Dream house kitchen accessories

Dream house kitchen accessories

Your dream house always holds a special place in your heart, because it’s your house, which you personally want to decorate and make it look enticing. And so, every corner of the house is as special as it can be. Of all, kitchen, they say, is the heart of the house. Because, the whole family spends quality time eating, laughing and chatting and it is that corner of the house which caters to each and every member. With a variety of options available these days, modular kitchens has become the need of an hour.

The home decor spree begins with the kitchen itself. With lot of options and designs available in the market, buying a kitchen accessory has become quite an easy task. However, if you go for costlier options, it takes a toll on your budget so we have to look for affordable yet, elegant kitchen accessories.

Cook top:

There are lot of inbuilt hobs available these days in the market. There are some pros and cons of the same. The space below the hob is taken away and you cannot put a cabinet there. I personally feel that a standing cook top is something which is easily moveable and easy to clean. Also the gas consumption in a built- in hobs is more. However, it’s your personal choice, but there are lot of snazzy cook tops and hobs available in the market, which would spruce up your kitchen with different designs and models. However, if you are installing a cook top, don’t forget to install a gas leakage sensor or detector. Remember safety comes first.


Again, right above your hob or cook top, a chimney has become a need of an hour. Earlier there were exhaust fans to keep the kitchen smoke free. But, with modern kitchen designs coming in the market, chimneys have taken its place. Again, when it comes to chimneys, there are N number of options and designs available. I would personally go for an electric chimney for reasons like:

  • It protects the wooden furnishing and the tiles from the sticky fumes
  • Protects the kitchen from extreme heat and smoke at the time of cooking.
  • Also, it is aesthetically appealing.


The areas of highest activity in the kitchen which is near the sink, cook top/hob and refrigerator has to form an isosceles triangle with a perimeter, no less than 12 feet and no greater than 24 feet. Also, the food waste disposal and instant water heater should be installed under the sink. You can also attach a waste basket holder for dry waste attached to the cabinet door under the sink.


You find lot of designs and options when it comes to kitchen sink faucets, and you have to spend some time selecting the best one. However, the stainless steel is something which is most used and is eco friendly as well as durable. You might probably want to look at a pull down spray faucet, before considering any, as this might come really handy for cleaning the dishes.

Magic corner

This again is quite common among people, when it comes to modular kitchen. This is used in corners where you cannot reach and yet can’t afford to waste that corner. This is an intelligent technology to slide the cabinets and utilize as much space. However, this might not be quite durable in the long run and there could be problems with the hinges. So, I prefer racks, instead of magic corners.


A freestanding dishwasher is always good when compared to the built in one, the reason being, and serviceability.

So, all in all, you have lot of options when it comes to kitchen accessories like oven, wine glass holder racks, highlanders, so on and so forth. Last but not the least, when choosing your kitchen accessories, remember the following:

  • Safety comes first
  • Serviceability
  • Cleaning
  • Accessibility
  • Space availability
  • Lighting and ventilation
  • Durability