Come join the App race

To book a ticket or buy groceries, to capture the beauty of nature or to search for a place in the map, everything has become so easy with a click of a button. The nation is going the App way. Have you joined the race yet?  Well! Then what are you waiting for? Come join the race!

Over the years, the world has become digital, so why should we stay behind? Ever since the evolution of smart phones, life has become quite easy. Earlier, travelling was a little more hectic job of packing your Cameras, your tripod, your DSLR and what not to capture the alluring nature.  But now with your Smartphone handy, taking pics has become so much more easy and light. And uploading and sharing the same instantly rather than going home, uploading it in your lappy and then sharing. Imagine it is such a waste of time.

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Apps these days are gaining popularity and Myntra has already attained a place for itself in the fashion market by going the App way. Again, shopping earlier was so much pain, more so because of the long queues in the trial room and then the billing counter. All the fun of shopping will fade away with the tiresome job of trying and billing.

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Well, your fashion, your brands, what you like to wear, which color suits you,  everything is your personal choice and so Myntra understand it and has decided to go the App way, to make your personal experience even more fun. It promises to give you the best of service and the latest fashion at the click of a button. Selecting the trendiest tops or the sexiest jeans, all is so easy with the Myntra App. Nothing beats the satisfaction of choosing a style of your own without anyone’s interference. And then creating your personal profile and staying up-to date with the latest trends, new collections and offers. All this is just a click away.

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Believe me shopping on the App is lot of fun. So what are you waiting for? Just download the Myntra App and experience your personal space with the latest fashion trends and offers.


#EkNayiLeague by Kapil Dev

A lot has been talked about the #EkNayiLeague by Kapil Dev. While the whole nation is clueless about what this league could be. Some says it could be a new cricket league like the IPL while some say it could be a game show. I am equally clueless on this. But let’s dig deeper and try to solve this riddle of the new League.

Having said that, Cricket is a game for all and the whole nation follows and celebrates the victory like another big festival. This is one such game which brings in the nation together irrespective of the religion, caste, creed or sex.  We stand by at the time of defeat and celebrate the victory. We feel proud that India has some great legendary players like kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, and many more and we can’t imagine a game without them. More so because of the fact that they have always made us proud and that is the reason this is one such game which is worshipped by one and all. And that’s why it is called the gentlemen’s game.

Talking about Kapil dev, he is the best all-rounder cricketer India has ever produced. He was India’s first captain to bring the world cup. And winning the world cup for the nation was a jewel in his cap. HE was never quite in the limelight for unnecessary things and he only focused on his game. A sudden appearance in the limelight with twitter and his mysterious new league is making everyone scratch their head.

His debut in the Twitter bandwagon recently is the talk of the town and he was equally thrilled to announce to the nation saying, “Ab main finally Twitter par hoon. Yahan khoob saari baatein karengay aur aap se samay samay par information share karunga.”

But wait! What is he up to now! With the terms he is using, looks like it is something related to cricket or other games for that matter.With the videos I have just checked out, looks there is some excitement up his sleeves.

  1. Dil se khela to aap ki hit wicket
  2. Dil se khela to aap ki toh googly
  3. Inviting Kapil Sharma to this league?
  4. Promoting women players.
  5. He says, he feels happy to see and promote the sports person in India and he feels proud to be part of one.

Well! By the look of it, looks like this definitely is a celebrity game show of dungeons and dragons cricket style. And if that be the case, then it would be a power packed and fun packed show. With everyone trying their hands on this sports game show, and the host being the great Kapil dev, it would be an all age favourite show for sure. So all guessing done, I am desperately waiting for Kapil dev to unveil this #EkNayiLeague.

It’s fun to share the load

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association withAriel.”

Well, they say revolution has happened, but not really! We have a long way to go to change the age old beliefs, rules and the old fashioned rituals. Yes the efforts are being made to row the boat in the opposite direction and a lot has changed. But, earlier it was totally different and some even try to bring in the same rule.  They say, a husband is not supposed to even lift a glass and it is the duty of the wife to come and do so… Even if she is ill, she is not supposed to rest and take care of the family and do all the chores. For God’s sake! She is a member of the family and not a servant. She expects a little respect from you. End of the day she is your better half and the promise that you will look after her for the rest of the life should be followed.

Every girl expects her husband to be like her dad. She is a princess to her dad and will continue to be so. But poor girl that she is, she expects the same love and affection from her husband or the family members. If you cannot give that, at least don’t break her heart by treating like a servant. And there are some male members of the family, who blindly follow what their parents or mother say, without even using their brain; or rather they don’t have one.

Just today, my husband said, “I will help bathe my 9 month old daughter”, instantly my mother in law jumped and said.” no she is a girl you shouldn’t do that. Let her mother do that and you are not supposed to see your daughter like that”. I had an argument with her and finally, I had to bend to this nonsensical rule. Not because my husband refused to do it, but because I didn’t wanted to create a scene there. But I and my husband fought on this. These are the reasons of the tiff between husband and wife. However, my husband helps me a lot and there is no doubt about it. But there are people who blindly follow what their parents say and the wife has to incessantly work and do the chores without expecting any help from her husband.

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A lot has changed with time mainly because of the trend of nuclear family. Comparatively, there is a lot of understanding and that is what is needed. Having said that, it is not about joint or nuclear family, it is all about understanding each other and just a small help can bring a smile on your wife’s face and she will keep boasting about it to everyone. She doesn’t expect you to take over all the work that she does. Just a helping hand and an assurance that,” Don’t worry, I am there” will bring in immense confidence in her.

So, it is all about understanding and working together. Believe me it’s always fun to work together. One should even include kids in the small chores and allotting work will lessen the burden and bring the family together.

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Sharing the load

In today’s day and age where you see women working shoulder to shoulder with men, there are some old fashioned men who still believes that lying on the couch and watching TV whole day long is the trait of a true man. And watching the woman struggling with the household errands and running around the house to match up with the timings of everyone in the house and feeling proud about how you have managed to ruin her life is again a typical trait of the men from ages.

The problem in the Indian society is that even if the male member of the family wants to help his spouse, there are these elderly people who would tell him the rules and stop him from doing even the little that he does. And that irks the frustration. Irrespective of whether the woman is working or a house wife, at some point she also needs a break and this frustration shows in her behavior. She becomes cranky, naggy and stressed too. As per research, the major reason why women fall sick frequently compared to men is because of constant stress, physical as well as mental. And who else than her better half can understand. It’s just a matter of understanding and sharing the load.

While a lot has changed and men these days also lend a helping hand in the chores, however, the percentage could be an Iota of the population. But there still exist people, who are chauvinists and just can’t bend or adjust. It a matter of their pride, especially in front of their relatives or friends and that is what stops them from lending helping hand but watch their spouse struggling and running around . End of the day she is not your servant but your better half and she has equal right to relax and seek help..

Having said that, when a woman can help in curbing the financial burden on the husband, why a man can’t help in curbing the household burden, they just expect a small gesture of care and taking the onus of the family. Every woman wants to spend a nice weekend with family, with husband helping in the kitchen or other household chores and other family members too helping around on the small things and this makes work fun and easy and there is a sense of togetherness and a feeling that we are family.  So helping each other keeps most of the frictions away and is a secret to a happy family. As they say, The Mantra to a happy married life is to share the load and let your spouse know that you genuinely care.

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Blogmint: Totally in love

Well! What should I say? It has not been long that I am associated with Blogmint. But I have totally fallen in love with them. I came across the site in twitter shared by a co – blogger. And I instantly, registered myself. It is very user friendly, easy to understand and they help you in every stage till the final submission, which is what, makes them unique.  Their team is always on their toes to help us at any given point in time. Their campaigns are cool and the payment system is super fast.

Being a blogger, we expect instant responses and instant payments. And this is the first ever platform, where everything is quick. And that is what keeps your spirits high and your morale boosted. A website which gives a chance to all the bloggers whether budding or professional and everyone is equal. Not forgetting the unprecedented work of the team in large for involving and encouraging all the bloggers. However, the best feature/features of  Blogmint that I like the most is the campaign page. Details of the campaigns and the rules everything is crystal clear even for a naive bloggers and that makes it easier for us to understand what are the pre-requisites of the blog they are expecting:



All in all, I totally love this association with Blogmint and as a token of appreciation; this is a small testimonial from my side.

They made the country proud, it’s our turn now

India is a country which has glut of talent in every field. Over the years, we have experienced and praised some sports and it provides a sense of grandeur to our country, while some has just been forgotten by the people or has been put under the carpet. The reason could be lack of popularity or interest of the people. But whatever it is sports are sports and it has to be given the place that it deserves.

Talking about sports person, India is proud to have been associated with some great leaders in this field, like Sachin Tendulkar, Sanya Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Anand Vishwanathan and many more. The nation adorns and exalts them. But, there are some sportsmen or women who won a medal for the country and now, they struggle to get a place in the hearts of the people and thus struggle to raise funds for their family or self. Eerily, the problem with us humans is that we exalt a talent once they win big or bring on a medal for the country and in no time, we forget their achievements and their contribution. And then these talents and the medals are left to rust in the dust. And they are expected to assimilate the indifference. But who is to be blamed. The lackadaisical attitude of the officials or the false promises of the politicians or us the public? Having being forgotten about the sacrifices they have done to get to this level or for the will power they have to do anything for the country is the biggest blunder we have done and  so I think we all are to be blamed.

Having said that, there are innumerable talents out there waiting for one vote to get a place in the society or the place they have been struggling for. And JSW has initiated this move to honour the heroes of India, not only in sports, but in many other fields and their mettle and will power has made them stand where they are today and they deserve the respect they have been longing for.

  1. Rajkumar Tiwari: India’s lone gold medal winner for Ice skating, Rajkumar’s dream is to represent India at the winter Olympics. But his dream can remain dream due to the lack of funds. Diagnosed with moderate mental retardation and hyperactivity disorder at an early age, Rajkumar won Gold in the singles and silver in pairs in the Special Olympics last year. But his dream to compete and do something for the country has come to a halt due to lack of funds.

Rajkumar has been reduced to selling goods to pile up some money to replicate his dream. Coming from a poor family, where his father is a street hawker and the entire family depending on the meagre income that he gets from his small shop. He finds it impossible to live his dreams. And now he is competing in regular events, and he needs Rs. 70,000 for a tournament in Malaysia, but he has not been able to manage the funds. And so his career might come to an end, because of the same. But still he is fighting his battle and trying to work day in and day out to save some money to convert his dream to reality.

But I think, if every individual try to help him, he surely can replicate his dream and make the nation proud. It’s all about will power and passion to do something for the nation and that is clearly visible in his eyes.

I’m voting for Rajkumar Tiwari’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on Blogadda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

Leading child specialist in Coimbatore

Well! Kids make our life expedient, lively and going.  They keep us on our toes all the time, but the constant urge to keep them healthy and happy, just makes us forget all the hard work and the exertion that we go through all day long.  I guess that’s why they say, kids are the best gift one can get. A healthy child makes a happy home. As long as your kids are healthy and active, you are full of energy. But even if a kid falls sick with a simple cold, makes you dull and unhappy. Just today, my 7 month old daughter was coughing and sneezing and was a little dull. And believe me, I didn’t feel like doing anything but just stay by her side and make her smile or playful. Thankfully after few hours she was back to normal screaming and playing and that is when I felt relieved. I ponder how kids affect your world. If they are healthy, you feel healthy from inside. And if they are sick or dull for any reason, you feel dull from inside. Having said that, no parents want a situation or condition where we have to take our kids to the paediatrician, except for the regular check-ups and vaccinations. But, again health is something which is unpredictable and a little weather change makes them sick sometimes. SO you never know when you might need the help of a paediatrician. And it is always better safe than sorry. SO it’s always better to get the information of the child specialist than to search for them at the eleventh hour. So, let me list out some child specialists in Coimbatore :

  1. Masonic Medical centre for children: Located at racecourse road, this is one of the most famous hospitals taking care of the kids’ health. It’s a charitable hospital, well equipped with state of the art facilities taking care of all the health issues and also complicated and emergency cases 24/7 with experts available at your service all the time.
  2. Coimbatore child trust hospital (CCTH): Their baby friendly medical team are always available to address the health needs and it is well equipped to handle all the paediatric emergencies.
  3. Kovai Kids clinic: A clinic exclusively for kids and it takes care of the common queries that parents have regarding their kid’s health, vaccination, nutrition etc. They offer comprehensive, pro-active, and personal paediatric and newborn care. They take care of children from birth till 18 years. They have the best and expert professionals available. some of the services they offer are:
  • Newborn care and newborn screening
  • Paediatric preventive care and screening
  • Vaccination services
  • Behaviour and Growth Assessment
  • Obesity care and diet counselling
  • Allergy and Asthma care
  • Onsite Pharmacy
  1. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital (GKNMH): The paediatric department of the hospital is equipped to handle routine and complex paediatric and neonatal cases. And it offers a wide range of sub specialty services.
  2. PSG Hospital: The Paediatric department at PSG provides :
    • State-of-the-art paediatric intensive care unit
    • Well-equipped neonatal intensive care unit
    • Paediatric Gastroenterology
    • 24 hour emergency services for children
    • Outpatient Services

So in a nutshell, as long as you have expert pediatrician and neonatologists, your kids are in safe hands and the onus of taking care of them is totally on their hands. And when we have such experts across the country, your pursuit for best paediatricians in Coimbatore ends here.