How to spend wisely during festive season

Festival spree is on the air and people are busy shopping and spending most of the time outside. And this the time, when you happen to spend more and by the end of the month your loose the track of your budget. I am sure; you have worked hard for this time the year and it’s natural that you get carried away with all the deals and offers during this time.

Having said that, it’s really important to spend wisely on your savings, it shouldn’t be that you spend each and every penny you have saved and then you are left with nothing. Financial crisis, never informs you before coming. SO, you have to spend wisely whether during festive season or otherwise.

Let’s follow some simple tips on how to keep a check on your expenses during festive season:

  1. Prepare a list: Purchase only what is necessary. So prepare a list on what are the items required and then go shopping. This way you won’t end up buying things which are unnecessary and spending more. A proper planning is really important when it comes to spending wisely. Festive season is a test to see if it can withstand your daily budget. So if you pass this test, you can pass any difficulty.
  2. Allot a specific budget: If you have to enjoy your festival, yet not get into any trouble, allot some amount for your festival shopping and the miscellaneous expenses and try to spend within the budget. If you are nearing your limit, it is an alert that, you have spent enough and that’s the time to pull back yourself. This way, you won’t end up spending on unnecessary items.
  3. Don’t buy on impulse: Always, think before you buy anything. Don’t buy things on an impulse. This way, you will not be able to track how much you have spent and how much you are left with.
  4. Don’t get attracted to deals:  There might be some genuine deals, but some might be a way to attract customers and they double the price and sell. SO peruse carefully, before you go for any deals.  If possible, check online and compare the prices and only if you find the deals good enough, then purchase.
  5. If going for a holiday: Again, if this festive season you are planning to go for a vacation. Book everything well in advance. This way you can save a lot. Last minute bookings are always expensive and it takes a toll on your savings. Vacation with your family should always be memorable yet affordable.
  6. Online shopping:  When you hit the malls for shopping, it’s natural that you end up spending more than expected. So the best way is to shop online. This also gives you loads of options and deals, which you can compare and buy.
  7. Be careful with swindlers: This is the time; you come across lot of offers and eye catchy deals. You would not know, and they will use your excitement to buy as an opportunity and would try to cheat. So, always go to the regular shops and avoid going to shops which are temporary. They might be swindlers and their purpose is solely to utilize this festive season as an opportunity to rob or cheat people.


SO, when you follow these simple tips, you can save yourself from any further wreck and financial crisis and yet can enjoy the revelry full of fun and joy.


The festival Fair

Earlier in my previous blog I mentioned about the shopping spree, now it’s the festival time. In India, this is the time of revelry with festivals back to back. I love this time of the year, as everyone is busy, preparing special recipes for the Diwali festival, cleaning and painting the house.  I used to love the smell of the paints in our house. It is quite nostalgic, how we used to wait for this festival to come, waiting to wear our new attire, burning the crackers, visiting relatives, relishing the dishes.

I reminisce the time and still feel the memories so fresh. My mom used to prepare special items and we used to grab from the plate. How she used to spend half of the time in the kitchen to make us happy and prepare our favourite dishes. We used to enjoy helping her with little things.

Even now, the excitement of the festival is intact. We hit the roads for shopping, and every where there is bona fide triumph. They say this festival brings joy and happiness across. And that is lucid in people. There are exhibitions everywhere and people are in a shopping mood. You see offers everywhere, right from apparels shop, to food shop, electronic appliances etc. It’s a family get together everywhere, and that feels ecstatic. The candles and   lamps lit everywhere, the smell and sound of the crackers, the aroma of delicious dishes, and the children giggling and playing around. Everyone is in a great mood.

And experiencing all this, I feel proud to be born an Indian. AT least I got a chance to experience the varied culture here… Love my country and would always be grateful to God for showering his blessing on me by making me a part of this country where I live.

The shopping spree

Yesterday I went to a mall and it was so full of people around, shopping, bargaining, and eating out. Weekend is the time of peak business for almost everyone. People like me, love to step out of the house in the weekends and shop around. In India, the trend of shopping has increased with the growing malls.

I remember, earlier, when I was a tad, we used to go shopping with parents only during the festivals or birthday or any special occasion. We had a limited budget allotted for everyone on every occasion. That time there weren’t any malls. We had to wander places and lanes to search for a dress which suits our budget. I used to crib a lot. But in a way, it was a very good experience as I got to learn how to bargain. Now with malls around we hardly go to any other places, because of the diversity; we get everything under one roof. And that has kind of made people like me lazy.

Anyways, as I was telling during the weekends, we can see event organizers, promoting their products with some games and fun activities to bring in the entertainment quotient and to attract people around.

Oh! You have flat 50% off on branded apparels and there you see, all the girls’ just jump into one another to shop crazily. But later I realized that the discounts t they offer, Is it really a discount. Last week when I went to the same shop I liked a dress but it was very costly, so I left it thinking anyways festival is coming and this time we will get discounts, and to my surprise, when I saw the same dress today thinking that it would be half the price because of the 50% discount, it was double the price.

So you see, they literally double the price and sell it in 50% discount, so that they are never in a loss. Now That I must say is a business tactics.

Then the “Buy one get one” pamphlets distributing everywhere. This, again, as I entered the store, I could see only a part of a corner had a sign of “Buy one get one”. That was something which was an old stock and which no one can buy. Now I realized that the offers that they announce are just to attract people in their shops and there are people who once enter into the shop, it’s their prestige issue, to come out of that shop empty handed. So the businessmen get a benefit from these types of people.

There are offers like, “Buy for Rs. 5000 and get Rs.100 off”. And people like me enter the store to save those 100 bucks. They shop crazily and wildly, just to get those 100 bucks off. And they end up more and just save Rs.100 in the whole bill amount.

So you see, my point is, it is so easy to fool people and get the maximum benefits.

By the way, my favourite place in a mall is the food court, the aroma of the different dishes from the restaurant nearby, makes you drool. This is a place, where people don’t compromise on their pockets, because after shopping for hours together, you should get some energy to fill yourself and go back again for shopping. JUST KIDDING! But on a serious note, even if they are given a leeway, they don’t really increase their prices to double, because, they have an ongoing business as People love to eat outside. But competition is apparent between them as well. So here also we can see offers to promote their business. But those offers are genuine, at least it looks like to me.

SO all in all, the shopping spree is so intense that people don’t think twice before they buy anything. And they don’t get a leeway as well to bargain in these places. So they have no other choice but to either leave it or buy crazily. The former is an option for men and the latter for women.

I wonder sometimes, will our kids ever experience the fun of actual shopping? By roaming in the streets going to different shops, bargaining, and then buying things in our budget. This way they would at least know how to bargain and how to control on your budget. But I guess, in no time that era would vanish altogether.

Internet shopping: pros and cons

When we talk about shopping, that is something which everyone likes to do and that’s why people hit the malls. Shopping includes window shopping and genuine shopping. To go for a shopping with women especially, you have to spare a whole day for them.

Whenever I go out for shopping, anything which is of least interest for me, I would stroll around, and as soon I find my favourite shop, my stroll walk becomes all feisty. I don’t know what captivates me to do that, but I am sure that’s the case with everyone, irrespective of men or women.

Have you ever wondered why they are so crazy about shopping? Well, let me tell you. There are lot of things, like, vast varieties to choose from, they can try every item and then make a decision and lots and lots of reasons.

But with people getting busy, they don’t have time to spend the whole day in shopping. So keeping this in mind, the business of online shopping has come. It is in trend these days to buy online and pay later. Lot of companies are now into online shopping.

But it has its pros and cons, like every business has. Let’s find out some of the pros first:

  1. Saves time: The first and foremost thing a person gets attracted towards is, it saves our time and we don’t have to spend hour’s together going around shopping.  And you can order as many items in just a click of a mouse.
  2. Saves fuel and travelling time: It also saves fuel and our travelling time. If everything that you want, you are getting right at your doorstep without even going outside, who would spend money on fuel.
  3. Payment option: Again, another eye catchy thing in online shopping is, once you get your item shipped at your doorstep; you can try and then make the payment. Isn’t that cool?
  4. Compare prices: You have lot of online shopping websites where you can compare the prices and shipping charges and take a decision accordingly.


SO, above we have mentioned the pros, now lest see the cons:

1.       Hidden costs: Although they say that the shipping is free, they sometimes charge you for the shipping at the last moment. So, likewise, there are lot of hidden costs they charge from you. Shipping cost also depends on the item you have purchased.

2.       No guarantee on the shipping time: Once you have placed an order, you just have to try that item as soon as possible. But, sorry to say, this is not possible in online shopping, as they claim to ship the item in 2-3 working days, but it may take more time and there  is no way you can complaint but wait.

3.       Quality of the product: The biggest compromise that you do when you are shopping online will be the quality of the product. You would not know the quality unless you touch it, you get disappointed. And there would be some or the other defect in the item.

4.       Lack of support: Once ordered online, you have to forget about the item for days or even months, and if you complaint about the same, there is always nil support from them. They really don’t care about what your complaints are.

So, the list is countless about the pros and cons. So you have to look carefully research on the product and the company offering online shopping option, check the reviews. One bad review means there are chances of you facing the same problem. So, think twice before you go for online shopping, unless necessary, I would suggest go shopping out, as your chances of committing a mistake is less comparatively.

Having said that, there is also not a 100 % guarantee that if you go out for shopping, you would never commit any mistakes or face fraudulence. SO, not generalizing the topic, I would suggest if you have to face the problem you will face anyways irrespective of the mode of shopping you opt for. But in either case, try to be more careful and composed before buying anything. Don’t buy anything in haste.

Enjoy your shopping.


My Addiction to shopping


Yesterday, I decided that, it’s high time I should save some money and spend less on things which are not required. But my craving doesn’t end. Or should I say it will never end. I love to hit the malls over the weekends, if given a chance I would hit the malls every single day. 🙂 But “thankfully” for shopaholics like me, there is no option. I guess this is a favorite pastime for almost all women.

I contemplate sometimes, had I been the richest, I could buy whatever I see in the shops. And then, I go into my own fantasy world, there are beautiful dresses, shoes, accessories, bags, furniture, cars, and the list never ends. And so does our imaginations.

OK, now getting out of the fancy world and facing the reality, I was just searching the ways we can curb on this excessive compulsive behavior. It would be tough for people like me, but nothing wrong in trying. SO here I made a list:

  1. Allot a Budget: First thing I thought is if we have a limited budget, we can restrict ourselves from over shopping. SO, I have decided, whenever I go out, I will allot myself a limited budget, which will at least help me save some money. As said earlier, a little tough for me, but will try.
  1. List of items: Let’s make a list of items required. This way we won’t end up buying unnecessary things and over spending.
  1. Window shopping: This is something I learnt from my husband, you avoid spending a lot, if you window shop. And that’s true, it’s not essential that whatever you see, you have to buy. So best thing is go around the mall and window shop.
  1. Control the Urge for shopping: This is like quite difficult for me, but again, we can try to control the urge for shopping, by moving out of the shop where you feel you are getting tempted and try to divert yourself in some games or go to a coffee shop have some coffee and snacks. I am sure spending money on coffee and snacks would be much easier than spending on other things.

So, these are the only list I could think of. When I told my husband about this list, He, as usual, gave a sarcastic smile and said “Nice try baby”. Oh yes, for him this would be a nice try, coz at least this will divert me from spending his money 😦 . The other day, he said,” You know, you need to consult a counselor for your addiction to shopping”. And then I thought, Am I Too addicted to this? That is when I decided that I should try once by myself before going to a counselor.

Anyways guys, this is my say for those who are too much obsessed to shopping. Hey! By the way, I saw a beautiful dress online, and I so wanted to buy it. Oops, sorry I have to control. You see, this is what happens and I end up spending a bomb.