Doctor Please listen!

Have you ever experienced taking an appointment well in advance and still waiting for hours together for the doctor and when finally your turn comes, the doctor hardly listens to you or suggests the medication? I am sure you must have. It’s quite ludicrous and you have to come out with hundred more doubts in mind than you had before entering.

It’s really disquieting.  I had an experience with this Doctor. She is an obstetrician and really famous and popular among people with her success stories hanging all over the hospital. Before going to the doctor, it’s natural that you enquire and do research on how the doc is and the reviews of her work. I did the same and went to the hospital. Now the structure of the hospital itself said everything. The fees of the docs were touching the sky. Anyways, we needed it, so we didn’t quite think about the fees. Around 6.00 pm we went their registered my name and was waiting and waiting. When asked at the reception, they used to say 10 mins and around 9.00 pm the doc called us. We went inside and since this was the first time we went there, the doc was very patient and she gave us almost 1 hour of time and we were satisfied and came out with a big smile. Though no treatment was given but just some words of wisdom was all that we got.

Now after that, every visit we had, I noticed the time was getting reduced and reduced and earlier when she gave us 1 hour, now she hardly gave 15 mins.

There was this time of my life when I conceived and had an early miscarriage. Since it was our first conception, I was quite depressed and wanted to know the reason of the same. This time again we took an appointment and after 2 hours the doc called us and before we could ask her anything, she just entered the room, saw the reports and said I am sorry and left. She directed us to a junior doc, who gave us some medicines, but, we wanted to talk to the senior doc. We were shocked to the core. We had so many doubts in mind and we wrote all the questions we have to ask her. And all we got was a rude answer and a feeling of guilt.

I mean for God’s sake listen to your patients they have genuine problems and that’s why they are here. They are not your money minting machine that you just take the fees from and hardly give them time and leave. I am not saying all the docs are like that. I understand you are very busy and you have a lot of patients, but just imagine our plight we go through all the losses in the world and still come to you for help. For once, put yourself in our shoes and think like a human being and not like a businessman. So a humble request “Doctor, Please listen!”


Looking back to the year 2013

It’s strange how every year by the end of the December; we look back and evaluate good and bad things. We promise to self that the coming year would be rocking and will not repeat the mistakes done this year.

I look back to the year 2013 and wonder how life has been full of ups and downs. Apparently, more than ups, I had faced lot of downfall this year. Still no complaints. I guess this is what my fate was and it has nothing to do with the year.  Even before the year comes to an end, there are conjectures about the year. For example, some say “This year I am hoping to be a great year for me” or “I will definitely do something creative this year”. This is not wrong. I guess everyone wants to assume that every year brings in happiness and peace in their life.

Over the years, relationships changes, circumstances changes. You make new friends, make enemies. So life is unpredictable.

As already mentioned, I have had a difficult time this year, right from losing my job to losing my pregnancy. Apart from that, some relationships broke and some new relationships came into my life. Having said that, not the whole year has been so bad, we did have some great memories.

So you see, year doesn’t matter, life is meant to be full of ups and downs. We learn from difficult times and get stronger. And we celebrate in our happy times and learn to stay happy but still stay ON THE GROUND. We face success and failure. Success teaches us to fly high failure teaches us to try again and again till you succeed.

We celebrate the last day of the year to welcome a new year because there has to be a reason to celebrate and nothing would be as great as this reason to forget all the predicaments and be positive for the coming year.

So let us all get into a pact and promise to self that come what may, we will never lose hope and faith in God and keep smiling. They say, even the bad days think to stay longer with the people who are weak. If you are strong and face every situation with a smile, no evil can even stay longer with you and will leave you soon. So live every day as our last day and celebrate every day as the last day of the year. This is the true meaning of a rocking new year.

Why this pretence: A least favourite quality in others

Why this pretence

I don’t understand why people have to pretend that they are smarter than everyone in the world. I came across one of my friend, she doesn’t look that smart but the way she boasts herself, the other person would get a complex. I personally don’t like these types of personalities for an obvious reason that they are too irritating a character. These are the person who knows nothing but pretends that they are better than everyone in the world.

It so happened that I went to this girl’s place. Her house was not so great though but well maintained I must say. The whole time when she was preparing the food, she was boasting herself and her family that they are the best cooks; no one can match their food quality blah blah blah. I already started feeling bored and I was like “someone please stop her”. When I tasted her food, I was sure that no one can match her food quality, it was horrible. I guess even a novice can cook a better food. Anyways, it was my time to invite her to my house and I did. I started preparing food and she was irritatingly interfering. This is not made like this, this wont taste good, I cook better than this. And I was like “What the hell!” I was really furious at that point in time. I thought I didn’t intervene when she was cooking, why she doesn’t understand the other person gets irritated with continuous interference.

Finally, we had our lunch and again she started giving free suggestions, this you should have cooked this way or my way then it would have tasted great. I really felt like telling her directly in her face how horrible a cook she is.

Having said that, I have been meeting many such people off late and I sometimes think, don’t they understand that their behaviours is annoying to others. Anyways suggestions are free so anyone can give. But, I definitely don’t want to take free suggestions from her. They have to understand that every household has a different culture and way of eating. It is not necessary that the lifestyle you follow has to be followed by your friends and relatives. It is their personal choice. Likewise, the food also differs from place to place. You can’t forcefully ask anyone to cook food which you are used to. You have to adjust as per the need of an hour. Continuous drone when you are cooking something is quite irritating you see.

I guess people have to understand that their behaviour can hurt someone or can pique someone. SO try to maintain a healthy relationship and stop giving unnecessary suggestions unless asked for.

The unexpected: A job loss which Shattered me

Sometimes life offers you some sour experiences which remain in your mind for a lifetime. And then every time you try to set it right, it comes back again leaving you even more broken from the core. I’ve had multiple experiences right from my job loss to a personal loss which was inexplicable. I was never fortunate enough to pursue a proper career. Right from the time I started my career, I had hopping, some expected and some unexpected. And every job loss has left be broken and my self confidence has been torn asunder.

Well! If you see in my resume every company I have worked with is 6 months for reasons of my own. At one point, I thought, now it’s high time and I should think about my career seriously. And so I did. I started off in a company right after I moved to Bangalore. It was a pretty decent company and I was getting paid well and even the environment was great. I was delighted that finally I am in a job of my interest and I decided, I will stay in this company for long. For the work flexibility, the perks and the other facilities they offer, this looked like a great deal to me.

It was 3 months and I was very contented with my job and was happy as well. It was at this point in time, that there was a sudden downturn in the market. And being in the recruitment industry, the chances of we getting targeted was the most. I was not ready to believe that this is anyways going to affect me because: firstly, I was a good performer and hard working( I felt so), I got many appreciations from my manager which made me believe I will stay here for long.

The fear was there in every employee and everyone was playing safe and started searching for jobs. But I was so freaking sure that I didn’t bother to search for another job. However, because everyone was so tensed, I also pretended to be and asked my manager “How intense will be the effect”. For that, what my manager told me made me more relaxed. He said “Don’t worry; you are not there in the list”. And I was already in cloud nine. Next day was the declaration day and I was already safe. So I was relaxed. However, I was feeling a little tensed for my friends who could be in the list.

Anyways, next day there was some festival celebration in the office and everyone was in great mood. Dressed in their best and trying to be happy. Though tensions could be seen in their faces, but everyone maintained their composure. After the celebration was over, we were heading back to our cabins to start our work. As I tried to unlock my computer, it said invalid password. So I tried again. I already did it three times and couldn’t open my system. SO I called the support team and asked for help. They said they will come after some time. Then I noticed that some more employees had the same problem. And it was not all but some. Then I overheard someone say that “may be this is their last day in the organization”. I didn’t want to believe them for an obvious reason that my manager assured me. Apparently, my manager was on leave that day and so I had no one to ask what’s going on. SO I waited for some time. And then my HR manager called me in his cabin and gave the shock of my life with the pink slip. I could feel the shiver in my whole body and the ground rotating under me.  I had no choice left. However, I tried calling my manager and he was equally shocked by the news.

SO even now, I have not been able to get over it and trying to search for a job as good. But one thing I have learnt from this incident is that never be overconfident. Your over confidence can drown you totally. And also never trust anybody and maintain a low profile always. Had I not believed my manager and started my job search earlier itself, I would have been placed in a better company already. But because of a mistake of mine, I am still stuck in my job search.

The Inner self

There are times when, you want to completely cut off from the world and stay just to yourself. Talk to your inner self and just be yourself. Whole life gets emaciated pretending to be what you are not. And over a period of time you tend to believe that this is what you are for the rest of your life.

So, wash off that feeling and meditate and spend time with yourself. You will know what you are and what you have become just to please the world. Spend your time with a cup of coffee and your writing cabin or your terrace or balcony, early in the morning, when nobody is there to see. This is the time; you can hear every little sound coming from within. This is the time you get to have a one on one with God. Elude all the extra things that are unimportant at this point in time.

There is a surge of feeling running down my body which I want to let go off, its neither happy nor sad feeling but an uneasiness which has to be washed off completely. To thwart all that’s running in your mind, will make you even more uneasy. I have always had a feeling what is it like if I change myself to what the world wants. And that’s exactly what happened and here I am standing right in the middle, where I have completely lost myself to the so called “world”. I can hear people flaking, shouting and there is drone all over. I am exasperated and I feel I have sabotaged my own personality for the world. I have plummeted in this so called world and it’s difficult to listen to your own toot and get up again from the ground.

Making time for you is difficult in this busy world. But trust me you will feel relaxed if you give yourself just 1 hour of that early morning time. There is triumph in these small things, which help you let go off all your feelings, emotions and sufferings.  And your day will be rejuvenating for the rest of your life. Never lose your inner self and let yourself know constantly what you are

Winning is everything

This has been the most awaited moment in my life. I am surprised as well as happy to get the Blogadda award. Having said that, things were never this easy, I still remember, how much ribbing and mocking I used to face when I first started writing. Nobody supported me on this. Even my husband was dead against me writing. He thought, I am not a good enough writer. And in a way he was right. I was a novice writer though, but I always had a craving to write something. And was waiting for the right platform, where my work will be appreciated as well as encouraged.

Writing in Blogadda has been a phenomenal experience so far. Whatever I have posted here has been very special to me as each and every word came right from the heart. I remember, spending sleepless nights, thinking of the topics to write about and how to make it appealing to the readers.

I would not take much of your time and would like to thank my husband first. Not because he discouraged me, but because he gave me my space and gave me a chance to prove him wrong. All said and done, I would also like to thank all the bloggers in Blogadda. Reading their posts has inspired me more and more to write something at par.

Last but not the least; I would like to get this award from my husband for his constant support thereafter. I am already in revelry mood. SO I will enjoy this moment thoroughly with my family members.

This is My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!

My dream Verses Reality

I’ve had a long standing passion towards a career in HR. Right from the time I could remember, I’ve had a dream to pursue a career in HR. To implement that dream to reality I pursued My Masters in this field.

There are times, when I was really shaky about my career. I used to get carried away with whatever people used to suggest or do. At one point I wanted to be a Pilot, and then next minute it changes. SO, I was never really sure, what career I will pursue in the near future. I would always vacillate between different career options I had in front of me.

Then finally, when I completed my Bachelors, I again got carried away, this time for good, by my friend and planned to go for a COMMON ENTRANCE TEST (CAT). Since, I dived into it; I had no option to go back again, after spending a lot of money on just the coaching class. I don’t remember when the last time I worked so hard. I had a goal, and for that I was working really well. Finally, I gave the exam and did scored average, so I could get into a descent Institute. And I did get a call letter from one of the good institutes in Bangalore. But, because of some financial commitments, I had to turn down the offer.

From that time, my bad luck started. I joined a college which was also a renowned institute, but only after 6 months, we got to know their affiliation got cancelled and all the students took back their enrollment. And, in the middle of a session, couldn’t get admission in any college. SO I had to pursue my masters through correspondence.

I’ve always been an average student throughout, Not very brilliant, at the same time not dumb. But, I was also very shy kind of person. I used to freak out when I had to face people in public. Or let me put it this way, I had stage fear. I was very well aware of the fact that, the career that I wanted to choose requires lot of interaction with groups and individuals.

Only after, my CAT coaching, did I come over this fear. Anyways, while I was pursuing my MBA through correspondence, I got a job as a recruiter. I was kind of happy that, I can slowly move into HR department. In no time did I realize that I am stuck in this and could not get into the job I wanted to be unless I have a proper experience in it.

Even now, I am trying hard to get into my dream job, but the reality is right in front, where I can either quit this or start afresh. For that as well, I would require a minimum experience. So really don’t know when I would be able to get into my dream job. But for now, I have to face the reality and keep trying.

Let’s see when luck will be in my favor.