You know you are Addicted to social media

DO you feel something’s missing, if you don’t post a selfie or a status in a day? Do you feel the urge to post anything and everything you do on a daily basis? You go to a restaurant or a movie, you have to check in from your mobile and let all your friends know in Facebook? Do you feel sick if one day you don’t have anything to post? Do you have to let everyone in the world know, what you feel from your twitter handle?

Well if the answer to the entire above question is a “YES”, then you already know that you are addicted to social media. Facebook, twitter, tumbler, LinkedIn the list goes on. Excess usage of social media shows how jobless a person is that they have to let everyone know what you are eating, where you are going and what you feel. I mean c’mon, do you think people really care what you are doing and what you feel? And there are people who comment on those silly posts are even more jobless.

DO you at any point feel there has to be a hiatus on you extreme usage of social media?

Let’s find out ways to get over this addiction:

  1. GO out and get social: People think too much usage of social media makes them a social animal. One has to be social by going out and meeting people in person, instead of chatting with people you’ve never seen or met. Meeting friends’ offline is far more fun.
  2. Get over the addiction: Find out the reason, why you are addictive at the first place. What are the things that keep you indulged in social media? Some people like to post things which they feel, like if they are happy they post it, if they are sad they post it, frustrated, post it. SO what?  Do you want people to react on your reactions? DO you think they care if you are happy, sad or frustrated? Get over this self-pity or self boasting action. Every time, you feel you want to share something, you can write a diary instead which is a good habit and you will feel relaxed as well. As you start posting fewer posts, you will automatically get over it over a period of time. Believe me social media addiction is not like a drug addiction which is very difficult to leave.
  3. Stop publicizing your personal life: Every time, you share a pic, or share your location (where you have checked in), or share your daily regime in a social media, your personal life is getting public, letting people know each and every move. I know you will give a reason that your setting are very private and only your friends can see it. Still, why do you want people to know, where have you checked in? I find it irrelevant for anyone to know where you are and what you are doing except for your family (who genuinely cares). Every time you don’t have to give an attendance in Facebook about your whereabouts. This can cause serious problems.


I am sure, you will also admit that you are addicted to social media by things you do and by the urge or the impulse to share things on social media. One can easily get over this addiction, with a little change in their daily lifestyle. Whenever you are tempted to share your pics with your close friends, you can share it through whatsApp, or any other source but social media. So a little change and little effort from your end, can help you get over the social media addiction.