Are you a junk food addict?


The craving for junk food never ends. When you go out, you see a pizza corner, you grab it at one go, on the way to work, you see hotdog stall and you can’t resist.  So this is what is called junk food addiction. Which is not wrong, everyone loves to eat and experiment with various dishes and delicacies. But, when the addiction reaches a limit and you have no control of yourself that is the time you have to think about pulling back yourself from the cravings. You don’t have to stop eating altogether, just that keep a check on your eating habits.

As you age, your junk food habits and addictions can take a toll on your health. So, today it can be delicious and you gnaw and relish, but, this can be a slow poison in the long run. So, we can always keep a check on what we are eating, how frequently we are eating and what can be done to stop the addiction.

  1. Curb your visit to fast food junctions:  You have to peruse as to how often you visit the fast food junctions and how frequently you eat. And then try to curb your visits to these places as much as possible.
  2. Control your cravings: I know it’s really hard for fast food lovers to control their cravings, but that’s what the mantra to a healthy you. SO, whenever you get a craving for something like that, just go to your kitchen and try to make something which is healthy as well as delicious.
  3. Eat healthy: To pacify your craving and addiction, you can always try and eat healthy, every time you are hungry. These days due to stress at workplace, they get hungry frequently and every time they are hungry they grab these fast foods which is a substitute to your food. So, if you are not able to resist, you can have SUBWAY, which is healthy and will placate your hunger.
  4. Convert yourself to a health freak: This is the best way to control your craving. Think healthy, eat healthy, sleep healthy.  If you make a mindset that, you have to stay healthy then you have to exercise and stop junk food. SO go to the Yoga classes, read books related to health and this will automatically change your mind and your addiction will automatically subside over a period of time.
  5. Prioritize your eating habits: Instead of grabbing whatever you get when you are hungry, try to prioritize your eating habits and make a list of items you can eat, when hungry. Try to eat fruits when hungry which is healthy as well as a great substitute for your fast foods.
  6. Avoid Beverages which contain soda: Soda is the most dangerous beverage and it is considered to be a slow poison. SO try to purchase beverages which doesn’t contain soda and start by drinking fresh fruit juices instead.


When you take an initiative to control your craving for junk food, you are automatically heading towards a healthy life. This will be a little difficult initially, but I am sure, you will come over this addiction over a period of time. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is a way towards a healthy you. Changing your eating habits, will definitely change your lifestyle and for good.