The perfect marriage: An illusion

“I am waiting for my Mr. Perfect” or “My marriage would be a perfect one”. These are some notions which every individual has. And there is nothing wrong in living in a notional thought or world. How many of you think that yours is a perfect marriage? Or how many of you compare your marriage with others like your friends, your parents. DO you? Well! I think everyone does and that is why they live in a perfect marriage illusion for the rest of their life.
Apparently, No marriage is perfect, every relationships have sweet and bitter memories and the blend of the two make a marriage stand for a lifetime. Too much sugar can cause diabetes, similarly too much sweetness in a relationship also can bring cavity in your sweet relationship. So there has to be a blend of both and only then a relationship will last long. You want your marriage to be on the grounds of precision. But remember, nothing in this world is perfect, so how can you expect a marriage to be one, which involves two altogether different people starting a relationship with each other. Differences are mundane.
Having said that, you have to get out of the illusion of perfect marriage and try to make your relationship healthy rather than perfect.
1. Get out of the fairy world: You have to get out of the fairy world, where there is a prince and a princess and they love each other and live happily ever after. Be realistic. The sooner you come out of the false notion, the better. Life doesn’t always offer you good memories and one small bitter memory will shatter your dreams to snippets.
2. Expectations: Don’t expect too much from your marriage. Remember, a marriage is an epic and every part of life teaches us a lesson of life. SO high expectations will leave you shell shocked and broken. So settle your expectations for “average”, not perfect not imperfect.
3. Don’t squabble: The major friction in any relationship occurs because of the illogical squabble and fight and that will exacerbate the relationship even further. SO whenever there is any argument which you feel can lead to a major fight, try to pacify yourself or your spouse for that matter and try to sort out the issue.
4. Stop the blame game: This is quite common in any relationship. The statement that “If she wasn’t like that, our marriage would have been perfect” or “If only he could understand, the situation wouldn’t be so bad.” The frictions come only when both are at mistake and both blame each other for the same and no one is ready to compromise. This will worsen the situation. SO stop the blame game and learn to compromise.
5. Stop involving the family: This is the biggest mistake done by most of the couple, that they involve the family members in their personal fight and that will work make the situation worse. You are matured enough to handle your differences and you don’t have to involve anybody or need any body’s suggestion. So try to sort the issue at home rather than going public and making it more prominent.
6. Talk and understand: There are some situations which get sorted out when talking and understanding. SO anything which you think you don’t like about your spouse, try to talk your heart out and vice-versa.

SO all in all, get over the false notion of perfect marriage and get into a pact of healthy relationship, it will automatically become perfect.