My role model: A true Human being

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A role model does not necessarily have to be a celebrity or a philanthropist who has been an inspiration to millions. It can be anyone whose little good deed has impressed and inspired you at the same time. When I was a little girl I admired each and every movie star and wanted to be one. So I never knew exactly who my role model is, because it used to change every day. But as I grew older, I realized that a person should be admired for the good deeds rather than their looks. Irrespective of how much a philanthropist you are, your deeds should reflect your action.

Having said that, every kid, directly or indirectly, is inspired by their parents, be it a father or a mother or both, for that matter. And as we grow old, we tend to follow them in every which way and try to raise our kids the way they raised us. Apparently, we behave the exact same way, as they used to, though we know we used to get irritated. But time teaches us how they were always right. So parents will always be our role model. However, you come across lot of people whose little good deed inspires you and how to want to let them know, they are doing a great job.

But an incident which inspired and left me speechless at the same time was some years back. It so happened that I had to visit my doctor for some routine check-up and so here I was in my hospital for the same. Suddenly, I noticed lot of chaos all around and was a little anxious to know what it was all about. When enquired, I came to know that a few months old baby was rushed to the hospital. She had leukaemia and was not responding to any medicines. She has gone through all the tests and procedures and chemotherapy, but the last resort was a bone marrow transplant. To my surprise, one of my classmates was also there and before I could go talk to her she was taken inside the room along with the kid.

When enquired, I came to know that the parents were looking for a bone marrow donor and surprisingly, this girl came forward to donate. She was physically handicapped, still willing to help. I really liked her spirit. Who in this world generally come forward to help a stranger? Anyways, the procedure was successful and the baby was out of danger. Now, all this while I was waiting for a chance to go talk to her and congratulate her for what she has done. , but I was told, not to disturb. So I had no choice but to leave the hospital. However, I decided to meet her directly at her place and with that hope, I took her address. 2 days later, I went to her place, hoping she might have been discharged from the hospital by now. As I knocked the door, her mother was standing in front of me, I asked her if I can meet her, I am her school friend and told her about the hospital incident. And with the reply I got from her mother, I was shocked and numb at the same time. She said, “She is NO MORE”. I felt I would collapse. Her mother told me, on the day she was returning from the hospital, she met with an accident and died on the spot. And then I remembered, I saw the news about a road accident.

My heart sunk and I could hardly stand. How I wish I could have met her that day itself and let her know, how she has inspired me and what she has done is commendable. I could not get the scene out of mind. And there is a burden in my heart, which will remain forever for not letting her know that she is an inspiration for millions.

Even today I reminisce, and think, that even before leaving this world, she gave life to a little girl, and that’s what humanity is all about and she is a true human being in every which way. From that day, though she is not between us, she is, she was and she will always be my role model.