How to utilize the most of working from home

Corporate, these days, give a leeway of working from home to most of the professionals. This has been an intelligent move on their part to retain the employees by giving them the flexibility of working from home. It’s so blissful, waking up a little late and logging into your system with a hot cup of coffee, No hurry of rushing to get ready and reach office on time. You have your designated space and privacy. But, working from home is not a piece of cake, because you have more responsibility on your shoulders. You have to prove that you are utilizing your time to your best and you are being productive at the same time. Sometimes you have to work against the clock, it is not the usual 9- 5 shift sometimes, but to meet your deadlines, you have to stretch, which is usually the same when you are at office.

With the urge to prove yourself and making the employer feel that working from home can also be productive, one has to utilize the most of the same. When you are given the leeway, try to utilize it to the best and not take a due advantage out of it for your personal work. Let’s discuss how can we work from home, yet be 100% productive:

  1. Time management: When working from home, it becomes difficult to manage time because of other stuff coming on the way and postponing your actual work. So proper time management is something which is very important when working from home. Strictly assign your working time and the number of breaks you take, this will bolster spending maximum time at work and helps in increasing the productivity. Closely monitoring your time will help you follow a routine and you will get accustomed to this work environment soon.
  2. Designate a space: There is continuous disturbance when you work from home and so it becomes insurmountable to concentrate on your work while at home. To avoid any such disturbance, it’s imperative that you designate yourself with a proper work space, with minimal disturbance and inform your kids and spouse to keep distance from your office space and cooperate in working from home.
  3. 3.     Work as if under pressure: The major advantage of going to office is, you work under continuous pressure from your manager and this helps in completing your work on time. So follow the same strategy when working from home, set a target or deadline for self and try to work under continuous pressure to meet the deadline. However, your boss might have assigned the targets, but you tend to become lazy and wait for the last moment to finish all your work when at home. SO to avoid any last moment confusions and tensions, set a goal and target and always work as if under pressure.
  4. 4.     Create a professional environment: As discussed above, when you set a goal a target or goal for self, you are automatically creating a professional environment around. And when you work under this environment, you are in continuous feeling of working in the office itself and help you meet all your targets and deadlines. Feel as if you are working in an office itself and work hard.
  5. 5.     Stay connected with your colleagues: Even if you are working from home, stay connected with your colleagues, attend meeting on phone and get updates on what’s happening in the office. You will be updated at the same time, being in touch with the colleagues will help you in your projects.

So working from home can be beneficial and productive at the same time, if done with proper planning and in a professional manner.


How to beat office boredom

Getting up early in the morning and strolling to office, and then the same monotonous routine at work might minimize your interest to work over a period of time. But, we all know that, this is part of life and we have no choice left but to follow monotony. However, we can make our work life little more interesting and try to combat the boredom at work.

Ideally, for most of the people every day is a routine to them, but just that some take a toll on your day and some subside by the day. And on top of that, after the weekend, this becomes even more prominent and so people have named it as Monday blues. But one has to try and make every day as interesting as your first day and try to be as energetic. But, for that you have to fight the boredom at workplace.

Having said that, there are many ways to beat this boredom:

  1. Learn new languages and skills: While at work, the organization provides different training programs. SO enrol yourself for a new program like different languages, new skills, some academic programs etc. This will keep you busy and help you learn new things and languages to communicate with your clients and colleagues. It will be fun and learning at the same time.
  2. Help your co-workers: Instead of sitting continuously in front of your system, try to mingle with co workers and initiate help if any. Interact with them. This will not only help you get out of the boredom but also help in interacting with your colleagues.
  3. Spare some time: You are not a machine which has to work continuously to prove your productivity. Out of the 9 hours of work, you can spare some time for yourself and try to do something constructive like preparing a fun activity for the weekend, browsing about places for team outing, you can read a book or write an article in your free time. There are lot of things that can be done in the spare time which will help you get over the boredom.
  4. Plan a team outing: You can suggest ideas to your manager for team outing and places which will be a great fun to visit. This will bring in some energy in you and bring in some life in your boring day.
  5. Discuss topics of your interest: It is not necessary that when you are at work you have to discuss only about your work. You can always take a break from work and discuss topics of your interest with your colleagues or manager. This will divert you from the routine work and help you get over the boredom.
  6. Organize your cubicle or cabin: You can also try to organize you cubicle and try to decorate it and make it livelier.
  7. Participate in extracurricular activities: This is the best way to fight boredom. Enrol yourself to other curricular activities across the organization. Initiate to be a SPOC (single point of contact) for all these activities.  Then manage the programs and activities in the office. This will keep you busy all the time, at the same time, help you combat boredom.


There are many more ways to fight this stress and boredom in the office. Always try to be active in all the activities at your workplace and you will always feel energetic and healthy. Also, this will encourage you to go to office and work at high spirits.

How to manage time for your family

How to manage time for your family

I sometimes think that when life has so many things to offer you, you tend to change and forget your priorities. And your behaviour towards others changes as well. I have seen people who spend half of their time outside apart from their work and when it comes to spending time with the family, they would say ,” I don’t even get time to spend with my family.” I mean come on! There has to be a proper explanation.

But, I think, this is the time to think and change the way you live. DO you want to spend more time with the family or do you want to slog yourself to office to mint those extra bucks?  I would definitely prefer the former one. However, it’s your personal choice.

I remember in my previous company, one of my colleagues used to come early to office and would always leave late. When asked, does she has a family and how does she find time to spend with the family, she would say, “ I don’t like to work at home and cook food, because I stay with  in- laws and so to avoid all the chores, I come early and by the time I go home, all the work is done”. And I was like shocked. People really are like that? Because they don’t like to cook food and take care of their own kids, they do this?

I would not say all are like that; some are genuinely busy and would find it difficult to manage the time. Let’s find out how to manage time between your work and family:

  1. Be assertive: If your boss assigns you the work at the end of the day and asks you to finish it before going, you can always be polite at the same time aggressive and give them the message loud and clear that you will not extend your work hours. And you can always tell them that you will finish it next morning. This way you can come home early and spend time with family.
  2. Listen to your kids:  I am sure, when you come from office; you would like to spend some quality time for yourself and for some time you want to stay alone and not talk to anyone. But, your kids feel exactly the opposite, they wait for the parents to come from work, so that they can narrate them the whole day event, what happened, what they did in school and so on and so forth. And it’s very disquieting when you get irritated with them saying that you are tired. Poor kids, what is their mistake. They also deserve some time from your busy schedule, which you have to manage yourself.
  3. Ask them to help you in your chores: When you return back from work, you have lot of things running in your mind like you have to prepare dinner, check your kids’ homework and make them study. You can always take help from your family members and kids as well in your chores, this way you can chat with them while working and you can finish your chores fast. And will have some quality time to spend with your family.
  4. Manage the cooking: The biggest work for a woman is to go home and cook which takes quite some time. Instead manage the cooking in a way that you have minimal work of cooking when you go home. Prepare everything in the morning itself so when you reach home, you have all the time in the world for your family and kids. Though you have to get up early, but that is worth doing if you want to spend time with your family.


A proper time management is all that is required to balance your work and family. Being extra vigilant when your kids are growing is every parents’ responsibility and for that you have to spend some time with them. So always keep a balanced life and spend as much time as possible with the family. Go out on weekends. Socialize with the relatives and friends. So follow these simple rules and you will also feel like a superwoman.

Time management tips for freelance writers

Working as a freelancer is not an easy task, especially when you have voluntarily chosen this path as your career. People say, sitting at your home with your pyjamas and writing is easy, because, there is no work pressure or stress. But even this is as difficult when you have allotted a target for yourself.

It’s quite natural, that when you are working at your own will and space, you tend to become lazy sometime or postpone your priority. So, be your own manager, be strict to yourself and allot a deadline and time frame for yourself. It’s always easy to suggest, but difficult to follow. I have come to know lately, how difficult it is to aver to your expectations.

Having said that, I am still finding it difficult to manage time, so here I came across some important points when working as a freelancer:

  1. Prepare a schedule: You have a leeway to set your own time and schedule. SO make the best possible use of that. Prepare a proper schedule and adhere to that come what may. Of course exceptions are there. But, try to give the maximum time for your work. SO accordingly, prepare a schedule.
  2. Set goals and deadlines:  Work like you are working in an office, set goals for yourself and keep deadlines and try to meet your goals as per the deadline allotted by yourself. Always, keep a grace period in your deadline, so in case of emergencies, you have time to meet your goals.
  3. Jot down the points: When you sit in front of your laptop, you might have to take some time to think about the topics and then the content. SO instead, keep your mind busy all the time, and whenever you come across some important points, jot down right away. When you do this, your work is minimized and you just have to rephrase it later.
  4.  Don’t overindulge yourself:  There are times when you might not feel quite well and you want to take a break. DO that. Don’t over strain yourself. Because doing this, is not going to affect you anyways. Having said that, don’t take an advantage out of that. Be honest to yourself.
  5. Research:  For a freelance writer, it’s important to research before writing something. So, allot some time for the research work, read other articles, try to learn new techniques for your personal edification.


A proper time and resource management is very important, when you are a freelance writer. Above that, if you are getting paid for your writings, then you have to act seriously and try to give as much time possible.