That day after every day: short film review

Directed by Anurag Kashyap, This movie is a must watch for the women in India. For a male chauvinist society, and the belief that women are weaker, it’s a lesson to give them back in their own way. Every woman, who would watch this movie, will get inspired to face the circumstances and not live their whole life in fear.

The story is about three working women, who are eve teased by the local brats. They are physically abused in public places and bus. Their family members also don’t support them initially. You can actually relate this story with every working woman, who faces molestation in bus and other public places.

AT least, my blood was boiling to see this. But, Good thing is, they fought back and they overcome the fear inside and fought for the dignity of every woman. And that’s what the Indian society needs now.

Give the message loud and clear that, your silence will not be treated as your inability and fear. If you break your silence, all lines will be broken. Sitting back and letting people watch when your self- respect and dignity are torn asunder, is not accepted. Give them back, in their own language, so they know what it is like, when a person is humiliated and molested in public.

This movie has also put a light on the different ways a women can defend her, by learning self defence techniques. So all in all A Must watch movie.