then.  And I would like my kids to inhibit the culture for the generations to come, so that the value of a festival and the trend of relatives visiting never faints away or brushes out completely.

Time to reach out to distant relatives and friends

I reminisce my childhood and wonder, how we used to celebrate the festivals with near and distant relatives and it was always fun to spend time with the whole family. And that’s how it should be. But with people getting busy in their own small world, they hardly have time to spend with their kids and spouse, forget about distant relatives. But, one has to reach out to their distant relatives from time to time.

Having said that, the best time to forget all the clashes and try to reach out to your distant relatives is in the festival time. This is the time, everyone is in revelry and they would love to be part of your revelry and again get into the bond they had once upon a time. I get down the memory lane and remember how our festivals were incomplete without grandparents, our uncles’ aunts and cousins. But today even our grandparents have become distant.

So, it’s time to bring back the culture and let our kids know the importance of every relative in a family, whether close or distant. Let’s find out how we get akin with our distant relatives this festive season:

  1. Organize a get together: This is the time, when you party and invite your friends and family, lets’ do something different and organize a get together with all our relatives distant and close coming together and spending time. It will be difficult to catch hold of each and every relative, because they have their own plans for festival. But you have to try convincing all and bringing them under one roof. A get together is the best way to talk it out and forget and forgive all the clashes.
  2. Introduce every relative to your family: There may be cases where it has been decades you have not been in touch with your relatives and your kids and spouse would not know them. SO introduce them to your family and make them comfortable. When you reach out a distant relative, your kids will also get used to all and this is learning for them as to how important each and every.
  3. Reach out with gifts: The festival brings happiness around and if you share some with your relatives that would be your best Christmas. SO the best way to reach out to your distant relatives is through gifts. Go to their place, invite them to your house for the festival and gift them something which will always be there in their memories like an old family photograph or your grandparent’s memoir.
  4. Plan a picnic: To bring all the distant relatives close, this would be the best option. Plan a family picnic cum a reunion, leaving the differences behind. When it is during a festival, everyone will unanimously accept the offer.


In every family small fights and arguments are common and chances of getting separated is also common. But it is up to you how to you can bring back all the relatives together and learn to forget and forgive.

Moms seeking part time employment

Every individual has a dream or an ambition in life. SO does a woman have, but striking a balance between work and family becomes difficult for a working woman. Working 40 hours a week, she hardly gets time for herself and her family. And then at one point she has to choose between career and family, and she has to sacrifice her career and her dreams to fulfil her family needs. A woman always has to prioritize between family and work and for her family always comes first.

However, one can always pursue their career even if they are not going to office or could not work full time. There are innumerable options available these days for an ambitious mother. Below are some of the part time options:

  1. Freelancing: Most of the companies provide great opportunities to the freelancers. They can work at their comfort level and get paid on the basis of the work done or hours worked. So, this is one option which will help you continue with your career as well as balance your family life. Freelancing includes a glut of skills like freelance web designers, freelance writers, recruiter, and programmers. In every field these days freelancing option is available.
  2. Teaching: Some women would like to teach little kids and so this would be a great part time employment, as this would not be a 9 to 5 job. Moreover, you can teach a subject of your interest.  Also, you can opt for a visiting lecturer. This option is mostly at a higher level of education like MBA, but if you have already done a course in teaching and you are well versed with the subject, you can take this as a part time option.
  3. Contract employees: Big companies hire contract employees for a stipulated period or hours of work. One can always go for a contract position with big companies, the major advantage is that you get paid well and you can work as per your flexibility.
  4. Trainer: Again, lot of companies hire third party vendors to provide trainers in different field like communication trainer, voice and accent trainer, personality development trainer, and technical trainer. So you can work as a trainer in the companies. This is another great option to work part time and still get paid well.
  5. Tuitions: There are parents who, apart from sending their kid to school want a personal tutor for a particular subject or all subjects, who will help the kid understand the subject more. This job requires you to work just 1-2 hrs a day and again you are paid well.


When you browse through, you will find a plethora of options where you can choose a perfect part time job. Which will keep you moving ahead in your career at the same time spend time with the family. So, it is up to you which part time job you take up as a career. So, never let your dreams shatter and never let your sacrifices take a toll on your career. Being ambitious is not a blunder. So realize your dreams at the same time let your family know how important they are to you.

The secret box of gifts

When I was child, every gift I got from my parents was as precious as a gem. And even now, I have kept them intact. I would like to show them to my kids and let them know the importance of every gift I got for my secured future. Parents always are extra cautious about their child’s future and to make it secure, they go that extra mile. No parents want their child to go through the pain they have suffered and they are always concerned about their safe and secure future.

As a child grows their wish list grows along with them and their tantrums are hard to fulfil. As a child, when they used to say, I give you my blessings as a gift, I used to feel disquieting and disgusted at the same time, like “How cheap! can’t they afford a small gift for me”. But it’s ironical how history repeats itself and when I say the same thing to my child, I get back the same look. But, I want my child to realize what is important and what is not. She has to know, there are kids who can’t even demand a gift because they are homeless and orphans.

But, I would definitely like to gift my child those special gifts which would be there for a lifetime and which would make her future safe and secure:

  1. Moral values: This may sound weird, but only when you teach them values that have been taught by our parents will they become a successful person and wonderful human being which is the most expensive gift of life. And this is one gift which can be passed on for generations to come.
  2. A savings account: Getting out of the notion, I will definitely open a savings account for my child and start depositing small amount every month. Also, I will take them along to open the account and teach them the importance of saving. This will not only teach them to save more and also help them in dealing with bank transactions.
  3. Insurance: A gift which a child will always be thankful of in the long run is to make their future safe and secure and that is through insurance. Getting some of the best policies will not only keep us tension free but also help our child’s future sealed and secured.
  4. Health: A good health is a sign to a healthy life and that is what matters the most for the parents. I would definitely want my child to be hale and healthy. The healthy child makes a healthy society. So I want my child to be always healthy and active.
  5. Love: Materialistic gifts are quite common and are given every time, but what matters the most for a child is to get the love and affection of the parents. There are kids, who are unfortunate enough to get that love and affection and I would like to teach my kids to share the love with those kids. This will make them realize how fortunate they are and also make them a good human being.

So all the values, wrapped with love, affection and good health is the secret box of gift, I would like to give my child for a safe and secured future.
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How to manage time for your family

How to manage time for your family

I sometimes think that when life has so many things to offer you, you tend to change and forget your priorities. And your behaviour towards others changes as well. I have seen people who spend half of their time outside apart from their work and when it comes to spending time with the family, they would say ,” I don’t even get time to spend with my family.” I mean come on! There has to be a proper explanation.

But, I think, this is the time to think and change the way you live. DO you want to spend more time with the family or do you want to slog yourself to office to mint those extra bucks?  I would definitely prefer the former one. However, it’s your personal choice.

I remember in my previous company, one of my colleagues used to come early to office and would always leave late. When asked, does she has a family and how does she find time to spend with the family, she would say, “ I don’t like to work at home and cook food, because I stay with  in- laws and so to avoid all the chores, I come early and by the time I go home, all the work is done”. And I was like shocked. People really are like that? Because they don’t like to cook food and take care of their own kids, they do this?

I would not say all are like that; some are genuinely busy and would find it difficult to manage the time. Let’s find out how to manage time between your work and family:

  1. Be assertive: If your boss assigns you the work at the end of the day and asks you to finish it before going, you can always be polite at the same time aggressive and give them the message loud and clear that you will not extend your work hours. And you can always tell them that you will finish it next morning. This way you can come home early and spend time with family.
  2. Listen to your kids:  I am sure, when you come from office; you would like to spend some quality time for yourself and for some time you want to stay alone and not talk to anyone. But, your kids feel exactly the opposite, they wait for the parents to come from work, so that they can narrate them the whole day event, what happened, what they did in school and so on and so forth. And it’s very disquieting when you get irritated with them saying that you are tired. Poor kids, what is their mistake. They also deserve some time from your busy schedule, which you have to manage yourself.
  3. Ask them to help you in your chores: When you return back from work, you have lot of things running in your mind like you have to prepare dinner, check your kids’ homework and make them study. You can always take help from your family members and kids as well in your chores, this way you can chat with them while working and you can finish your chores fast. And will have some quality time to spend with your family.
  4. Manage the cooking: The biggest work for a woman is to go home and cook which takes quite some time. Instead manage the cooking in a way that you have minimal work of cooking when you go home. Prepare everything in the morning itself so when you reach home, you have all the time in the world for your family and kids. Though you have to get up early, but that is worth doing if you want to spend time with your family.


A proper time management is all that is required to balance your work and family. Being extra vigilant when your kids are growing is every parents’ responsibility and for that you have to spend some time with them. So always keep a balanced life and spend as much time as possible with the family. Go out on weekends. Socialize with the relatives and friends. So follow these simple rules and you will also feel like a superwoman.