How to deal with under- performers

Not all organizations, go and take an extreme step for the under performers and fire the employees on the basis of their performance. One has to also understand the reason of an employee under-performing. Having said that, an employer is very careful when hiring the candidate and is very particular about their performance of work, the employee also tries to perform their best. So there has to be a reason of a sudden plunge in the performance of the employees. Their apathy towards work could be many reasons.

The employer should go that extra mile and try to understand the reason for such attitude and try to deal with them in a composed manner. Before going for a termination or dismissal of the employee, one has to understand and deal with the under-performers and try to find a solution:

  1. 1.      The reason for under-performing:  As mentioned above, there could be many reasons for the sudden drop in the performance. So try to find out the reason for the same whether it’s personal, health issues, or some issues at the workplace which is disturbing them. Once the reason is detected, it becomes easy to understand and deal with it.  
  2. 2.      Keep a check on the graph: You just cannot judge on an employee’s performance based on just once incidence. Check the overall performance throughout. Was he an average performer, great performer, or weak performer? If it was first 2(average or great) and then he has started under-performing, then that could be a reason to worry. If he/she has been an under performer throughout, then it is obvious that, there could be no other reason other than lack of interest and irresponsible attitude and so you have no other option but to take an extreme step.
  3. 3.      One-on-one: The sign of a great manager is to sit down and talk about it with the employee. Instead of coming to a conclusion, a one-on one will help you dig into the problem and come to a solution which is not possible otherwise, if you just sit and anticipate the reason behind.
  4. 4.      Expectation from the employees: Right at the time a person joins, he/she is made clear with the expectations. So there could be problem with the expectations, maybe it was not communicated or they were not clear on that front. So communicate the expectations from the employee verbally as well as in writing. So you are clear from your end that you did communicate.
  5. 5.      We can solve it together: Throughout the meeting, keep this attitude that we can solve the issue together. A positive attitude from your side will give a positive vibe to the employee as well and they will also feel motivated to perform well.
  6. 6.      Give them time: As discussed already, you cannot judge the performance of the employee just at once. After you have a discussion with them, give them some time and peruse the graph and see for any changes. If there is any improvement, your meeting was successful and you can vouch on them, if it remains the same, then you have no other option left.

SO all in all, an under-performer has to be dealt with like a child. You, as a manager, have to be an understanding parent and try to explain each and every circumstances of their under-performance and try to resolve their issue at the workplace in a calm and composed manner.


My Addiction to shopping


Yesterday, I decided that, it’s high time I should save some money and spend less on things which are not required. But my craving doesn’t end. Or should I say it will never end. I love to hit the malls over the weekends, if given a chance I would hit the malls every single day. 🙂 But “thankfully” for shopaholics like me, there is no option. I guess this is a favorite pastime for almost all women.

I contemplate sometimes, had I been the richest, I could buy whatever I see in the shops. And then, I go into my own fantasy world, there are beautiful dresses, shoes, accessories, bags, furniture, cars, and the list never ends. And so does our imaginations.

OK, now getting out of the fancy world and facing the reality, I was just searching the ways we can curb on this excessive compulsive behavior. It would be tough for people like me, but nothing wrong in trying. SO here I made a list:

  1. Allot a Budget: First thing I thought is if we have a limited budget, we can restrict ourselves from over shopping. SO, I have decided, whenever I go out, I will allot myself a limited budget, which will at least help me save some money. As said earlier, a little tough for me, but will try.
  1. List of items: Let’s make a list of items required. This way we won’t end up buying unnecessary things and over spending.
  1. Window shopping: This is something I learnt from my husband, you avoid spending a lot, if you window shop. And that’s true, it’s not essential that whatever you see, you have to buy. So best thing is go around the mall and window shop.
  1. Control the Urge for shopping: This is like quite difficult for me, but again, we can try to control the urge for shopping, by moving out of the shop where you feel you are getting tempted and try to divert yourself in some games or go to a coffee shop have some coffee and snacks. I am sure spending money on coffee and snacks would be much easier than spending on other things.

So, these are the only list I could think of. When I told my husband about this list, He, as usual, gave a sarcastic smile and said “Nice try baby”. Oh yes, for him this would be a nice try, coz at least this will divert me from spending his money 😦 . The other day, he said,” You know, you need to consult a counselor for your addiction to shopping”. And then I thought, Am I Too addicted to this? That is when I decided that I should try once by myself before going to a counselor.

Anyways guys, this is my say for those who are too much obsessed to shopping. Hey! By the way, I saw a beautiful dress online, and I so wanted to buy it. Oops, sorry I have to control. You see, this is what happens and I end up spending a bomb.



My first Blog

I browse through many blogs and articles and get inspired, darn! I should also write a blog or an article, But , when we read other blogs, it looks easy. I thought whats there in a blog, just write whatever comes in your mind. But as I decided to write, my mind went Blank, and I am like, What should I write?

When you dig yourself deeper, you realize that this is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes lot of concentration and focus and the knowledge of the topic we are writing on. I literally gave up on this, as all the ideas that came into my mind got jumbled up and I got confused.

Then I took a deep breath and thought, whats wrong in giving it a try. Anything ,for that matter, which we do for the first time get a lot of criticism. But that galvanizes us to try again and the next time, you try to do it slightly better. So, Ideally criticism makes a person much better with every, I thought I should write about this experience of my first blog. I told my husband, I want to write a blog, he just looked at me with a sarcastic smile on his face and he said “Why don’t you try something which you are good at?” . Man! that hurts, I started giving it a second thought and I kind of agreed with him. Then I read a quote somewhere which says “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure“. Then I decided, come what may, I will give it a try.

I am sure everyone who have so many blogs in the web might have faced this fear of failure and criticism. SO here I am with my very first blog, a little nervous though but feeling better that I am at least trying rather than giving up on the basis of what people say. You know, your biggest critics are your family members, so I am kind of glad that my husband said that, coz that accelerated me to go ahead and write.

SO guys, here’s my first blog. suggestions and criticisms are open. 🙂