Internet shopping: pros and cons

When we talk about shopping, that is something which everyone likes to do and that’s why people hit the malls. Shopping includes window shopping and genuine shopping. To go for a shopping with women especially, you have to spare a whole day for them.

Whenever I go out for shopping, anything which is of least interest for me, I would stroll around, and as soon I find my favourite shop, my stroll walk becomes all feisty. I don’t know what captivates me to do that, but I am sure that’s the case with everyone, irrespective of men or women.

Have you ever wondered why they are so crazy about shopping? Well, let me tell you. There are lot of things, like, vast varieties to choose from, they can try every item and then make a decision and lots and lots of reasons.

But with people getting busy, they don’t have time to spend the whole day in shopping. So keeping this in mind, the business of online shopping has come. It is in trend these days to buy online and pay later. Lot of companies are now into online shopping.

But it has its pros and cons, like every business has. Let’s find out some of the pros first:

  1. Saves time: The first and foremost thing a person gets attracted towards is, it saves our time and we don’t have to spend hour’s together going around shopping.  And you can order as many items in just a click of a mouse.
  2. Saves fuel and travelling time: It also saves fuel and our travelling time. If everything that you want, you are getting right at your doorstep without even going outside, who would spend money on fuel.
  3. Payment option: Again, another eye catchy thing in online shopping is, once you get your item shipped at your doorstep; you can try and then make the payment. Isn’t that cool?
  4. Compare prices: You have lot of online shopping websites where you can compare the prices and shipping charges and take a decision accordingly.


SO, above we have mentioned the pros, now lest see the cons:

1.       Hidden costs: Although they say that the shipping is free, they sometimes charge you for the shipping at the last moment. So, likewise, there are lot of hidden costs they charge from you. Shipping cost also depends on the item you have purchased.

2.       No guarantee on the shipping time: Once you have placed an order, you just have to try that item as soon as possible. But, sorry to say, this is not possible in online shopping, as they claim to ship the item in 2-3 working days, but it may take more time and there  is no way you can complaint but wait.

3.       Quality of the product: The biggest compromise that you do when you are shopping online will be the quality of the product. You would not know the quality unless you touch it, you get disappointed. And there would be some or the other defect in the item.

4.       Lack of support: Once ordered online, you have to forget about the item for days or even months, and if you complaint about the same, there is always nil support from them. They really don’t care about what your complaints are.

So, the list is countless about the pros and cons. So you have to look carefully research on the product and the company offering online shopping option, check the reviews. One bad review means there are chances of you facing the same problem. So, think twice before you go for online shopping, unless necessary, I would suggest go shopping out, as your chances of committing a mistake is less comparatively.

Having said that, there is also not a 100 % guarantee that if you go out for shopping, you would never commit any mistakes or face fraudulence. SO, not generalizing the topic, I would suggest if you have to face the problem you will face anyways irrespective of the mode of shopping you opt for. But in either case, try to be more careful and composed before buying anything. Don’t buy anything in haste.

Enjoy your shopping.



Internet marketing: A way to make money online

Internet marketing, is not as easy as it looks from outside. Why does a person need to do marketing online? Well there are lot of businesses out there which is online and they need to do quite a lot of marketing in order to be on top in the list.  For this, there are lot of options which can keep you on top.

Internet these days has become a part of our life. And, because it has vast users, its preferences, user choices etc. changes frequently. Their privacy policy also changes accordingly. In such circumstances, a person has to keep up to the changes and establish themselves in this internet business.

Let’s point out some of the ways of internet marketing and gain maximum profits:

  1. Search engine: the first and foremost thing is to improve their visibility in the search engines. The reason being, any person first does a casual search and if your business is on the top in the search engine, the chances of your business getting visible will be more.
  2. Beat the competition: As mentioned earlier since internet is vastly used, your competitors will also try to beat you in search engines and other sources. So, in order to sustain in business, it is important to beat your competitors in every possible way. For this, you have to keep changing or modifying your business policies and pricing structures.
  3. Targeted customers: instead of just a by chance or casual browsing the chances of your business getting visible is more but the chances or converting them into a potential customer may be less. So the better option would be directly target the potential customers by doing a market research on the type of customers we can target so they become our potential customer and they can help the business grow by mouth publicity. So it is very important to have few potential customers.

So, apart from the above points there are many more things to keep in mind in order to sustain in the internet business and for the visibility of your business. Like, internet advertisement, distributing brochures, search engine optimization, so on and so forth.

So as I told you earlier, like a normal business, internet business is also not easy and they also have to face ups and downs, but, just a few things to keep in mind and the chances of your business achieving great heights would be more.

Social networking: A way to stay safe

When I was a tad, little did I know that being social is how important.  But, as I grew older, I heard people talking about social networking sites. And I would think, well it’s good to have sites for socializing. I heard people say, I am quite social you know, and I would find them spending half of their life online. To find out what exactly does social networking means, I explored the virtual world of social networking sites.

Having said that, I wasn’t an exception, and for the edification of my own social aspect, I also dived into the so called “social networking sites’. Then I realized, how addicted I am to these sites. Now I spend half of my life in “socializing“.

As a matter of fact, I actualized that being social is important, but not at the cost of your time spent on these sites.  In a way, it is imperative to build your networking which includes social as well as professional networks. But, the thumb rule is DO NOT share your personal information which can affect your personal or professional life.

It’s become a trend these days, to post each and everything in the social networking sites. In a way you are letting everyone know, where you are, what you are doing and so on. But, you are unaware of the fact that, though all are your friends, but some may turn as stalkers in your life. So be a little careful on these things. There should always be an edge on what you are posting on your social sites.

I would like to point out some important things on what can be done to avoid any complications:

  1. Never post anything which can sabotage your professional as well as personal image online. Because, this may bring you in a quandary. Impression once lost cannot be built back.
  2. You may say all your connections are naive, but never trust anyone blindly (which I tend to do).
  3. Do not be an open book for everyone. Never share your events online.
  4. Google your name and see how your name or identity exists online. There may be hackers who can use your name or identity to sabotage your image. So always to a frequent check on this. And even a slight doubt, delete you account permanently and if you want create another account by a nick name or something else. But not immediately, after some time.

Though, these are some points to be kept in mind, but I don’t say you should not socialize at all. You have to be a social animal in order to survive in this society. So just follow the above suggestions and always play safe and socialize.