The hard times and a blind faith

It’s so strange how life offers some bitter experiences which shatter a person to the core. A blind faith on someone can leave you in snippets. These days the businesses of self-proclaimed saints are quite prevalent and it’s difficult to differentiate between genuine and fake people. They say, in every walk of life, one has to be extremely careful, especially in the recent times, because, you never know, the person, whom you believed as a God can stoop down to a level and can destroy you completely. In India, people blindly believe on these people and tend to do anything and everything to woo them. Especially, when during your hard times, you tend to believe them to get over your predicament.

Not beating around the bush, will narrate a true story which my mom told me. There was this lady, who was known to my mom since childhood. My mom’s sister and that lady were friends right from childhood till the recent past. After my aunt passed away, there was no way to contact her. But her story was something, which everyone knew and people sympathized her for that. Her plight was unending. After some years of marriage, her husband left her and she used to stay with her grandmother and maternal uncles.  Years passed and then finally, she was remarried again. For some time, everything was quite normal and finally she was happy. But they say you cannot change your fate, when you are destined to so many sufferings, you just can’t get away with that. She had two lovely kids, and when they were very small, her husband passed away and she was thrown out of the house by the in-laws. She had nowhere to go, as her grandmother was also no more, to take care of her and her maternal uncles also threw her mom out due to some property disputes and both mother and daughter rented a small house and stayed there.

This was a predicament, which the more she wanted to get over it, the more it entangled her. However, she got to know about some so-called saint, who claimed to solve all her problems, and without a single thought she went to him and narrated her fate and he promised to solve all her problems, provided, she has to comply with everything he said. And to which she complied, because her life was arduous to handle and she needed someone, who can help her get over all the problems and when she met this person, she felt that may be this person is God’s sent and he will help her. Now she would do as told by this person. He asked her to open a jewellery shop by his name. She did. He asked her to buy 4 flats in a particular area and give one flat to her, she complied. At one point, she trusted him blindly, that if he asks her to breathe she would breathe. She was like a robot in his hand. He took advantage her situation and every penny she earned; she would give it to him without saving a penny for herself and her family. Moreover, the whole family was trapped by this swindler and believed in his spoofs and tricks. However, she was so frivolous, that she felt whatever she is now, is because of that “Baba”. And so her madness continued. She treated him like a God. And he behaved like one. And she became quite rich with the shop she opened and also, her ex-husband’s property belonged to her and the kids, which helped her in her bad times. But in her mind, this was all because of that “Baba”. Now she had everything, but she would still listen to this person. And even if she was satisfied, that “Baba” made her believe, this is not enough for whatever she has gone through and she has to earn more and more.

And then one fine day, all her madness, blind faith and her belief succumbed at one go. That so-called “Baba”, asked her to sign all the property papers in his name and as a stupid kid, she did that and then after some time, he took them out saying he’s taking them to a temple and on the way he murdered the whole family, including the kids and took all her properties and ran away. One could make out his intentions, when he asked her to give the flat to him and then when he asked her to sign all the properties in his name. How foolish can one get when they trust someone so blindly. She couldn’t imagine that this person would cheat her.  And she was also asked to cut all the contacts she had and not talk to anyone. Actually no one knew where she was and she was completely out of contact with anyone. By the time, she realized, everything was over, she lost her life and her whole family was murdered brutally.

SO you see, trusting someone blindly, can destroy you, if you don’t want to see and understand his bad things and you feel that all is good and he is a God to you. For some, even if they get a small doubt they shrug it off, thinking a silly thought. Because of these people, it’s difficult to understand who is genuine and who is fake. Having sad that, even if that person is a genuine saint, one should not be blinded by trust they have created that you can’t make out what is right and what is wrong.

SO the crux of the story is, listen to your conscience and don’t create a wall of faith beyond which you just can think and do anything. There is a thin line between faith and blind faith and one has to understand that and differentiate between right and wrong.


And the world stopped

They say love is blind. And that stands so true for her. Charu was her name. She was just 19 yrs and was very innocent and gullible. She was fun loving and rollicking. Her friends enjoyed her company and would love to spend time with her.

AT this age, the influence of friends is more than the family. Her friends maintained boyfriends and would boast about them. And she felt “how happy they are in their relationship”. And she desired to live a life like them. She would dream about her prince charming, like any other girl and would wonder how life would be if she falls in love.

And they say, God listens to one prayer a day and so he did. Rohit was his name, a senior in her college and a hunk. He had a personality to die for, a smile so charming and eyes full of passion. They met in a college annual function and instantly fell for each other. Now, she also has a topic to talk about. She was never so happy. She was Oblivious with the outside world and the difficulties.

Her father was a businessman. She never faced any hardships in life. Whatever she asked for was given to her instantly. But, love changes the relationship altogether, that’s what happened, Rohit, influenced her to run away with him. And she was too callow to decide on what is right and what is wrong and was too much in love to reject the offer. So, they decide to do so.

But, where will they get the money from, to go to any other city and settle down. They decided to rob a house. Little did she know that the house was none other than her parent’s house? She did what he asked her to do, because she couldn’t imagine anything but spending her whole life with the person she loved. At one point, she felt, maybe she was doing something wrong, but the love was so intense that it thwarted the guilt altogether. And they successfully robbed the house and off they went to spend the rest of their life.

Initial months passed smoothly, Rohit, got a job in a private company and she also started working in a local coffee shop. After some time, all the money that they had, finished and they were nearing financial breakdown. It was then that she happens to see his real face. He started abusing her physically. He became alcoholic and everyday he used to beat her.

She has nowhere to go, as she left her parents long back. Everyday her life was getting miserable day by day. He became more obnoxious and contentious. All she could do was waiting, as she thought may be because of the financial crisis, he is behaving weird and as time goes by, he will come to normal. But life has never been so painful.

After some time, she realized that she is expecting, and her happiness knew no bounds. But this news doesn’t seem to make Rohit happy or excited. He became even more irritated and cranky.  And one fine day, all the limits broke, when in a small fight he slapped her and she fell right on the floor and was bleeding profusely. He took her to the hospital and left, never to return. She came to know that the baby is no more.

She had no shoulder to cry on, no one to share her commotion, pain and suffering. She was all alone and no place to go. Finally she decided to go back to Rohit, who looked in no pain at all. In fact he was happy with another girl in his life already. He threw her out of the house.

She felt her world is stopped. She felt how frivolous she was to believe him. How she wish she would have listened to her friends.  She can’t go back to her parents. She tried talking to them but all her effort went in vain. She is all alone in this murky world. Herself respect has been torn asunder with snippets all around.

And the world is stopped

Short story: The compromise

The door was thwacking and the little girl, Sherry, just jumped out of fear. Well, she was expecting her mother, who went out of town for a day instructing her “Honey, I will be back by night, but you should not open the door for a stranger.”  She was 10 and cried to go along with her “I also want to come along mom, I can’t stay alone”.  How could she explain her why she can’t take her along?

Mary was a single parent; she was just 30 when she and her little daughter were left alone. Her husband was cheating on her and then one day he declared “I don’t want to live with you anymore, I love someone else”. And Mary’s world turned upside down. Post that, everyday she was living with a pang of the broken heart. She held her 10 months old angel and howled, for she was her only world now. For a moment she was dumbfounded. She sacrificed everything for her husband, her job, her parents, and here she was left all alone to face the world.

Little she could think of was, to go back to her previous job which she left almost 5 years back. She strolled to her laptop and sent a mail to her ex boss. Fingers crossed she was waiting for a positive response. At this point, she could not afford negative news in her life. As she just now faced one.

While waiting, she was fast asleep with her laptop still on. AT around 2.30 am, a mail notification came, she jumped from the bed. She was very sure, it was her boss and he had accepted her mail for the job. She opened the mail with a ray of hope. And as she read the mail her heart sank, the mail said “I would love to give you a job in your present situation, However, I wanted to confess that I always had a crush on you. So, you know what I mean. Let me know your decision by tomorrow and I will keep your Offer letter ready.”

That whole night she cried and cried for she was so helpless. Then she looked at her daughter and thought, I will do anything to raise my daughter .Next day, with all the courage she called her boss as planned.

That day, when the meeting was over, her boss backed out from his promise. That’s when she decided, Now that I have been forced  in this situation. I would continue to do this for my daughter’s sake.

Sherry would ask her mother “Mom why do you have to come so late every day, can’t you come early”. She would smile at her and say” this is what feeds us baby”. She was lost in that murky world, where she wanted to come out of it. Then looking at her daughter’s innocent face she would say. “I will earn so much that my daughter should never face this situation in her life”.

The Irony was, she was in abyss and could not come out of it, for she has her commitments. Just one compromise in life had brought her so far that she can’t turn back or imagine going back.