How to Plan a family Reunion

In This busy world, we hardly get the time to spend with our near and dear ones. With everyone busy in their professional life, their personal life has come to an edge and this takes a toll. Many times I feel that when I was a kid, those times were the best, because at least every week, we had a get together. Meeting all the relatives and dining together laughing, chatting, playing, It was a revelry. If not frequently, we used to have a get together once in a month.

But people are so preoccupied with their work and the technology around, they prefer spending time on their computers and building social networks and breaking the networks that has been for a lifetime. The crux is that the way we have spent our childhood, we would definitely want our kids also to experience that lifestyle and meet people around. So, it’s really important to maintain the culture that our parents have been teaching.

SO there are lot of ways we can plan a family reunion:

  1. Through Family Functions: This is the best platform for a family reunion. Whenever there is a family function, it’s mundane that most the relatives would attend. This is a place where you can meet up with all your relatives, whom you haven’t met for quite some time.


  1. Family Outing: Organize a picnic or a family outing away from the busy world and spend some quality time with your dear ones. This will not only be a perfect reunion but also a good stress buster.
  1. 3.      Lunch or Dinner party: Decide on a lunch or a dinner get together. Place can be your home or a restaurant of your choice. Believe me this would be the best reunion.


The above points were the ways where and when a reunion can be done. Now let’s figure out points on how it can be done:

  1. Theme Party: When planning a reunion, plan for a theme party, like same colour or dress code, or any other themes, Get ideas from everyone and list out the most common ones and decide accordingly. This also helps in recognizing family member. Not because we don’t recognize, but because most of the family members we might be meeting for the first time or after a long time. So this theme would be easy for everyone to introduce and get going.
  2. Organize games: If you have a large family like more than 15 people, you can organize many interesting games, so that every member mingles with each other and have a great time together. The games can be Musical chair, or blowing the balloon, paper dance and the list is endless. Organize these games and take an initiative to get all the items required for the same.
  3. Discuss the Budget: The family get together shouldn’t be at the cost of a single person’s savings. Make sure the budget is very much according to the pocket and everyone should contribute equally. So the burden is not on a single person or family. Because this is a family get together, feel free to discuss the budget and allocate the contribution.
  4. Decide on a place and time: If you planning a get together make sure, everyone is available on the date mentioned. So discuss with each and everyone and check the maximum availability date and accordingly organize. Similarly, the place also has to be decided with everybody’s consent.

Above all, capture each and every moment in your camera to cherish those memories for a lifetime and other memoirs to come. Remember, when you are too busy with your professional life that you don’t have time for yourself, it’s the family members who will stand by you at the time of thick and thin. So always maintain a healthy relation with them. However, being a family, frictions are common. But forgetting and forgiving is the policy one shall follow


How to decorate your new house in your Budget

How to decorate your new house in your Budget

When you put all your savings and hard earned money into a dream home, you are left with very little budget to decorate the same. But that stands a special place in your heart and you want to do as much possible for it to look complete. Apparently, decorating a house is another big expenditure. So, I am already in search for low budget decorations for my new house, which will look elegant as well as classy. SO I thought while searching, let me share some points which will be helpful for all. Let’s figure out how to decorate the entire house which suits our pocket:

  1. Refurbish old stuff: Instead of opting for brand new items, try to refurbish your old stuff at home and make the maximum use of the same. Try to give it an antique look since you are already renovating it. This will not be a burden in your pocket and it will also give a different look altogether.

2. Mix and match: Try to decorate the house as per the colour of the wall. Not necessarily the same colour, but mix and match always works and it gives a classy look

3. Furniture: If you are already broke, try to buy furniture which is all in one. These days lot f varieties on furniture’ are available. Peruse all of them and try to purchase a multipurpose one. Like a sofa cum bed, or a fold-able dining table. There are N numbers of varieties in the market. Select as per your budget and decorate accordingly.

4.      Decorate your showcase: Don’t buy extra items for your showcase. In fact decorate it with crockery, trophies and other items; it would look classy as well as simple. Don’t overload with items. It will look messy. At least, I feel so.

5.      Modular kitchens: I used to feel, Modular kitchens can only be seen in a rich man’s house. But, with people getting more involved in the decoration of the kitchens, modular is the need of an hour. So in this category also, you get different types of designs which suites your budget.

6.      Kids’ room: Again, decorating the kids’ room is hell of a task. Because, their demand always on sky high. They want everything according to their tastes. AT least I was like that when I was a kid. Don’t know how much they sacrificed for me. So, again, the room should be decorated as per the budget.

So, all in all a house is called a home, when it is filled with love and happiness. So all these decorations are secondary, first decorate your house with love and happiness. That is what counts and nothing else.

My dream Verses Reality

I’ve had a long standing passion towards a career in HR. Right from the time I could remember, I’ve had a dream to pursue a career in HR. To implement that dream to reality I pursued My Masters in this field.

There are times, when I was really shaky about my career. I used to get carried away with whatever people used to suggest or do. At one point I wanted to be a Pilot, and then next minute it changes. SO, I was never really sure, what career I will pursue in the near future. I would always vacillate between different career options I had in front of me.

Then finally, when I completed my Bachelors, I again got carried away, this time for good, by my friend and planned to go for a COMMON ENTRANCE TEST (CAT). Since, I dived into it; I had no option to go back again, after spending a lot of money on just the coaching class. I don’t remember when the last time I worked so hard. I had a goal, and for that I was working really well. Finally, I gave the exam and did scored average, so I could get into a descent Institute. And I did get a call letter from one of the good institutes in Bangalore. But, because of some financial commitments, I had to turn down the offer.

From that time, my bad luck started. I joined a college which was also a renowned institute, but only after 6 months, we got to know their affiliation got cancelled and all the students took back their enrollment. And, in the middle of a session, couldn’t get admission in any college. SO I had to pursue my masters through correspondence.

I’ve always been an average student throughout, Not very brilliant, at the same time not dumb. But, I was also very shy kind of person. I used to freak out when I had to face people in public. Or let me put it this way, I had stage fear. I was very well aware of the fact that, the career that I wanted to choose requires lot of interaction with groups and individuals.

Only after, my CAT coaching, did I come over this fear. Anyways, while I was pursuing my MBA through correspondence, I got a job as a recruiter. I was kind of happy that, I can slowly move into HR department. In no time did I realize that I am stuck in this and could not get into the job I wanted to be unless I have a proper experience in it.

Even now, I am trying hard to get into my dream job, but the reality is right in front, where I can either quit this or start afresh. For that as well, I would require a minimum experience. So really don’t know when I would be able to get into my dream job. But for now, I have to face the reality and keep trying.

Let’s see when luck will be in my favor.

The post- vacation blues

Vacation is a priceless experience that we create and live with. We share out experiences with people and every time we narrate it, we go back to the time. I recently came back from a long vacation. It was a long needed vacation, because of the stressful days my husband was facing and hardly getting time for each other. But, the post vacation blues are even more depressing. We always feel that these vacations should never end. Because they are so full of life, freedom and enjoyment, and they totally refresh and transform you.

I love travelling and that is one reason I never want to come back from any vacation and it takes lot of time for me to come out of the blues. Having said that, I figured out some ways to come out of this and they, at least for me, is little helpful.

  1.  Connect with the world and share your experience: This is something which I am doing right now. Believe me, this really helps, because, when your share your experiences with the world, you re-live it. And that, in a way is refreshing again. This also helps people to know the review of the place. SO it’s informative as well and interesting to read. Share some pictures, not your personal ones though, but the common ones.
  2. Plan Another trip:  You can always plan another trip which will keep you engaged for some time. Look for next place which you can visit and explore things accordingly. This will help you come out of the present blues. It’s not mandatory that you have to implement the next plan though, but this will at least keep you happy for some time, till you come out of the present situation.
  3. Have clarity: It’s important that we have clarity in mind that, this is just a “vacation” and it has to end some day. With this clarity, it will be easy for you to come out of the blues. When we already have a mindset that this vacation is just temporary, you will never feel depressed; in fact you will cherish the memories forever.Image

I guess every vacation, creates a new memory and new happiness in our lives. And this little happiness’ together makes your life happy and fun filled. It’s always necessary we spend quality time with our family, either by going out on a vacation or at home. This way, they would feel special and you will also enjoy life to the fullest. Talking about blues, it comes and goes, so don’t let these blues and depressions affect your personal life as well as your health.

Preparing a travel check list

Travelling is something which everyone loves, but when your travel date is nearing, you tend to feel nervous. Be it a long journey or a short one. Well With me both are the same as I pack my bags as if I am going to a dessert and am not going to get anything there. And I end up over-loading my bags even for a short trip. Half of the things I don’t even use during my travel. So my poor hubby has to carry the entire luggage. Again, that depends on what type of travel you are up to. If you are going to visit your relatives or friends, or if you have planned a vacation elsewhere, your packing and travelling list differs in both the cases. In either case, a proper list has to be prepared to make sure you don’t leave anything important.

  1. Don’t overload: As mentioned above, try to take only those stuff and clothes which you think are useful. Even clothes have to be packed as per the number of day’s trip you have planned. Stick a note on every dress allotting each dress on each day. This way you will not end up wearing repeated clothes, at the same time, you can use every dress you have packed. SO a planned packing of the luggage makes half your work easy
  2. First –aid kit: This is something which is very important. Though you might get everything elsewhere. But keeping a small kit will help you in case of small accidents (which mean cuts and wounds, or the usual pains.
  3. Camera, cell phones and chargers: camera is still fine, but make sure you don’t forget the cell phones and chargers. Because this is something a person can’t do without.
  4. Other useful stuff: Apart from the above, just check on what are the other stuffs like:
  • Tickets: which is very important
  • ID card
  • Visa and passport if you are travelling abroad
  • House keys and car keys

With this, you also have to check few basic things:

  1. Lock the house properly.
  2. Switch off all the lights and fans  or the main switch
  3. Discard any vegetables in your refrigerator, as this might leave the house stinky once you are back.
  4. Turn off the cylinder.
  5. Close all the doors of the house. If possible spray a room freshener and then close the house. So when you are back it won’t smell bad.
  6. Keep all the important documents and jewellery in the locker.
  7. Don’t give your keys to anyone.

Other than the above points, there are small things which have to be taken care of and the list is endless. So before embarking on your trip, make sure your list is checked. So that you enjoy your trip tension free. Bon Voyage and have a safe journey. Cheers

The festival Fair

Earlier in my previous blog I mentioned about the shopping spree, now it’s the festival time. In India, this is the time of revelry with festivals back to back. I love this time of the year, as everyone is busy, preparing special recipes for the Diwali festival, cleaning and painting the house.  I used to love the smell of the paints in our house. It is quite nostalgic, how we used to wait for this festival to come, waiting to wear our new attire, burning the crackers, visiting relatives, relishing the dishes.

I reminisce the time and still feel the memories so fresh. My mom used to prepare special items and we used to grab from the plate. How she used to spend half of the time in the kitchen to make us happy and prepare our favourite dishes. We used to enjoy helping her with little things.

Even now, the excitement of the festival is intact. We hit the roads for shopping, and every where there is bona fide triumph. They say this festival brings joy and happiness across. And that is lucid in people. There are exhibitions everywhere and people are in a shopping mood. You see offers everywhere, right from apparels shop, to food shop, electronic appliances etc. It’s a family get together everywhere, and that feels ecstatic. The candles and   lamps lit everywhere, the smell and sound of the crackers, the aroma of delicious dishes, and the children giggling and playing around. Everyone is in a great mood.

And experiencing all this, I feel proud to be born an Indian. AT least I got a chance to experience the varied culture here… Love my country and would always be grateful to God for showering his blessing on me by making me a part of this country where I live.

Why parents should never compare siblings in a negative manner

It’s natural for the parents to expect the best from their child. But like all fingers are not alike, they have to understand that not all children have the same caliber. Each and every one is good at something and bad at something, but comparing them with their siblings would leave a negative impact on that child.

You may feel that if you compare the child with their siblings, it will instigate them to perform well, and that’s true. But, comparison should be just to vie with each other, not to bring an enmity in them.  This comparison may bring down their self esteem and they would feel left out. Let’s find out the reason why parents should not compare siblings:

1.       It leaves a negative impact in their mind: Remember every child is an individual and every individual has different traits. Comparing again and again might leave a negative impact in their minds and they mind lose their confidence.  Even if you want to give an example by comparing the sibling, do it in a very polite way so it doesn’t hurt their feelings.

One more thing, comparing in their studies and their academics is still OK in a way, as it will provoke them to do better. But never compare them for the looks and their physical appearance like “She is prettier than you, so it won’t suit you”. It’s a big NO. Not everyone is perfect and as a parent you should understand that.

2.       Brings in hatred for the sibling: Secondly, a child is very sensitive to things and little things might change their feelings towards you and the siblings. So you might not know and they would generate hatred for their siblings. Every human being is mundane and only their specialties make them extraordinary or ordinary. Keeping this in mind, handle them with extreme care and love.

3.       Feel biased: Never portray them as negative and siblings as positive, try to be unbiased. We know that parents are never biased towards their children and they treat them equally, but portraying the siblings as positive and the child as negative might bring in a feeling of partiality. Apparently, they would feel “even if we do anything good, they will never support me”. Every child might feel offensive, if you compare again and again.

4.       They might face mental stress and low self esteem:  Because of continuous blaming and comparison, your child may face mental stress and low self esteem. It’s you who should always help raise their self confidence. Instead, if you try to compare time and again, they might face mental stress and that might be hazardous.

To conclude, Accept your child the way they are and continued comparisons is not good for a harmonious relation between you and your child. If they do anything wrong, don’t get furious and start comparing, instead, try to placate them and make them understand their mistake and try to sort it together.

Comparing is never a solution to any problem, it’s for you to understand that and handle the situation.