How to keep yourself busy during pregnancy

For those who are already working, there is nothing above that you require, because you are already pre-occupied with your office work. But for those who have taken a sabbatical for some time before pregnancy and is now expecting, there is an urge to do something during this time. Especially because, this is the time your mind continuously keeps working on things which are unimportant and those thoughts will make you feel uneasy. So one has to keep them self busy and stay away from unnecessary thoughts and tensions.

However, keeping self busy will bolster your mental and physical health and it gives you peace of mind. Sometimes, women think so much that they reach a stage of oblivion.

Having said that, pregnancy is the time when you have to have maximum peace of mind and don’t let your mind divert towards unnecessary things and thoughts which will affect your health. So there are myriad options available for a woman to keep busy during pregnancy:

  1. Freelancing: Though you have left your job, or taken a sabbatical, you can always work as a freelancer. This will not only keep you busy but will also help you          u earn some money. However, for some money is trivial and all they want is keep them busy. SO freelancing doesn’t require a 9-5 working shift, one can work anytime of the day. You can be freelance blogger or writer and can write about your experience so far of your pregnancy. SO there are glut of topics you can write about.
  2. Join a class: Based on your interest you can join any class like Yoga, art and craft, Art of living, and many more, which doesn’t entail too much physical strain. You can also start a hobby which you always like but due to your busy schedule couldn’t really implement it like singing, learning guitar, or piano, or anything, which, as already said, is not strenuous and which can be done sitting.
  3. Try to be active: Remember lying down on your bed or on your couch for the whole day for 9 whole months, makes one too lazy. Try to be active, if you are not on any bed rest, go for a walk, and do Yoga, some breathing exercises. Too much work out is a big NO though, but small exercises as suggested by the doctor can help you get away from the fatigue and mood swings and you will feel rejuvenating and active at the same time.
  4. Invite your friend’s home: Spending some quality time with near and dear one will always keep you happy. This is the time when people are around you, but still you feel lonely sometimes. So to beat the boredom, invite some friends at your place and spend quality time chit chatting.
  5. Play some games: Playing some games will keep you busy and help you get away from the stress and jitters. So there are lot of board games available in the market, which you can play with your family members.

So there are lot of options available to keep self busy during pregnancy. However, if you not on bed rest, you can explore many things like going shopping, visiting relatives and friends. At the same time, if you are at bed rest, the above things will help you curb boredom and get away from the jitters as well. So instead of lazily lying down for those 9 months, be active and happy and stay away from stress and tensions.


The secret box of gifts

When I was child, every gift I got from my parents was as precious as a gem. And even now, I have kept them intact. I would like to show them to my kids and let them know the importance of every gift I got for my secured future. Parents always are extra cautious about their child’s future and to make it secure, they go that extra mile. No parents want their child to go through the pain they have suffered and they are always concerned about their safe and secure future.

As a child grows their wish list grows along with them and their tantrums are hard to fulfil. As a child, when they used to say, I give you my blessings as a gift, I used to feel disquieting and disgusted at the same time, like “How cheap! can’t they afford a small gift for me”. But it’s ironical how history repeats itself and when I say the same thing to my child, I get back the same look. But, I want my child to realize what is important and what is not. She has to know, there are kids who can’t even demand a gift because they are homeless and orphans.

But, I would definitely like to gift my child those special gifts which would be there for a lifetime and which would make her future safe and secure:

  1. Moral values: This may sound weird, but only when you teach them values that have been taught by our parents will they become a successful person and wonderful human being which is the most expensive gift of life. And this is one gift which can be passed on for generations to come.
  2. A savings account: Getting out of the notion, I will definitely open a savings account for my child and start depositing small amount every month. Also, I will take them along to open the account and teach them the importance of saving. This will not only teach them to save more and also help them in dealing with bank transactions.
  3. Insurance: A gift which a child will always be thankful of in the long run is to make their future safe and secure and that is through insurance. Getting some of the best policies will not only keep us tension free but also help our child’s future sealed and secured.
  4. Health: A good health is a sign to a healthy life and that is what matters the most for the parents. I would definitely want my child to be hale and healthy. The healthy child makes a healthy society. So I want my child to be always healthy and active.
  5. Love: Materialistic gifts are quite common and are given every time, but what matters the most for a child is to get the love and affection of the parents. There are kids, who are unfortunate enough to get that love and affection and I would like to teach my kids to share the love with those kids. This will make them realize how fortunate they are and also make them a good human being.

So all the values, wrapped with love, affection and good health is the secret box of gift, I would like to give my child for a safe and secured future.
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Why parents should never compare siblings in a negative manner

It’s natural for the parents to expect the best from their child. But like all fingers are not alike, they have to understand that not all children have the same caliber. Each and every one is good at something and bad at something, but comparing them with their siblings would leave a negative impact on that child.

You may feel that if you compare the child with their siblings, it will instigate them to perform well, and that’s true. But, comparison should be just to vie with each other, not to bring an enmity in them.  This comparison may bring down their self esteem and they would feel left out. Let’s find out the reason why parents should not compare siblings:

1.       It leaves a negative impact in their mind: Remember every child is an individual and every individual has different traits. Comparing again and again might leave a negative impact in their minds and they mind lose their confidence.  Even if you want to give an example by comparing the sibling, do it in a very polite way so it doesn’t hurt their feelings.

One more thing, comparing in their studies and their academics is still OK in a way, as it will provoke them to do better. But never compare them for the looks and their physical appearance like “She is prettier than you, so it won’t suit you”. It’s a big NO. Not everyone is perfect and as a parent you should understand that.

2.       Brings in hatred for the sibling: Secondly, a child is very sensitive to things and little things might change their feelings towards you and the siblings. So you might not know and they would generate hatred for their siblings. Every human being is mundane and only their specialties make them extraordinary or ordinary. Keeping this in mind, handle them with extreme care and love.

3.       Feel biased: Never portray them as negative and siblings as positive, try to be unbiased. We know that parents are never biased towards their children and they treat them equally, but portraying the siblings as positive and the child as negative might bring in a feeling of partiality. Apparently, they would feel “even if we do anything good, they will never support me”. Every child might feel offensive, if you compare again and again.

4.       They might face mental stress and low self esteem:  Because of continuous blaming and comparison, your child may face mental stress and low self esteem. It’s you who should always help raise their self confidence. Instead, if you try to compare time and again, they might face mental stress and that might be hazardous.

To conclude, Accept your child the way they are and continued comparisons is not good for a harmonious relation between you and your child. If they do anything wrong, don’t get furious and start comparing, instead, try to placate them and make them understand their mistake and try to sort it together.

Comparing is never a solution to any problem, it’s for you to understand that and handle the situation.