You know you are Addicted to social media

DO you feel something’s missing, if you don’t post a selfie or a status in a day? Do you feel the urge to post anything and everything you do on a daily basis? You go to a restaurant or a movie, you have to check in from your mobile and let all your friends know in Facebook? Do you feel sick if one day you don’t have anything to post? Do you have to let everyone in the world know, what you feel from your twitter handle?

Well if the answer to the entire above question is a “YES”, then you already know that you are addicted to social media. Facebook, twitter, tumbler, LinkedIn the list goes on. Excess usage of social media shows how jobless a person is that they have to let everyone know what you are eating, where you are going and what you feel. I mean c’mon, do you think people really care what you are doing and what you feel? And there are people who comment on those silly posts are even more jobless.

DO you at any point feel there has to be a hiatus on you extreme usage of social media?

Let’s find out ways to get over this addiction:

  1. GO out and get social: People think too much usage of social media makes them a social animal. One has to be social by going out and meeting people in person, instead of chatting with people you’ve never seen or met. Meeting friends’ offline is far more fun.
  2. Get over the addiction: Find out the reason, why you are addictive at the first place. What are the things that keep you indulged in social media? Some people like to post things which they feel, like if they are happy they post it, if they are sad they post it, frustrated, post it. SO what?  Do you want people to react on your reactions? DO you think they care if you are happy, sad or frustrated? Get over this self-pity or self boasting action. Every time, you feel you want to share something, you can write a diary instead which is a good habit and you will feel relaxed as well. As you start posting fewer posts, you will automatically get over it over a period of time. Believe me social media addiction is not like a drug addiction which is very difficult to leave.
  3. Stop publicizing your personal life: Every time, you share a pic, or share your location (where you have checked in), or share your daily regime in a social media, your personal life is getting public, letting people know each and every move. I know you will give a reason that your setting are very private and only your friends can see it. Still, why do you want people to know, where have you checked in? I find it irrelevant for anyone to know where you are and what you are doing except for your family (who genuinely cares). Every time you don’t have to give an attendance in Facebook about your whereabouts. This can cause serious problems.


I am sure, you will also admit that you are addicted to social media by things you do and by the urge or the impulse to share things on social media. One can easily get over this addiction, with a little change in their daily lifestyle. Whenever you are tempted to share your pics with your close friends, you can share it through whatsApp, or any other source but social media. So a little change and little effort from your end, can help you get over the social media addiction.


What to do when your Account is hacked


The first alert you get when your account is hacked is when you are not able to log into your account or you might get a message from a friend saying that you have sent a link which takes you to some illegal sites. DO not panic and try to figure out ways. I know this is annoying and inexplicable, because our personal and professional data is all stored in our emails and when that is hacked, that’s quite disquieting. Nevertheless, nothing in this world is safe these days and we have to play safe.

When it comes to handling your account, like the social media, email account, or bank account, for that matter, you have to be very cautious. There are so many forged sites these days, that it’s difficult to make out which is genuine and which is fake. So we have to careful on what sites we are using and how secured that is. We also have to do our homework on keeping our account away from any scavengers, so that our accounts remain safe and secured.

Apparently, there is a cyber cell which takes care of cases like this. So whenever, you come across a case like this or you personally get stuck, contact the cyber cell and report your case. But, we also have to be cautious from our side and follow some simple tips:

  1. Change your password frequently:  The first thing, which everyone suggests is always keep changing your password frequently. This way your account is safe from hackers. Not that they cannot break your password, just that when you keep changing, it becomes difficult for them to hack into your account.
  2. Notify all your contacts about this: As soon as you realize that your account has been hacked, just notify your contacts, through phone, social media email or whatever source to inform that if they get a spam mail from your account don’t open it. And also if any link has been sent from your account, do not click on that.
  3. Keep your security software updated: Don’t forget to update your Antivirus security software updated frequently. Because the hackers can spread the virus in your computer, which can be even more dangerous because, it can breakdown your system altogether and you might lose all your important data.
  4. Block your accounts:  Block all your accounts ASAP, where the hacker can peep into from your hacked account. You may have some bank transactions and other mails which can also be hacked. SO as soon as an alarm bell rings in your mind, block all your accounts including your bank accounts.
  5. Future safety:  Again if you don’t want this to happen, be extra cautious. Next time when you open a new account or recapture the old one, change all your privacy settings and security settings and make it more secure and safe.
  6.  Check your bank accounts:  The best way to get into your bank account is through your email. SO the hackers might get into your account and might also hack your bank account. SO before it’s too late, keep a check on your money and keep the bank informed about the same. If possible, block all your online transactions till you get back your account.

So, when we keep our accounts secured, we are rest assured that it cannot be hacked. A tight security is what is required and you can always take the help of specialists. In case of any financial transactions check the URL carefully and only if it is secured, go ahead. A secured site shows a sign of a lock before the address. SO all in all, follow the above points and keep your account secured.

How to start or change your career using social Media

With the growing need of social media, people are using this as a means of promotion to start a career or change the existing one. As discussed earlier as well, that social media, if used intelligently, can become a boon or a blessing to many.

One such boon of using social media could be starting a new job or changing a career. Portals have become outdated these days and with a glut of people depending only on portals, the search for a job becomes difficult and you have to keep updating your skills in order to be the first in the search result.

SO at this point in time, when you are in dire need of job, you have to think smart and do something which will maximize your job search and the chances of getting hired will be more. One such means is through social media like LinkedIn, twitter, and face book and so on.

People spend half of the time, updating their status and photographs, if they use this in a productive manner, this could be a great source of job search.

  1. LinkedIn: This, as we all know, is the professional networking site. And we find lot of people using this site for job search. This is one of the best sources. You post your status here for all your connections to see that you are looking for a job. And you get quick responses for people looking for similar candidates. Also, you can follow the companies you are interested in and see all the job postings and apply accordingly. Unlike portals, you can send individual email to the employer directly.
  2. Facebook:  This is something which not everyone knows, but you can apply for jobs here as well. You have to be careful here, and your settings should be private. And do regular updates on your status to let your networks know that you are looking for a job. SO first thing when your friends come across any opening they will definitely get in touch with you.
  3. Twitter: Follow as many companies as possible in twitter and like face book, Keep updating your status to let the companies know that you are looking out. Regular updates from you will make you popular and chances of you getting a job will be more.


If you are into blog writing, share your blog links in Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and as many social sites as possible, so it reaches to the maximum and you get lot of likes and comments. This will give you and your blogs a visibility and will reach where it has to reach.

SO, all in all, to propagate your work and to search for a job, social media can play a vital role.

Social networking: A way to stay safe

When I was a tad, little did I know that being social is how important.  But, as I grew older, I heard people talking about social networking sites. And I would think, well it’s good to have sites for socializing. I heard people say, I am quite social you know, and I would find them spending half of their life online. To find out what exactly does social networking means, I explored the virtual world of social networking sites.

Having said that, I wasn’t an exception, and for the edification of my own social aspect, I also dived into the so called “social networking sites’. Then I realized, how addicted I am to these sites. Now I spend half of my life in “socializing“.

As a matter of fact, I actualized that being social is important, but not at the cost of your time spent on these sites.  In a way, it is imperative to build your networking which includes social as well as professional networks. But, the thumb rule is DO NOT share your personal information which can affect your personal or professional life.

It’s become a trend these days, to post each and everything in the social networking sites. In a way you are letting everyone know, where you are, what you are doing and so on. But, you are unaware of the fact that, though all are your friends, but some may turn as stalkers in your life. So be a little careful on these things. There should always be an edge on what you are posting on your social sites.

I would like to point out some important things on what can be done to avoid any complications:

  1. Never post anything which can sabotage your professional as well as personal image online. Because, this may bring you in a quandary. Impression once lost cannot be built back.
  2. You may say all your connections are naive, but never trust anyone blindly (which I tend to do).
  3. Do not be an open book for everyone. Never share your events online.
  4. Google your name and see how your name or identity exists online. There may be hackers who can use your name or identity to sabotage your image. So always to a frequent check on this. And even a slight doubt, delete you account permanently and if you want create another account by a nick name or something else. But not immediately, after some time.

Though, these are some points to be kept in mind, but I don’t say you should not socialize at all. You have to be a social animal in order to survive in this society. So just follow the above suggestions and always play safe and socialize.