Nature at Its best

The luscious green trees standing high,

Swinging to the air as if in a trance,

The toot of the birds chirping from above,

To start the day as another chance

The early morning breeze touching thy

And a fleet of birds flying high

The sun peeping from the horizon,

Standing perfect in its stance

The multi colour flowers

Are like angels dancing at a glance

The sea looks silent in its world,

With every droplet like a pearl

Far from above you can see the world

And imagine the beauty at its best.


When she was young

Life was full of fun and joy, which went up high with every troy

She had the friends in thick and thin, so happy she has never been.

Her father bought the gift she desired, she never felt that made him tired.

He made her laugh and live her dream, she saw in him the hopeful beam.

When she was sad, he made her smile. With his support she can walk for miles.

Her Mother was the pillar of clout; she was an idol without a doubt

She felt the warmth of her love, the feeling of flying above.

Her mother was a friend in need and led her life to success indeed

Her siblings being the friends for life, she shared with them the glee and grief.

They helped her choose a path to succeed,

Together they looked like the beads, parents being the thread indeed.

How life has taken a sudden plunge. She wants to scream at the top of her lungs

To stop the time when she was young