Tips on throwing an engagement party

Love is in the air and you have found your special person in life and you just can’t wait to declare it to the whole world. This is the best time, to exchange the rings and get engaged with the one you love.  But being a host is the most tedious job, especially when you are the couple and you are the host and you have to arrange everything. However, it’s the bride’s parents who host the engagement party.

Ideally engagement party is a traditional way to announce and celebrate your relationship. However, the trend of engagement parties varies across the country. For some an engagement party is a way to publicize their status and so it’s a lavish party, at the same time, some want to celebrate it low with just close friends and relatives involved.

Having said that, there are lot of event management companies these days, who take care  of all this parties and this not only keeps you away from all the tensions, but also, you can attend all your guests without worrying about the management. SO, let’s point out some themes and tips:

  1. Location: Choosing a location is a heck of a task, when you have a budget constraint. So list out all the locations which come under your budget and choose the best one. Having said that, the location shouldn’t be at the outskirts which are out of reach to your relatives and friends, in order to minimize your budget. Choose a location, which is easily accessible to all and while inviting, mention the closest landmark, so there is no difficulty in locating the place.
  2. Make it fun and entertaining: The main purpose of an engagement party is to get to know the families of the couple and so it cannot be boring and monotonous. Make it fun, with lot of games and dance, so people get comfortable and mingle with each other.
  3. Stick to a budget: You end up spending a bomb on just the engagement party itself, if it is not planned in a proper way. SO prepare a budget and stick to it, so that your party does not exceed your pocket and you end up on credits. Remember, soon after the engagement, you have a bigger event, Wedding. SO if you plan your party accordingly, your further commitments won’t shake. Remember, you still have a lavish party in your budget if planned properly.
  4. Make a guest list: The most important thing is to prepare a list of guests you intend to invite. As discussed above, if it’s a lavish party, you don’t want to miss out on any guests in your circle. And it it’s a simple one, you definitely want to list out the important guests you want to be part of the celebration. SO in either case, making a list is very important.
  5. Themes: You can plan a theme for your party. Like a colour theme, or a dress code, or anything, which you think would be fun. SO plan accordingly with both the families and plan a theme. Believe me, it would be fun, people coming in different attires based on your theme, at the same time, it would be fun.

The list is never ending, and you get lots of tips on the same. It’s up to you, how you have to celebrate this special day and make it memorable and fun at the same time.


How to make your job fun

A job which is done with a disinterest and just for the sake of doing will always be boring and loathed by many. Just imagine you have just reached office and it’s not been an hour yet and you are wondering how you will pass the whole day. That feeling itself brings boredom in your work. On the contrary, if you love your job, you will wait to go to office and work sincerely. So basically there is no loving and hating your job, it is how to prepare yourself to deal with the job, you want to work like a machine and work monotonously or you want to enjoy what you do?  Well I would definitely choose the latter one.

Life teaches us to enjoy every moment, so why not apply the same rule to our jobs and try to enjoy every moment of our job and try to make it fun.

  1. Face the Challenges: Any job is boring and monotonous if you have the same thing to do. So try to face difficult challenges, ask for some difficult problems to your manager and try to solve it. When you face and deal with challenges you will grow stronger and you would want to do it again and again. Don’t vacillate when you have a big challenge in front of you, in fact accept it and face it.
  2. Area of interest: Everyone has a hobby or a passion towards something or for something. So identify your area of interest and try to fulfil your passion simultaneously. Believe me this is a great stress buster and it will boost you energy. For example, if you love Guitar, learn it after office hours and practice daily, it will help you get away from any office tensions or exhaustions. You love politics; you can discuss it with your colleagues. So whatever interests you, if you spend a little time on that, you can help make your job fun.
  3. Relax: You don’t always have to be on your toes. Try to relax sometime. Your nonchalant behaviours might cause a problem to your colleagues, but tell them clearly, you are not a machine. At the same time, don’t be too laid back. Plan your work in a way that you meet your deadlines at the same time you are relaxed.
  4. Extracurricular activities: Companies these days provide a recreation facility with different games to just refresh you. Different cultural programmes are conducted. So participate in those curricular activities which will help you get away from the stress.


Making your job fun is up to you. You can plan many activities, programs and outings to get yourself refreshed and have fun at the same time. Every organization is extra cautious these days on their employee satisfaction and only when you enjoy your work, you will be able to give your best to the organization. SO it is always a win-win situation. So try to make every day of your work enjoyable and fun. That is the secret for success.