Unshaven is unhealthy

A clean shaven look reflects the character of a man. It shows how hygienic he is; though he might not be, but to impress a woman he would definitely want to be. Meera was very particular about cleanliness and she would always want her family also to maintain that. Anil was quite opposite; He would always be shabby and unhygienic. This brought clashes between the two. She would always ask him to clean shave and go to office as that would bring a good impression. But his laziness would always restrain him from doing what his wife liked. She was already irritated and upset and she gave up to her fate thinking she can never change him at least not in this life. It was Dec 1st and a Sunday. She was already quite busy with the household chores that she forgot it was her anniversary and it didn’t quite matter to her because she knew like every year this would be the same boring day. Her husband went out from morning itself and she didn’t wanted to bust the day by calling and fighting. She was preoccupied by her own chores. It was already 5.00 pm in the evening and Anil was still out. Now she started getting tensed and tried calling him, but his mobile was not reachable. She thought will try to call his friends and ask, but she didn’t have anybody’s number. Finally around 7.00 pm, she got a call and she ran towards her phone, but her heart was beating fast. As she answered the call, it was Anand, a family friend who said there is an emergency and asked her to come to his house. The only thing she could think of now was: “Is Anil fine”. She rushed towards Anand’s house. The door bell rang and Anand’s wife opened the door with a smile.  As she entered the house, Anil came right in front of her and gave her a surprise of her life. He was clean shaven and neatly dressed and looked no less than a prince. She was staring at him with awe, and was mesmerized by the effort he has done to please her. And “His clean shaven look bowled her over.” But she was never so happy and this has been the best anniversary so far.
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