Festival without relatives

This is what happens when you get busy with friends and relatives at home. There has been a hiatus in my writing. The whole of last week I had relatives and was quite busy and tied up with my daily chores and other things that I hardy had time to come back and update on or write on something.

But, I must say, when your relatives are at home, you have lot of work, Agreed! But at the same time you enjoy their company. I enjoyed so much that, now after they are gone, I am in the blues and I don’t know how much it is going to take for me to get over it.

I reminisce how, during the festive season, our house used to be full of friends and family. The whole house used to be in revelry. Laughing, chatting, Kids had their own group, women had their own and men used to be busy discussing serious topics on politics or sports etc. We used to shop around together, dine out, enjoy. Go for a picnic. Never used to realize how days used to pass and then on the day they had to leave, we used to roll on the ground and cry for them to stay back.

That’s how life was, during my childhood.

I somehow re-lived my childhood days last week. And I felt, how people these days have become so busy that they hardly have time for their family, forget the relatives. the trend of relatives visiting your house during festival or otherwise has slowly become extinct. Anyways, I would definitely want my kids to know the value of relatives and how to treat them when they visit your house. This was a culture which was taught to us and has been followed by us since then.  And I would like my kids to inhibit the culture for the generations to come, so that the value of a festival and the trend of relatives visiting never faints away or brushes out completely.


Time to reach out to distant relatives and friends

I reminisce my childhood and wonder, how we used to celebrate the festivals with near and distant relatives and it was always fun to spend time with the whole family. And that’s how it should be. But with people getting busy in their own small world, they hardly have time to spend with their kids and spouse, forget about distant relatives. But, one has to reach out to their distant relatives from time to time.

Having said that, the best time to forget all the clashes and try to reach out to your distant relatives is in the festival time. This is the time, everyone is in revelry and they would love to be part of your revelry and again get into the bond they had once upon a time. I get down the memory lane and remember how our festivals were incomplete without grandparents, our uncles’ aunts and cousins. But today even our grandparents have become distant.

So, it’s time to bring back the culture and let our kids know the importance of every relative in a family, whether close or distant. Let’s find out how we get akin with our distant relatives this festive season:

  1. Organize a get together: This is the time, when you party and invite your friends and family, lets’ do something different and organize a get together with all our relatives distant and close coming together and spending time. It will be difficult to catch hold of each and every relative, because they have their own plans for festival. But you have to try convincing all and bringing them under one roof. A get together is the best way to talk it out and forget and forgive all the clashes.
  2. Introduce every relative to your family: There may be cases where it has been decades you have not been in touch with your relatives and your kids and spouse would not know them. SO introduce them to your family and make them comfortable. When you reach out a distant relative, your kids will also get used to all and this is learning for them as to how important each and every.
  3. Reach out with gifts: The festival brings happiness around and if you share some with your relatives that would be your best Christmas. SO the best way to reach out to your distant relatives is through gifts. Go to their place, invite them to your house for the festival and gift them something which will always be there in their memories like an old family photograph or your grandparent’s memoir.
  4. Plan a picnic: To bring all the distant relatives close, this would be the best option. Plan a family picnic cum a reunion, leaving the differences behind. When it is during a festival, everyone will unanimously accept the offer.


In every family small fights and arguments are common and chances of getting separated is also common. But it is up to you how to you can bring back all the relatives together and learn to forget and forgive.

Holidays without credit cards

This is the time of merry making and being happy and enjoying the festival with family and friends. Months before the festival the shopping spree begins among the family members. And at this point people spend blindly and in an impulse, unaware of the fact that, you credit limits can touch the sky and it can lead to troubles later.

I am not here, to put your excitement down this festival season, but to help you get away from all the troubles caused due to extreme usage of credit cards. Earlier when there were no credit cards, people still used to shop and enjoy the festival. In fact they used to enjoy more and were more satisfied with whatever they had. But, with people depending on credit cards, their need and wants has also increased.

The cliché is “I can’t do without my credit card”. People just can’t imagine life without credit card. So, let’s see how we can enjoy the festival without credit cards:

  1. Get rid of unwanted stuffs: I am sure; there are lot of unwanted and old stuff in your house, which is lying there unused. Get rid of all those stuff and whatever money you get, you can save it for future or can use for the holidays.
  2. DIY decorations:  People spend a bomb for the decoration of the house during the festival which is not wrong. To get you into a holiday mood, one can decorate the house. But what if the decorations are hand made by you. This is the best time to utilize your holiday and spending time with family, instead of wasting time and money shopping around, Prepare your own decorations.
  3. Utilize the discounts and coupons: This is the time, when you have lots of offers, discounts and coupons available for shopping so make the maximum use of these discount coupons and try to spend as less as you can.
  4. Shop with cash: The best alternative is to shop with cash. When it is cash, you have a track of how much you have been spending and how much is your budget, unlike credit card, where you hardly have a track of your expenses. Using cash will also pull you back from buying things which are not that necessary which you would have bought, have you had a credit card.
  5. Make a list: When shopping around: make a list of items required and try only to buy that stuff. This again will help you keep a track of your purchases
  6. Think before you buy: “Oh! That dress is so pretty. Those shoes are beautiful, I want them.” This is the feeling you get when you go out shopping? Well! You have to think before you go ahead and buy them. Think, “Do you really need it?” It’s not indispensable that every festival you have to buy a new dress and a new pair of shoes. You can always use old dress, which you have hardly used. Buying in sudden impulse is also something which forces you to use your credit card. SO if you stop that urge, you can do without credit card this festival.

With the festival season round the corner, it becomes difficult to curb your expenses and stop the urge of shopping and travelling. But one can always help curb the usage of credit card to the max and still have a blast in the festival.

SO all in all, the usage of credit card is up to you, but you have to always watch out your expenses when shopping around, otherwise you have to bear the consequences later.

How to spend wisely during festive season

Festival spree is on the air and people are busy shopping and spending most of the time outside. And this the time, when you happen to spend more and by the end of the month your loose the track of your budget. I am sure; you have worked hard for this time the year and it’s natural that you get carried away with all the deals and offers during this time.

Having said that, it’s really important to spend wisely on your savings, it shouldn’t be that you spend each and every penny you have saved and then you are left with nothing. Financial crisis, never informs you before coming. SO, you have to spend wisely whether during festive season or otherwise.

Let’s follow some simple tips on how to keep a check on your expenses during festive season:

  1. Prepare a list: Purchase only what is necessary. So prepare a list on what are the items required and then go shopping. This way you won’t end up buying things which are unnecessary and spending more. A proper planning is really important when it comes to spending wisely. Festive season is a test to see if it can withstand your daily budget. So if you pass this test, you can pass any difficulty.
  2. Allot a specific budget: If you have to enjoy your festival, yet not get into any trouble, allot some amount for your festival shopping and the miscellaneous expenses and try to spend within the budget. If you are nearing your limit, it is an alert that, you have spent enough and that’s the time to pull back yourself. This way, you won’t end up spending on unnecessary items.
  3. Don’t buy on impulse: Always, think before you buy anything. Don’t buy things on an impulse. This way, you will not be able to track how much you have spent and how much you are left with.
  4. Don’t get attracted to deals:  There might be some genuine deals, but some might be a way to attract customers and they double the price and sell. SO peruse carefully, before you go for any deals.  If possible, check online and compare the prices and only if you find the deals good enough, then purchase.
  5. If going for a holiday: Again, if this festive season you are planning to go for a vacation. Book everything well in advance. This way you can save a lot. Last minute bookings are always expensive and it takes a toll on your savings. Vacation with your family should always be memorable yet affordable.
  6. Online shopping:  When you hit the malls for shopping, it’s natural that you end up spending more than expected. So the best way is to shop online. This also gives you loads of options and deals, which you can compare and buy.
  7. Be careful with swindlers: This is the time; you come across lot of offers and eye catchy deals. You would not know, and they will use your excitement to buy as an opportunity and would try to cheat. So, always go to the regular shops and avoid going to shops which are temporary. They might be swindlers and their purpose is solely to utilize this festive season as an opportunity to rob or cheat people.


SO, when you follow these simple tips, you can save yourself from any further wreck and financial crisis and yet can enjoy the revelry full of fun and joy.

The festival Fair

Earlier in my previous blog I mentioned about the shopping spree, now it’s the festival time. In India, this is the time of revelry with festivals back to back. I love this time of the year, as everyone is busy, preparing special recipes for the Diwali festival, cleaning and painting the house.  I used to love the smell of the paints in our house. It is quite nostalgic, how we used to wait for this festival to come, waiting to wear our new attire, burning the crackers, visiting relatives, relishing the dishes.

I reminisce the time and still feel the memories so fresh. My mom used to prepare special items and we used to grab from the plate. How she used to spend half of the time in the kitchen to make us happy and prepare our favourite dishes. We used to enjoy helping her with little things.

Even now, the excitement of the festival is intact. We hit the roads for shopping, and every where there is bona fide triumph. They say this festival brings joy and happiness across. And that is lucid in people. There are exhibitions everywhere and people are in a shopping mood. You see offers everywhere, right from apparels shop, to food shop, electronic appliances etc. It’s a family get together everywhere, and that feels ecstatic. The candles and   lamps lit everywhere, the smell and sound of the crackers, the aroma of delicious dishes, and the children giggling and playing around. Everyone is in a great mood.

And experiencing all this, I feel proud to be born an Indian. AT least I got a chance to experience the varied culture here… Love my country and would always be grateful to God for showering his blessing on me by making me a part of this country where I live.