Why this pretence: A least favourite quality in others

Why this pretence

I don’t understand why people have to pretend that they are smarter than everyone in the world. I came across one of my friend, she doesn’t look that smart but the way she boasts herself, the other person would get a complex. I personally don’t like these types of personalities for an obvious reason that they are too irritating a character. These are the person who knows nothing but pretends that they are better than everyone in the world.

It so happened that I went to this girl’s place. Her house was not so great though but well maintained I must say. The whole time when she was preparing the food, she was boasting herself and her family that they are the best cooks; no one can match their food quality blah blah blah. I already started feeling bored and I was like “someone please stop her”. When I tasted her food, I was sure that no one can match her food quality, it was horrible. I guess even a novice can cook a better food. Anyways, it was my time to invite her to my house and I did. I started preparing food and she was irritatingly interfering. This is not made like this, this wont taste good, I cook better than this. And I was like “What the hell!” I was really furious at that point in time. I thought I didn’t intervene when she was cooking, why she doesn’t understand the other person gets irritated with continuous interference.

Finally, we had our lunch and again she started giving free suggestions, this you should have cooked this way or my way then it would have tasted great. I really felt like telling her directly in her face how horrible a cook she is.

Having said that, I have been meeting many such people off late and I sometimes think, don’t they understand that their behaviours is annoying to others. Anyways suggestions are free so anyone can give. But, I definitely don’t want to take free suggestions from her. They have to understand that every household has a different culture and way of eating. It is not necessary that the lifestyle you follow has to be followed by your friends and relatives. It is their personal choice. Likewise, the food also differs from place to place. You can’t forcefully ask anyone to cook food which you are used to. You have to adjust as per the need of an hour. Continuous drone when you are cooking something is quite irritating you see.

I guess people have to understand that their behaviour can hurt someone or can pique someone. SO try to maintain a healthy relationship and stop giving unnecessary suggestions unless asked for.


Crime in the city

It has been declared that all the major cities will have CCTV cameras installed to minimize the crime in the country, but what about small cities? Major felons come from these cities and major crimes are committed there. Who will have a check on those crimes?

The criminals should have a fear of the system, the police force and unless that fear is not there, criminals will roam freely in the cities in disguise. The recent incident of The ATM attack in Bangalore, there was a CCTV camera in the ATM and the culprit was clearly visible, but still it’s been over a month and the police could not reach and capture him. Though he was seen many a times post the incident in the CCTV cameras, but he is smarter than the whole police force I guess. Just wear a monkey cap and cover your face and wear gloves and you can commit innumerable crimes and you will not be caught. That is the mindset of the criminals and with the weak system they are getting smarter and powerful day by day.

What happened to the Nirbhaya case, the bus was going round and round in one place and the CCTV Cameras could see it, but no officials even got a slightest doubt about it and a poor soul was tortured to the core. Only after the felony, they got alert and started searching for the proof. So this shows how lax the police and the system is when it comes to crimes. And only when a higher official gets involved, they start the police enquiry. The news channels telecast the news for some time, they rant, they squeal and then they calm down. There has to be a way to thwart the crime in the city and that can be done only when we espouse for each other. The police force is run by the so called “politicians” and that is one reason no action is taken.

The cliché is that the police don’t do its work, but one also has to understand that the criminal can go to any extreme to commit a crime and still go untraceable. I would here again take an example of the ATM attack case. The Government has initiated a biggest manhunt to find this criminal and put him behind bars. They have spread around 2000 police force to peruse every lane, every house and every city in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This is a great step taken and we appreciate their move, but all their hard work has gone down the drain and there is still no trace of the criminal so far. I wonder what the criminal is up to.

Having said that, we can’t sit back and suggest what is necessary and what is not necessary to curb the crime in the city. We have to stand united to fight against these crimes and bring the culprit behind the bars and bring justice to the victim.

Safety at its core

Earlier in my blogs, I mentioned about Women safety.  But, I guess, at this point in time, safety of every individual is imperative. Danger never informs you before coming. SO we have to be cautious and do whatever possible for our safety. No one is going to take the responsibility of our safety And its idiocy to even depend on the Government. Because, we know how it works and they are more concerned about their safety rather than the public.

Today morning as soon I saw the newspaper, the very first news itself disturbed me. A woman went to the ATM to withdraw cash in a crowded area in Bangalore. And that ATM didn’t have a security guard. As she was about to come out, a man entered the ATM and closed the shutter and forced her to withdraw all the money, when she resisted, the man brutally attacked by a machete on her face and fled. And the woman lied unconscious for 3 hours in the flood of blood. Only when some children saw the blood flowing out from the ATM they alarmed the police. She was rushed to the hospital and is in a critical condition in the hospital in semi paralysed state.

This has really shaken me to the core. I told my husband today, I want a pepper spray, you see. AT least in any such situation, when you are trapped, you can use this as a self defence mechanism. I know, it’s easy to suggest and when it actually happens, you go blank and don’t even get an idea of doing such thing. But, the more we show them that we are scared the more they will take the advantage of the situation. This is not about a woman. Anyone could have been in her place and in her situation. SO every individual should carry some or the other self defence products, which is easily available at every online store.

I really don’t know what has happened to this world. Every other day, we get to hear the news of brutality, rape, bomb blast, etc. There has to be an end to it. And only we can do it. Raise your voice against any crime. Give the severest punishment to the culprit. SO they think twice before committing any crime whatsoever. There has to be a fear of law in them. But that is not there because, it takes years together to give justice to the victim and the cases are piled up for many more years. SO, there has to be a proper jurisdiction, every case has to be looked upon on a fast track basis. You rely upon the law for your safety and for the justice. So, if that’s not met, it is obvious that the fear of law will vanish altogether in the coming years.  And the felons will get the leeway to do whatever they want.

Let’s join hands together and fight for our self, for our safety and for the whole world. United we stand, divided we fall. If we stand together with Unity, no bloody criminal will think of committing any crime. We have to come out of the predicament by our self. Only if we raise our voice and fight for justice, we can assure our future generation to stay safe and fight for their right. And clean the world from all the criminals like a scavenger.

There is a surge of anger running down my veins and I really feel, this, as an individual everyone should feel and fight for the same. SO here I am, requesting everyone, to fight for your safety and justice and request for the severest punishment to the criminals.

How people are influenced by their social surroundings

We as human beings are never satisfied. Anything and everything we see, we want that. That is the reason they say we are social animal. Because everything that they see in the society, next day they have that.  I think every human being is influenced by one other.

I reminisce, when I was a tad, I used to envy my friends for what they have, even a small pencil which looked different; I craved for that as well. And then next day, I would cry for that. Any new dress, shoes, bag and many other little things I found very attractive and I always used to crib that my parents don’t buy me those things and I used to feel, when I grow up, I will buy everything. But as I grew up, even more attractive things came; I thought, once I start earning, will buy those. Now, when I am earning, I feel the pang behind spending money on unnecessary things. And I feel sorry for my parents for how I thought about them. They say, the suffering and sacrifice of your parents are known only when you go through that phase. I am not a parent yet, but I can still feel how wrong I was. I really want to say sorry from the bottom of my heart.

Anyways, so you see, it’s an epic. A person is never satisfied, because they are so much influenced by the social surroundings. Why are the products sold at a surge? In economics, we used to learn that the demand and supply are interrelated. If the demand increases supply automatically increases. And why does the demand increase, Because of the influence of advertisements and people around.

Not going too much deep into economics, I would come to the point. SO you see the crux is that, any product even before it comes to the market the demand is at its peak, because of the reviews we get from people around. We see our neighbour had bought a new car, we would ask them about it, the review, the price and everything. And we end up buying the same, if it suits our budget. SO every little thing that we do we are influenced by the people around.

For example, social networking sites, I remember never existed in India at least. And then it came as a flood and everyone started using. So you see, the point is, anything and everything a person does, directly or indirectly affects and influences us.  Apparently, right from the time we know our senses, we try to imitate people around, and we try to live their life, try to follow their lifestyle. Still we are not satisfied. Still we feel I wish I was like them and follow whatever they do.

That’s why they say, humans are never satisfies and till the time this universe exists, we are going to remain like this because that’s the way God has created us.